Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold by: Jim Willie CB

The entire world struggles to determine the fallout effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, along with the ensuing problems. The effects are so pervasive, so profound, so critical, that it is no wonder the news networks focus on two things only. They have switched emphasis to the Libyan civil war, a pitched battle to retain a tyrant and his larcenous rule. But the news stories out of Japan focus 98% on their Fukushima nuclear complex, with hardly a peep about the long list of other economic and financial effects. This article will focus on what they leave out, dutifully reporting amidst the purposeful new vacuum in a grand distraction. The Japanese factor in early 2011 will turn out to be the most important factor to influence major global economies and the financial markets since the death of the US banking system in September 2008. Gold investors should not expect a similar commodity price meltdown like in 2008 after the Wall Street death event. Gold & Silver each sold off sharply during the ensuing months after the collapse of the US banking system, as a liquidity drain was joined by a Wall Street attack of hedge funds. This time is totally opposite. Back in 2008 no Quantitative Easing program was in place, as hyper-inflation engines had not been turned on like now. QE will be global next. The central banker pact not only endorses the monetary hyper-inflation by the USFed, it extends it globally with a loud ring. What comes next is a global inflationary recession with gusto and power. The path had already been clearly entered, but now it is fully engaged with a jet assist. Great confusion comes, equal to the harmful momentum from numerous fronts.

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  1. JIM WILLIE Interviewed on Contrary Investors Cafe

    Jim Willie: Japanese Catastrophes to Further Exacerbate Explosive Gold & Silver Environment

    I have been listening to Jim Wille for a few years now. He was my top links next to Zero Hedge.

    Willie states this situation is Japan is far worse than most economists are comprehending. This is why I believe the IMF is getting ready to go QE crazy. Japan offered not only important exports, but vital liquidity in its YEN CARRY TRADE. That has all come to and end with this tremendous calamity.

    Willie forecasts $2,000 gold and $70 silver within a year. This makes perfect sense when you put it all together....hell I am not complaining. I transistioned away from MEET THE PRESS over 8 years ago, I am starting to get the same feeling with Willie. Don't get me wrong, he still has good forecasts and analysis, but he still thinks Japan is going to rebuild.

    I have moved Mike Ruppert of Collapsenet to the top of my list alongside Zero Hedge and SGS.

    Willie gives good analysis on geopolitics, the world financial system and gold and silver, but he fails to speak at all about PEAK OIL and the falling EROI. This surprises me.

    Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster who is another gold and silver bug, also forgoes any analysis in Peak Oil. They all have been taken by Lindsey Willams and Abiotic Oil. They believe the Globalists are hiding all this oil and the earth has a creamy nuggent of oil just sitting their for the taking.

    I have been entertained by the clowns who call themselves analysts on CNBC and MSM...but not I worry that some of the best gold and silver bugs are missing the real BIG PICTURE....and that is the END OF CHEAP OIL is here...and the future will be much different than most are forecasting.

  2. Every place I turn to look, I am deluged with reports confirming INFLATION and HYPER INFLATION are imminent. I have come to the conclusion that the only strategy left to protect myself is to buy physical and disregard price. He who has the PM wins seems to be the game emerging. How close are we to ignoring dips and just buying when you can get it?

    Awesome Blog, thanks SGS, from an ordinary average guy.

  3. I would say now. The dips are shorter and shallower. Maybe hold a little back for some pullback, but the only way is up,

    Just wish I could by more. I don't have much, but it's all in silver.

    Good luck.

  4. As a poster above commented about Jim Willie and Bob Chapman... Good analysis, but some things they don't quite get.

    There is an energy crunch coming that will likely turn our everyday life upside down.
    Granted it might not be immediate, however don't let that fool you as to the certainty of its arrival.

    As for PMs.. I'm a believer in the underlying intentions .. nevertheless I hedge and certainly don't look on them as a get-rich-quick scheme. No way, and the last few days are perfect example of how the PowersThatBe can beat back PMs.

    Yeah, I know... the "break out" is just around the corner. Right.
    Insurance isn't sexy, perhaps it's best not to promote it as such.