Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Sprott Video on BNN, watch immediatly.


Click here for Sprott video


  1. Key take-away from this video was that it took 4 months for Sprott to get his 15 million ounces of Silver and it was minted 2 week AFTER his order was placed.

    There ain't no Silver inventory out there folks!!! It's all in stong hands waiting for much higher prices, and it's why I voted for $69+ Silver in June.

    Joe M.

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  3. SGS, try

    < a href="http://www.bnn.ca/News/2011/3/1/Is-this-silvers-decade-.aspx">Sprott video< /a>

    without the space between < and a/a.

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Sprott video

  4. I have watched IMMEDIATELY. I think I'll get another monster box just for good measure here. Thanks.

  5. Gold is where it needs to be now and even higher. Silver is doing much better. Palladium is back in service again.

    I refuse to focus on anything other than these sectors until the completion of the END GAME here:

    Silver and Gold
    Major Oil and Gas
    Banks (just to watch them get destroyed)

    Other than that---forget it.

    Did anyone get a STINK BID filled?


  6. RCM info: Broken parts will be repaired and the mint will be stamping out RCM bars after about two weeks.

    I'm waiting for a pullback but I might have a long wait. Maybe I'll just stick an order in here for a few of those 100 oz. bars.

  7. "If you're long silver, stay long, but it's probably not worth the risk/reward getting in now," he said.

    why? transaction costs?! have you ever heard such an irrational statement before?

  8. These guys always have to put a negative slant on things. It's so beyond their understanding. The article itself is terrible.

    "They" think supply is plentiful because there's x amount of silver in the Comex yet most of the silver satisfying overall demand is from scrap. That is NOT surplus. That is deficit. Whatever. Time will prove us rich.

  9. Just became capable of expending some liquid assets. Am I too late to the ball? I always read buy on the dips, I can not see any dips coming. I want to buy 100-500 ASE's. Does the saying "you can't time the market" apply here? Just buy or wait for a dip? Thx for the newbie help.

  10. @Blakely,

    Right. What a dik!! What's a better risk/reward? The Dow? That guy can FO. Everyone read that article and come back here and tell me definitively, is there a shortage or a surplus.

    I think articles are written like that intentionally to deceive. Pisses me off.

  11. Garjek you fuckin genius! it finally works!

  12. Garjek is there a way I can code to open in a new window or tab? If so provide code thanks.

  13. < a href="http://www.bnn.ca/News/2011/3/1/Is-this-silvers-decade-.aspx" target="_blank">Sprott video< /a>

    Should open a new window ;)

  14. Can someone track down Blythe's Email.

    Maybe we should organise a "I've bought Silver, Crash JP Morgan Day" where we all email her a photo of our silver stash/gold stash. Should also send the same email to Ben titled "Keep the QE running Ben"

    It would at least crash their servers.

  15. SGS,

    like aclelland said, add target="_blank".

    < a href="http://www.bnn.ca/News/2011/3/1/Is-this-silvers-decade-.aspx" target="_blank">Sprott video< /a>

    For some reason, this blog does not allow opening of new windows inside a link. But maybe it allows you because you are the administrator :)

    We are all here to help each other in this fucked up world.

    Cheers from Slovenia

  16. I would NOT bother with Blythe. Don't let her know where you are and that you are one of the silver holders. What if they and/or the gov't carry out a precision, surgical confiscation on you? Leave it alone. Do not attract attention to yourself. The way to do that is AFTER you are no longer sought after by the powers that be.


  17. Nice groovy collar Sprott! Been in PSLV since day one (nice premium).

    I have to hand it to the Canadians. Even though they are "USA lite", at least they have expertise in exporting something based in reality, i.e. mining and commodities (oh, and curling). It's the mining capitol of the world. Take a visit to Vancouver if your into Silver. Open a bank account, move some assets, look at some property, get a safety deposit box, and make some friends. It's easier than you think. The U.S. gestapo police state is upon us. Protect yourself.

  18. Someone is slamming silver in asia trading now. silver got pushed all the way down to 34.50 five minutes ago. Now, it is trying to make a come back.

  19. coconutrumplus, volume is very light in asia trading, causing prices to twitch on small orders.