Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SLV ishares Silver Call volume July 16 expiry irregular, $US dollar rolls off 77

Look below. People buying SLV calls for July. Nice sale here. Volume and Time/Sales doesn't lie, its speaks the truth.


  1. Dollar looks like it wants to puke..
    "Safehaven currency"


  2. why buy SLV anything? SLV is just a big paper fraud.

  3. @marketbust.com,

    because they have an options market which is very liquid. Besides, if you want to bet on SLV going to zero because it's a fraud, you can go:

    long 100 oz. physical
    long 5 cheap OTM put options on SLV

    So in the event SLV goes to zero and physical to infinity, you make even more money. If silver corrects, SLV will also correct, and you are hedged. A strategy which would have worked well yesterday at close... (damn)

  4. @goudsilver

    That is actually a very interesting strategy. I had never thought of that before. good work.

  5. @goudsilver

    Who says arbitrage doesn't exist in the market :P

    Nice strategy, I am a fan

  6. July expiry is nothing. Look at what's going on with April calls at 34, 35 strike. Looks like either a huge bull call spread, or bear call spread. I can never tell the difference.

  7. "George you are about to see a buying velocity you could never imagine"

    Dear silvergoldsilver when? I can't hold my breath much longer.

  8. Now George what a silly question. If we knew when, why would anyone be here waiting?

  9. wait . It will come .


    Gold and silver would then rebound sharply. Stay tuned as events unfold.

    FED on Track for more QE2

  10. Don't shoot the messenger. SGS told this week will be a roller coaster ride. More over Events like today are unpredictable.

    Let us work like a Team Please.

  11. Jack said "Now George what a silly question."

    Problem is Jack if we don't know, then all we are doing is running around like headless chickens.

    I like this blog because it's of the moment and not dealing in 20-20 hindsight.

    Unfortunately for an amateur like me the "game" is of very little interest.

    For months now I have been reading in all the "precious metals" sites that tomorrow is going to be the big move. 24 hours and I will be a millionaire etc etc. etc. Then something happens the price goes down and my expectation of $5000 Dollars an ounce for Silver is once again not now but just "around the corner".

    Since I got into Silver I've never come across so many "experts" in my life and practically all of them can tell why it didn't happen the way it was supposed to.

    About two years ago you could take any site and see the same "comments" as you see today. I have a funny feeling that in two years time the "comments" will still be the same.

    The price is steadily increasing and that's fine with me now. I no longer expect the "end of the World". JPM will probably be still be in business and eventually Blythe Masters will be the President of the USA.

  12. "24 hours and I will be a millionaire etc etc. etc."

    HA Ha Ha HA HA . This is funniest comment i have read today.

    I totally agree. Look for titles on Kingsworldnew every 2-3 days.

    Rocket Launch in Gold
    Envy Tech Bubble
    Silver Train

    We all are in the same boat buddy.

    Our rocket never takes off . just does broom broom ....(sound of engine) on the ground.

  13. somebody wrote this comment yesterday.

    eternal pessimist said...

    "Fvck me... Waiting on a money transfer to go through to buy. Does this mean it goes vertical tomorrow?
    March 14, 2011 11:34 PM"

    Hope his wire got delayed.

  14. If this was our 2008 redux, then its game on for the PMs.
    2008 USDX stood up on it's hind legs, and silver splattered from 20 bucks to 9.
    Everyone's been knocking their knees about how precious metals would react when the market crashed again. Well, now we know.
    USDX squeaked from 76.35 (already in a danger zone) to touch 77 then go back to where it was.
    So called bubble silver lost a buck from 35.25 to 34.25.
    Japan prints, what, a trillion to pay for commoditys to rebuild the country, and thats not good for precious metals??
    Yes we're going broom broom on the launch pad, and Silver is going to go turbo-ballistically, exponentially supersonic.
    Calling for $100 silver is the new $30 silver call.

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