Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sold all my Silver, all my Tinka, and bought Netflix and ACME packet

I'm kidding, its April fools day in a few hours, but I'm pretty sure someone out there momentarily shit their pants!

JPBlythe Owned Comex Fraud Report:


-volume was 119,484, and shockingly, gold what a concept, to have volume less than 200K and we go up...
-First day notice, comex vaults acting like its a holiday
-only 1942 contracts were served today, which makes me wonder if there is anything left in the gold vaults.

SLV: nothing leaves again...this is getting interesting...been a few days since we have seen a massive gay withdrawal like 10 mill or some shit like that.
Sprott: 19.5% premium.

I would first like to mention I got was mentioned in an article (click below). I'm always glad to see someone loves me or hates me.

Click here to see Zerohedge article

Options today were great. I would like to clear up a few questions my viewers are having. I do not trade SLV options, although I still do have a small amount of SLV Jan 2012 $35 calls. I bought these a while ago. If you can trade with speed, trade them. If you are trading them to cash out when silver hits $125/oz, good luck, I think SLV and GLD will be long dead by then when the hedgies figure out they are Bernie's in disguise.

Here is some trading from today's SLV.

Notice the HUGE volume in the July $35 IMT (in the money) call today. This is massive. Someone is taking a large position and betting silver is going higher from here, in hopes of gaining a shit ton. This trade can already cash in their premiums if they choose, and they are already past the strike price. A quick move up, volatility will spike, and this trade will look like a fucking kingdom when all said and done.

Its been really busy in the PM's, but honestly, its been boring last two days. Okay so we get it: You can short silver. Its getting old. I need a rough JPM trader to pull a Jimbo Cramer and turn Blythe out in a day. That would be great.

Anyone seen Andrew MGuire, what the fuck? Lets do this already.

$US dollar playing games here at 76, which is expected, so expect PM's to be stuck here until the FX traders decide if they want hyperinflation soon or kick the bucket for another couple months. KILL IT ALREADY YOU FUCKS!

Everyone and their mother is expecting PMs to get kicked in the teeth tomorrow after the NFpayroll. Sure. I dont give a flying fuck anymore about these $1-2 swings in Blythe price action. Its actually getting boring to watch.

I leave you with a new song out there. (below) Great lyrics. This one is dedicated the J Dime of the JP Morgue. Fuck you.

As usual you know how to thank me!


  1. tomorrow should be interesting.. maybe we will get a pleasant surprise and silver will be up 2.00? maybe? no? yep getting pretty boring.

  2. Had me for a moment! :) Good one. Not boring for me.

  3. LOOK AGAIN AT THE JIM CRAMER VIDEO and listen to it closely: I might just do a complete transcript on my blog. This video was a coordinated effort: I almost fell for this!

    The News UNIT

    Don't even bend on this!

  4. April 27th will be the day when president Bernanke finally addresses his serfs.

    We'll know more then.

  5. I am trying to decide if the message to the music video is:

    1. It is time live in a poster materialistic world & focus on what is more important like friends, family, happiness, etc...

    2. Forget about the price-because you can't/won't be able to afford it when inflation hits-so prepare for a much lower standard of living?

    Any ideas there?

  6. on news unit.. spill the beans mate. I'm all ears. What did that interview mean?

  7. I'm still trying to figure that interview out myself. It has to be a script gone awry. Complete contradictions from start to finish.

    I might just transcribe it there and shove The Street's useless drivel up for all to read.

  8. May I suggest something to celebrate if silver hit new highs ?

    Other than donation to SGS, how about making some charity donations to Red Cross or cancer societies or UNICEF or any reputable charities ? Blythe and JPM stole blood and sweat money from us. If we make money off them, I personally think it will be good karma to make charitable donations. It doesn't have to be much, 10, 20 bucks would be a good start.

    Just a suggestion....

  9. SGS:

    I sent you an email thursday evening.


    (you thought your July SLV options insight was sumptin'!!READ my email.Make no reference to me at this point when you write about it...)

  10. "only 1942 contracts were served today"

    No wonder there's a problem at Comex.

    They've been waiting 69 years to get their Gold?

    Well it is the 01 April.

  11. Terrible "music", great message! I think, couldn't make it through the whole thing.. hah!


  12. Wow, great song and video. Great week too. My new investment strategy: lock, load, and go do something productive.