Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SLV silver ishares Anomolies Part 6

I'm not doing a CRIMEX update tonight, as I feel the data is fraudulent, and late, so I'm assuming they are trying to see how to pump us.

I want to hone in on the SLV problem, in particular, there ability to get physical silver. Either, there is a HUGE discrepancy in the ishares 'acquisition' definition, or they have 1000 raccoons out nightly scrapping through garbage bins gathering 1000 oz silver Bars.

Lets first list some notable mints that have listed public statements that they are having trouble finding physical silver.

1. Canadian Mint
2. US Mint
3. Sprotts PSLV

So. I'll keep this simple, short and to the point. The Canadian mint, yes that vast land-space with endless supply of lumber, OIL, and asians in Vancouver, cannot find silver. The US Mint, yes the best country in the world cant get a hold of silver. And Sprott, the only man with a SAC between his legs, has come out numerous times saying it was difficult to get his metal, and cannot allocate more metal now. None. The Mines are dry.

So is this all a big conspiracy to get the sheep long in Silver? Possibly. About as possible as the Ben Bernank converting to Christianity. So doubtful to say the least.

Whats amazing about the SLV fund is its speedometer in which it can allocate silver bars overnight. In the last 48 hours, SLV added 5.65 million ounces. I mean, thats not like bumming a cigarette, for example.

So like I said, short and sweet. How on chairsatan Bernank's green earth can they

A. Find the metal
B. Ship the metal
c. Sort the metal
D. Audit the metal
E. And lie about the metal in such a sort time frame?

It took Eric Sprott, the owner of silver mines 2 months to get 6 million ounces. How does it take 48 hrs to get it for SLV?

Suggestion box is below...or maybe I just dont understand the allocation logistics of SLV.


  1. I'm in New Zealand, and there's been an ever increasing wait on my monthly metals purchases over the last year, initially it started as waiting around a week and in the last couple of months it's been 3-6 weeks depending on the amount purchased.

    Talking to the lady I deal with at the bullion dealer this month, she said the larger purchases over $50K (NZD) were waiting upwards of 2 months.

    A small country and a very small (in comparison) buyer has noticed the change..

  2. Maybe it just needs to *look* like silver or have the word "silver" somewhere on the documentation. Picky, picky.

  3. Sprott contracted for the forward purchase of silver, which is especially ironic because his fund was supposed to be the PHYSICAL Trust, yet his fund was the one that bought paper. FYI, Sprott's IR department will tell you, if you ask them, that the counterparty to Sprott's purchase did not default, which means that Sprott agreed to those delivery terms himself... perhaps so that he could later talk about how hard it was to get silver ???

    i wrote about 1500 words on the subject of PSLV/SLV yesterday, by the way

    as for SLV - surely you understand that they don't go out and do any of the things you listed. They don't find, shop, sort, or audit the incoming silver (although they do "inspect" the silver). They have APs bring it to them - already in London Good Delivery Standard (same as PSLV, by the way, since I know someone will rant about the non-audit/assay - Sprott doesn't assay his silver either) - and when someone brings them silver, they give out shares. No silver? No shares.

    Sprott could get all the silver he wanted if he opened up his fund to creations for a week - I'm quite sure that arbs would be eager to trade on that 20% premium.

    I THINK - and I need to confirm this - but I THINK that most of SLV's silver probably comes from moving bars from one pile/vault (the creating AP's) in a warehouse to another pile/vault (SLV's allocated account) in the same warehouse. That's what GLD mostly does. And yes, there may be multiple warehouses, where the SLV trust has an allocated account in each of them.


  4. How does it take 48 hrs to get it for SLV?

    Hidden amongst it's many flaws, the SLV prospectus is carefully written to allow for silver that is not .999 fine. There is no specification as to the amount of silver required to be in their silver! Not .999, not .900, not .500, not Sterling, not plated, not coated...nothing. The original prospectus included the term "SILVER BULLION" when it was describing the silver holdings, but a year later the word "BULLION" was stricken from the prospectus. At the same time JP Morgan changed their liability as custodian from $1B to 265M+ troy ounces. OUNCES OF WHAT? Silver wrapped Hershey's Kisses?

    Sure they define an "Ounce" as:

    "Ounce" -- A troy ounce, equal to 1.0971428 ounces avoirdupois, with a minimum fineness of 0.999. "Avoirdupois" is the system of weights used in the U.S. and Great Britain for goods other than precious metals, gems and drugs. In that system, a pound has 16 ounces and an ounce has 16 drams."

    But they never use the capitalized word "Ounce" in the context of the prospectus as it relates to silver. Any decent lawyer will tell you that it's the oldest trick in the book. Define a term with a capital letter yet never capitalize it in the context of the document. The capitalized term "Ounce" as defined is never used again. So why define it if you don't use it... unless you are trying to deliberately mislead the reader of the prospectus!

  5. Truont-= do you guys just make this stuff up? Do you like trading on incorrect information?

    from the SLV prospectus

    page 22:

    "Silver deposited with the custodian must meet London Good Delivery Standards"

    Of course, London Good Delivery is the standard for global silver. you can find its definition on page 16 of the prospectus.

  6. Bang on Truont, that's what I was going to say. Those raccoons are indeed rummaging through the garbage piles at night. They are finding 5.65 million ounces of thrown out electronics. Whatever minute amount of silver that may be found inside is what you get! yay!

  7. Eric Sprott was getting silver bars as they were being poured. He saw lots of new serials. So the silver had recently been mined. Or the silver came from scrap I suppose

    So he paid forward to get silver bars in the making

  8. Kid: I thought you wished us luck and were on your way? LOL

  9. Maybe they figured it'd save money to purchase 5 million OZs of zinc for now and then later hire a sorcerer to voodoo it into silver.

  10. Kid Dynamite has read the prospectus on SLV--he must have read the part on Page 11 which says:
    Silver transferred to the trust in connection with the creation of Baskets of iShares may not be of the quality required under the Trust Agreement. The trust will sustain a loss if the trustee issues iShares in exchange for silver of inferior quality and that loss will adversely affect the value of all existing iShares.

    So, "Silver transferred to the trust...may not be of the quality required under the Trust Agreement"

    Read that over a few times before you plunk more money down on this fund.

  11. "and asians in Vancouver"

    Don't forget about Richmond.

    As for buying maple leafs, Vancouver Bullion says whatever you buy now they can have in 12 weeks....short much??

  12. Hi SGS - I wished you good luck and was on my way from that prior discussion. hey, if you want to wallow in a pit of misinformation, no sweat. Most people who are trying to make money want to know when they have bad info. I'm here to help. Public service. Free of charge. If you don't want the facts, just let me know, I"ll be happy to piss off.

    Truont - this is the first only prospectus you've ever read, isn't it? Did you read Sprott's disclaimers on PSLV? I listed the most important ones for you in my blog post, so you don't have to trouble yourself with pulling it up on your own.

  13. SGS:

    Here is your link:

    I think this is a world record.

  14. @KidDynamite--I never said Sprott's PSLV is free of prospectus defects. I don't have any PSLV.
    I am saying that SLV prospectus says that "Silver transferred to the trust...may not be of the quality required under the Trust Agreement".
    SLV is honest and upfront in saying that the silver in their fund may not meet the required quality.
    I work hard for my money and don't think SLV provides the assurances I need to invest in it.

  15. Truont - fair enough. I am speaking more to the crowd who bashes SLV and raves about PSLV.

    If you read the next paragraph from the SLV prospectus after the sentence that you quoted (the one that says that the custodian inspects and verifies the silver, but does not test the chemical purity, and that if there is a defect, the party who delivered the silver is liable), I really wouldn't think it would keep you awake at night. That's why London Good Delivery Standards exist. But hey - to each his own.

  16. if the party that is liable for any silver impurity ---> you get your .999 silver with a lawsuit BUT
    if the "party who delivered" is liable and subsequently becomes insolvent and bankrupt
    your money = (>:-X)= .. unless there is a party who is the next in the line for example..

    silver mine(A) ----> silver you got(Z):

    A-->B---C--->...--->Z Z can sue all in the line and all parties involved in the process mining.. delivery.. melting.. delivery... before are liable .. perhaps something worth researching would be the subsequent parties a majority of the silver or 1st grade elementary students cardboard silver bar class drawings in place of the real silver declaring it real (or not) all the way (supposedly) to the SLV vaults.. so if there is a liable party bankrupsy of what is owed to you and they dont sue the member previous in the silver delivery process you can yourself sue the next in is that info available to us?

  17. actually, SGS, could you please address kid dynamite's argument that the 20% premium to NAV in PSLV means nothing, because short sellers can't correct it? he writes:

    "[people tell me] 'SLV trades right at NAV. If there was nothing wrong, then traders would short PSLV and buy SLV and collapse the price difference. But they don’t, therefore SLV is a fraud.' Yeah – that’s exactly my point – traders would, if they could, but they can’t so they don’t."


  18. Fewf, well SGS, I never thought you would ask. Since I'm Blight's Mom, I have all the answers your looking for direct from Camp Masters. Buckle up all; it's going to be a bumpy ride. Let's start at the very end and work our way backwards (the same direction my little Blight likes to play her records). So first you'de like to know how JPM lies about silver. Mr SGS if I wasn't a lady I would have to betch slap you for that one. If you enter a barn and lie to a sheep, does it make a noise? No! It sheers its own wool and knits you a sweater! This one is easy and I think we all know the answer. The members of the NWO and the Banksters lie more easy than they breathe and then sheep knit them sweaters and serve them Gyros. Next you'd like to know how they audit and sort the metal. Well they don't, as they are such good liars that they keep folks from knowin' that they don't actually have any metal at all. Just for funny pages let's pretend they do have it though. They would sort and audit the silver with RFID, I mean, comeon, they are the NWO. They ship the metal in secret WARP tunnels. That's right there is an underground network of Windless Attraction Repulsion Portals (Maglev trains in vacuum tunnels). Now that the boring parts are over I am excited to divulge just how they get silver when the world is out and they are in a pinch. Of couse it involves my little Blight and her master Capital H.I.M. It all starts at 3am the witching hour. My little pony has to sit neck deep in horse manjure and mediate with the documentary "Zoo" blaring in the background. At 5am she gets a horsey from her stable and performs a sacrifice that is exactly like a certain scene from the movie "The Cell". You didn't think she was into horses because their pretty and they can run and jump; did you? Next at 6am she finds the one existing portal to hell that still exists on earth today; Scott Walker. I can't tell you about the Secret Silver Alchemy Ritual that Blight performs with Satan quite yet, but that is how she gets what she needs, Ug...


    Elsewhere in the SLV prospectus, the following claim is also made: “Accordingly, the bulk of the trust’s silver holdings (emphasis mine) is represented by physical silver.”
    If the bulk of the trust’s silver holdings is represented by physical silver, what constitutes the “remainder”? Clearly, the SLV prospectus states that there is a “remainder”. If you read this statement carefully, the statement clearly refers to the “trust’s silver holdings.” Thus, this statement implies that some of the SLV’s funds are allocated to something else other than physical silver. So what is the rest of the trust’s silver holdings? Paper silver future contracts, air, or something else?

  20. This is like trusting the accounting of the most evil organized crime outfit ever...Its a fraud, all of it, its a fucking scam and by the time the public figures out what happened, the criminals will have fled back to Israel with all their gold and silver.

    These thieves steal and lie about everything, you really expect honesty now?

    Most people in North America don't even realize they are infected with several of the NWO's new bioweapons, like Mycoplasma. Ha! You thought silver was a scam?!

  21. Kid: I'm confused as to your stance on the silver issue. For clarity, could you please tell us what that is in a few sentences? For example: Do you think JPM is shorting silver? Do you think SLV is a mechanism to suppress silver? Please clarify where you stand.

  22. The original JP Morgan would have hung his head in shamed amazement and shut these bastards down.

  23. I wanna git me one of them silver scavenging Coons!!

  24. I was thinking about it. If we really wanted to cause a massive buying rampage among the unwashed masses, we should get the "anonymous" clowns on the silver bandwagon somehow. Those fuckers love a good conspiracy.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    The price of silver should be at least $200 but not just for inflation adjusted value. This would make it much more attractive for long term investing as it wouldn't take 10 large monster boxes to store the wealth of $200,000 US dollars as it does today. One box would suffice and this would make it more manageable for storage and transfer of bank holdings and IRA accounts instead of the massive amounts of space it takes at the current US prices. The problems of recent supply shortages and record minting of these coins would also be better balanced to compensate for both investor and industrial demands.

    One other benefit for higher silver prices would be very beneficial to the environment. Currently silver is a heavily wasted element and complex commodity used in many industrial applications but discarded carelessly due to it's low cost. However the recent and rapid rise in price of silver is resulting in many companies recycling silver and circulating it back into production to reduce waste.

    I'm expecting that a much higher price of silver is on the way and probably very soon but not necessarily because of the current ghost stories of a cataclysmic implosion of our economy, devaluation of the dollar, or a new currency. Simply because the current price suppression must end as it will also be more attractive and be much more stability at a higher price.

    Got silver?

    Well here is your last chance dip to get involved!

    There is one problem with this: Silver is difficult to obtain at the moment. Do you know why? Because the elite are going to buy it cheaper now as you are shaken out of your holdings and they buy it back from you cheaper before it makes it's massive run up to new charted levels.

    It's only a theory of mine but I think Charlie Sheen may have cleaned out Tulving today. If you don't think that's possible call Tulving and ask them what they have left since yesterday. You might be amazed to find out.

    Good luck buying the dip. Don't sell.

  27. IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR......

    When someone is trying to legitimize the SLV PIG by painting lipstick over it, we can be assured this is another attempt to LIESMANIZE it.

    If any of you watch CNBC, you will notice Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli go at it about US GOVT FIGURES. Liesman is a US GOVT BANKER BOY who makes sure the American Public believes there is no inflation. Why? Because no one EATS or DRIVES a F*CKING CAR anymore....we have to remember...we are living the INFORMATION AGE ECONOMY....thus we have no need for food or energy any longer. All we do is point and click on a computer and drink Starbucks.

    We live in a SEA OF LIES. The US Economy is corrupt from top to bottom. Fannie Mae was taken over by the US GOVT because there are probably 3 times more mortgages than there are actual homes (per Mike Ruppert of Collapsenet).

    MERS is now DEFUNCT due to a recent ruling...making MBS- Mortgage Backed Securities completely worthless. The Big Banks have marked their assets to MAGIC, whereas you and I still have to sell our house at MARKET RATES, which means pennies on the dollar.

    Interest Rate Swaps, the largest catagory of Derivatives have kept INTEREST RATES artifically low. This will BLOW UP like ENRON.

    REWIND back to ENRON

    ENRON had a stock price of $90 in mid 2000 and a market cap of over $60 billion. By Nov 2001, the stock price fell to below $1 a share. ENRON was selling PAPER GAS....and a hell of a lot of it. It was a PONZI SCHEME of grand proportions.

    Today the WHOLE US ECONOMY is a Ponzi Scheme.

    During the March 25, 2010 CFTC hearing on Position Limits, we found out that there were 100 paper contracts backing up 1 physical precious metal contract. Andrew Maguire (whistleblower) was not invited to attend, so GATA gave to the CFTC commission in spades.

    The day after the hearing Andrew Maguire and his wife got hammered by a HIT and RUN DRIVER in their car.

    Harvey Organ and Adrian Douglas (from GATA) explained about the problem of PAPER CONTRACTS. Harvey was invited to speak because of his problem getting the physical metal he and his son had paid for in insurance and storage fees to find out that they had no metal at the only COMEX facility in Canada.

    A few months ago a wealthy Swiss Businessman wanted to get his gold out of a Swiss bank. They told him they did not have his metal even though he paid insurance and storage fees. He had to get his lawyers involved, and in a months time, he finally got his metal.

    Adrian Douglas of GATA pointed out in several articles that GOLD and SILVER CERTIFICATES bought by the public at their local banks where not backed by physical metal, but rather by the ASSETS of the BANKS. Those assets are mostly increasingly worthless commercial real estate loans, HELOCs - Home Equity Lines of Credit, and Car loans.....which means garbage.


    When you see the whole picture, you realize the US ECONOMY is ROTTEN TO THE CORE. The SLV is a PAPER GAME just like ENRON. For Kid Dynamite to try to make the SLV which is fastooned in PIG SLOP as legitimate....the only conclusion can be made is he is either:

    or....PAID OFF.

    There are no other options. The Day the Dollar dies and the US TREASURY market implodes, those men of poor quality and high visibilty....better watch their back. When senior citizens lose all their pension plans and 401k's and are seen parked outside Ben Bernanke's and Steve Liesman's house in Lincoln Towncars with bazookas pointed at the front door.....GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH.

    KID....if you want to go down as a STEVE all means.....EAT YOUR HEAT OUT.

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  29. It would say "This post has been removed by the administrator" when SGS removes one...

  30. Well, most people I follow called today's raid. Apparently everyone but the CFTC knows what the fuck is going on. I have no FRN's to buy today so I hope the rest of you are buying.

  31. well everyone should write to the cftc and get everyone they know to write, and to write once and to write often..... not (obviously) because the cftc will return the hush money to jpm and start serving the american people (LOL), but just by way of protest. there's somthing like 3500 comments, i think. that's lame. we should get 35,000 all saying "do you fucking job assholes".

  32. sgs wrote: "Kid: I'm confused as to your stance on the silver issue. For clarity, could you please tell us what that is in a few sentences? For example: Do you think JPM is shorting silver? Do you think SLV is a mechanism to suppress silver? Please clarify where you stand. "

    I do not think that JPM is net short 3B ounces of silver. I think that their COMEX shorts are largely hedges for other exposure. If you want to show me on their 10k where the losses from their massive silver short are, I'm all ears.

    SLV is the greatest thing to ever happen to the price of silver. (and, similarly, GLD for gold) It boggles my mind that people don't understand that. It made it easy for anyone to invest in silver without having to call a bullion dealer, pay a big markup, worry about getting ripped off by fakes, worry about storing it - and worry about liquidity. SLV is silver - it owns nothing but physical silver bullion, all of it except up to 1100 ounces per day in allocated form (hey Truont - you were wondering what that clause about "the bulk of the assets" meant? They have a little bit of cash to pay expenses)

    Think about it this way, as I was just having this discussion with someone else. I might like to wager that the price of oil is going higher. There's no good way for me to do that - USO gets raped by contango and traders ripping their eyes out on the futures roll. If someone launched an OIL etf that actually held real physical barrels of oil in some 100B gallon storage facility somewhere, do you think that would be bullish or bearish for the price of oil? Clearly bullish - it would make it easy for all of those people who can't buy oil futures to buy oil exposure. SLV (and GLD) are the same way. It doesn't divert demand away from "actual" oil or "physical" oil - on the contrary, it allows me to invest directly in it.

    That's probably another reason we're seeing so much commodity price rippage - all of the commodity ETFs that are coming out. They actually own the commodities - they make it easy to do.

    I own SLV. I am fairly certain that I own more SLV than 95% of the readers on this board own silver ounces. However, if SLV didn't exist, I would not have bought the equivalent amount of silver bullion - THAT is the key. The alternative was not for me to buy bullion - I'd never be able to swing bullion in the kind of quantities that I carry and trade SLV - I want liquidity and I don't want to pay a 15%-20% bid/ask spread. That was the entire purpose of SLV - to make it easy for the end user. End user demand equates to physical silver demand, precisely as a result of the creation redemption mechanism, which is the key (and is why you can't read into PSLV's premium, as I explained at length in my blog post)

    I am bullish on the price of silver, but definitely not because of "The Morgue," "Blythe" or because the SLV will be exposed as fraud. THat's all I'm saying. If your reason for being long silver is "F*ckin Blythe is a whore and we're gonna send her home in a body bag" well then, good luck - your best chance of making money is that you're right for the wrong reason - that you get lucky.

    @Ned - there's nothing to address - what I wrote about PSLV's premium is absolutely correct - it's not debatable.

  33. Wow. You just said SLV was the best thing that happened to silver....I rest my case. I dont need to say anything else. Thank you.

  34. nope- you don't. You guys can all keep your heads in the sand and rant about JP Morgan, or you can come into the real world an understand what's really happening.

    SLV shows visible investment demand of more than 350MM ounces of silver. I am making the very simple claim that if SLV (or other similar products did not exist) that 350MM ounces of demand would NOT have bought 350MM ounces of physical silver and buried them in backyards across the world. Anyone who understands the mechanics understands that this is true. Of course, those of you who want to rant about The Morgue and populate comment threads with "F*Ck Blythe! I'm gonna take a dump on her face!" will never understand.

  35. So Mr. Dynamite, I have a 100k in PSLV...... should i transfer to SLV?

    Also, you don't think JPM is manipulating the market?? How do you explain the price action these last 4 days, wherein silver hits ~34.5 in the overnight and takes the elevator down in waves of threes immediately thereafter.

  36. @Ned - I can't tell you what to do. Why do you own PSLV? That answer will allow you to answer your own question.

    Do you understand that it's trading at a 20% premium to NAV? Do you understand that this premium might evaporate at any time (and it might grow) - do you understand that the premium has nothing to do with the "scarcity" of silver? Do you understand that trading on the premium is trading on the psychology of the silver market, and do you want to make that trade as well as the underlying trade on silver prices that you are making?

  37. Could it be that : Blythe paid 30 to 50% premium so that JPM could in effect stockpile silver for a drive down in prices? Pay cash, and help extricate yourself from your short position.

  38. Also, KidD , my belief is you are here for confusion and demoralization. How many times have I seen entities like yourself, suddenly show up when downward pressure is on ?

    I know the answer. Countless.

    You can't explain the cash premiums for non-delivery, the un-availability of silver on the market, the HUGE short position .. and growing of JPM .. the market hijincks.. nooo, you walk like a duck and quack like a duck ..

    That would make you??

  39. Kid has a point. The 20% premium to NAV on PSLV will only perist if Eric Sprott does not buy anymore silver bullion for his closed-fund PSLV. Ask yourself, "Will Sprott add silver to PSLV?"

    Remember, there was an even higher than 30% premium on the Sprott Physical Gold fund in May 2010. Then Sprott bought more gold for PHYS. Then the NAV premium tanked. At present the PHYS NAV premium is about 5%. From 30% down to 5%.

    Please note, Sprott has said he has learned a lot from PHYS about tanking the NAV premium, so he may be more careful with messing with PSLV's NAV premium. You know he got lots of angry phone calls from the PHYS investors, when their 30% NAV premium tanked to 5%.

  40. Kid has a point.
    Remember, in May 2010, Sprott’s physical gold trust PHYS boasted a 30%+ NAV premium in May 2010.
    Then, Sprott added more gold to the fund, and issued more shares. And investors saw their 30% NAV premium go back to around 5% today.
    30% to 5% in months. You know those PHYS investors were cursing Sprott’s name like they do Blythe Masters.
    When paying 20% NAV premiums for PSLV, ask yourself, “Will Sprott buy more silver for PSLV?”
    If the answer is yes, then watchout.

  41. Kevin - it's hilarious that any time anyone points out an error in the silver groupthink they are labeled a "short" a "shill for the bullion bankers" or an "apologist".

    "Confusion and demoralization?" Are you for real? ON THE CONTRARY - i'm hear to help the poor misguided souls who are being misinformed with INCORRECT INFORMATION.

    There are no huge cash premiums for non-delivery, by the way - that's something Harvey Organ made up because he doesn't understand futures trading after first notice day. I went through that at length here already in a previous thread.

    But go ahead - buy a silver future - stand for delivery - don't spend that 80% premium just yet, though, because you won't be getting it.

  42. oh kevin - I'm gonna make you my pet project because you demonstrate such a core misunderstanding. You wrote "Blythe paid 30 to 50% premium so that JPM could in effect stockpile silver for a drive down in prices? Pay cash, and help extricate yourself from your short position. Pay cash, and help extricate yourself from your short position. "

    Stop and ask yourself - does that make any sense at all? To pay a 50% premium to the price of March silver futures instead of buying those futures back at market prices? Really? Is that what you honestly believe? It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of trading mechanics.

    and I did explain the "unavailability" of silver on the market" - read my blog post on PSLV's premium.

  43. No no no. KidD.

    Are you saying SGS is lying.. about the premiums paid? Others that have the same info? Bzzzzt

    And .. you are talking futures. LOL ! As if there is any real metal backing them . Stop please , it's too funny.

    Get it yet?? ( rhetorical ) . R.E.A.L. metal . That's what this whole game is about. You can believe whatever you want .. but buddy, coming in here and claiming SLV is da bomb and it's all great out there everythings hunky dory .. buddy that's off the charts.

    Maybe you should consider going back to the regular sheeple sites.

    Unvavailility. Grasp the concept. We've seen this before . General public cannot obtain silver in size. Hard to obtain. As related on numerous sites.

  44. "Are you saying SGS is lying.. about the premiums paid? Others that have the same info? Bzzzzt"

    yes - absolutely. It's blatantly incorrect. Harvey Organ made it up, and everyone else repeated it. it's absolute NONSENSE. It's a PERFECT example of nonsensical myth spreading on the internet.

    how can I stop talking futures? You are the one who brought it up - you do realize that's what the fantasy "premium" is referring to, right?

    if you read my blog post, which it's clear that you still haven't, you'll understand why the silver "shortage" isn't anything like what you read about on groupthink internet comment threads.

    You can try to understand the reality of the situation, or you can live in your alternate reality and hope to get lucky... Choice is yours.

  45. Wrong yet again. Find out where SGS got his info on premiums. Not from Harvey. Fail x 2.

    I'm not going to bother reading your blog. Why? Because for 10 years I've seen guys like you pop up , talking like " I'm Mr. Solid , you folks are flakes " at KEY market reversal points. Then the whole b.s. line implodes and they disappear.

    The silver and gold markets are not properly functioning entities; they are corruptly functioning entities. And there is good reason for the skepticism.

    It's called, witnessing the overwhelming corruption. From the games of Goldman and JPM , to Madoff , to blind-eye regulatory agencies ( that appear to exist to actually protect the criminals ) .

    Do you deny massive criminal corruption has occurred and still exists in our markets.

    Yes or No. Pick one. There is the reality you live in.

  46. @SGS--Hey, SGS. Kevin said he wasn't going to bother reading Kid Dynamite's blog (he was talking back and forth with Kid). He likes your blog. I like your blog too. Keep it up.