Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carlin on the Men behind the Curtain


  1. All you really needed to know in life you could have gotten from Carlin and Zappa.

  2. "I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions."

    Such a shame that guys like Carlin and Bill Hicks aren't still around. They'd have plenty of material to work with.

  3. SGS.. please... could you tell me how do you think the silver market will behave next week, with all the announcements and options and all that, I'm gettin very very nervous :(

  4. Raul... that is therr goal.. to get everyone nervous and panic out. Relax, enjoy the show,
    and know that we are in a long term bull market. Buy the dips.

  5. That is what Im trying LOL... I know that all the fundamentals are there, AND fundamentals keep on piling up by the hour, to make gold and silver the best place to be, but since I cannot hold too much, it makes me a bit nervous.

    Cheers sierra

  6. SGS,
    Looks like someone hijacked your idea

  7. Any of you backroom boys care to explain this?

  8. SGS,
    I'd like to congratulate you for successfully stirring up the hornet's nest.

    The video referred to by Louis shows that you have made an impact on the banks and they have instigated a smear campaign.

    If PM_TRADER thought the idea of listening to the bears was so retarded then why did they make a bears video? Plagiarism is bad. Retarded plagiarism is just plain silly.

    Things to notice about retarded attacks:
    1. They always talk about "experts" this, "experts" that. No sources, no nothing. As if we're all retarded but their "experts" know everything. Realize, these are the experts that have been telling us that we are in economic "recovery".

    2. Even though the video decries ad hominem attacks on individuals of questionable integrity, it launches an unfounded tirade of ad hominem attacks on people that have a solid history.

    Conclusion: To date, I have never seen a more self contradictory piece that is full of misunderstandings. I urge people to pick up a book on "financial engineering". Like Carlin said in the video above, a population capable of critical thinking is exactly what the men behind the curtain don't want. It is your duty to educate yourself.

  9. Raul V: who cares where spot goes you are living in fairy land if you think this matters.

    Louis: 378 views in 2 weeks, nuff said.

    Jasa: Looks like someone need silver immediately for that spike

  10. okay: announcement after 6 pm today...expect some crazy shit, just got off the phone. And that DB silver forward swap data is HUGE. How the fuck did we all miss this, unless that data is bogus. This means London is FUCKED.

  11. I simply found it interesting that someone would put so little effort into putting this out there. He references Adrian Douglas' mistake over and over as if that discredits Adrian Douglas completely. He used multiple ad hominem arguments whilst pissing and moaning about the same. He says educate yourself without actually educating. He says 100 to 1 leverage so what and at the same time saying there is no proof of 100 to 1 leverage. It's a shoddy piece of work that provides no value, no insight and attacks without any coherent argument.
    Unfortunately, what it lacks in content it makes up in repetition of message which is to attack ZH and Max Keiser. Unfortunately, there are enough dummies out there that will second guess themselves based on this trash.


    I miss that Son-of-a-Bitch. In one of his last HBO specials he had a slogan that he said throughout the routine:


    Olde Carlin would be having a field day today if he was still alive. There is so much good material to do comedy today.

    For instance:

    TEPCO realizes nuclear problem is getting out of hand....decides to go outside for help.


    TEPCO finds Plutonium in 5 areas around the Plant, but won't keep workers from doing their job

    If people didn't realize, Plutonium is deadly....1 pound of plutonium spread evenly across the land mass of the earth would kill all humans within 3 months...