Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tell me Ben just didnt say that...

Yup he just said that "The Federal Reserve is the most transparent Central Bank in the world"

I have nothing else to say. Everyone should proceed to commit suicide, we are all fucked.

UPDATE: If you havnt killed yourself yet, Ben is now talking about or giving hints that they may not pay the debt. Yes. Listen closely. He's preparing us now.

Also note that Ben is NOT monetizing the debt, b/c he will eventually re balance the balance sheet. Hummmm...an exit plan with no buyers...hummmmmm

If Ben was Libya's chairsatan, he would have been hung in town square, and they only thing that could touch him are the crows that peck his flesh off till the bones fall to the ground. Just saying..

UPDATE: Canada's chairsatan from the Bank of Canada now has pulled out of Ben while anal plunging him, and says "Emerging markets demand for commodities is why they are going up"

UPDATE: BEN "Not raising the debt ceiling limit would bring about an immediate stop to 'the recovery', interest rates would spike, and a cataclysmic financial catastrophe would commence. Essentially would be a very very bad outcome."


You better start covering Blythe.


  1. Hey guys, I hate deflation so much that I am going full on Hyperinflation. Kind a cool huh?

  2. Geez. Watch the FRN trades...especially overseas tonight.

  3. Wow, why only two comments here and over 175 on Turd's blog?

    You may say they're not day traders, but they are traders of sorts just better educated than the average trader. They're playing with paper, still.


  4. too much sewing circle chit chat going on in the comments on Turd's Blog today. Decidied to stop reading those comments and stick to silver gold silver and zero hedge.

  5. Are you still here Mr. SGS? What does this all mean? Can you do a bear update?

  6. Im here...what are you confused about? Silver $35, Gold $1435...? Is this not what you wanted?

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  8. If they are so "transparent" why not allow an audit? Instead, they fight to the death to avoid one.

  9. No confusion just making sure you're still with us. :-) Absolutely SGS and want to see Gold get up above 1500 and silver 40 now for the take off--which is coming soon. I actually had company show up here while I left that last message and while I was glancing over things here. This is a great time to be alive actually.

  10. The Fed's top priority mandate: no banker's bonus left behind.