Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Silver Charting 101

On the most basic of levels, the MACD is about to cross which will send this thing lower. I would like to see more strength this week and hold the line. Blythe will have other alternative thoughts albeit.

On another sidenote, netflix is up $15/share. Yup $15.


  1. SGS,
    If you have time coulod you give a brief schooling session on the MACD. I don't have a clue what that is.. and if this means we go lower how much?

  2. Jesus Christ......its called the fucking internet for a reason.


  3. Some one pissed in ricks Cheerios or did they take a duke in them? LOL

  4. @Rick

    Right, it's called the internet... and sierra is on the internet... asking a question of an expert with a blog on the topic. Has your day been ruined by someone asking a question to which you already knew the answer?

  5. What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!!, that's Rick James Bitch!

  6. Hey Rick James, if you are so fucking savvy at the internet, why don't you look up how to post a link that actually fucking works?!

  7. Rick,

    Can you tell me what PM means?

    Is it Blythe's sister Porche Masters?

    (Note: please take meds 30 minutes before answering)

  8. oddzon, for the better majority of Americans these days, PM stands for pre menstrual...... I'm Just sayin'...

  9. every one is big and bad behind a keyboard..
    Sorry to get you so flustered Rick. Should I send you a case of exlax?