Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seriously, what the fuck is ACME packet?

**NOTE: If you think SLV is NOT a fraud, dont comment on my blog. I will delete it. Go somewhere else and make a blog about SLV being truthful, real, and a great silver investment like JPM says. Seriously, fuck off.



-well what do you know we had volume near 200K and we got crushed, SHOCKING.


-March OI falls to 1427 from 1516 for a loss of 89 contracts. 79 deliveries yesterday so we only lost 10 contracts to cash settlements.**This is interesting...we are getting some warriors to stand in here and get that metal!
-Volume today at 75K and we got crushed, SHOCKING.
-deposits/withdrawals are so stupid today I'm not goign to bother you with how mysterious it is, just know that they are runnign around and making shit up on the spot to show us.
-SLV (nothing gained or loss today, interesting on a red day)

Lets get straight into the good stuff. Days like today, you NEED TO GROW A SAC, step in, and buy the FUCKING DIPS. Sheep buy when prices go up, pimps buy when everyone of the sheep unload the very shares they just bought at the top.

The "Day of Rage" has arrived, and it looks like they are already shooting into the crowds. Let me remind you I called this from 3 weeks ago. It SHOULD amaze you as to why the US is not CRYING BLOODY murder and pressing UN sanctions and blah blah blah. Did I not tell you this would happen? Lets hope it gets out of fucking control. How many role models do US citizens may need in order to get their shit together? 330 million people. You think a few mill could blast some tweets and march on. Maybe HAARP is mind fucking you over there, who knows.

I would be a buyer of silver on any dip tomorrow going into this weekend of hell. It is the unknown that draws me closer to the tipping point, and this may be it. If not, $33's will be here quicker than $36 was. But seriously, who gives a fuck about spot price. Hold your metal tightly, JPM tactics will try to pry it from weak hands.

I would like to comment on the overall markets. Its eerily reminiscent of 2007 for me. So starting tomorrow, on a break of any 50 or 55 day MA, I will be hedging with puts on the SPY's, NFLX, LULU and some fucktronic stock called ACME packet, solely based on the fact that the stock is called ACME packet, and for no other reason other than I hate its name.

I'm still awaiting any emails or calls from the WB group. I have provided them with a toll free SGS number to call me. Nothing yet. SHOCKING.

I'll here all day tomorrow trading, and giving updates...get ready for a great day, this is a promise.


  1. Thank you for keeping it real.

  2. Please someone educate me: 200K gold / 75k silver volume. Why is that shocking? Whats the average volume?
    Yeah I do feel stupid about this ... so please fix me ;)

  3. I'm hoping tomorrow is a good day for us. I think silver did outfuckingstanding today given the circumstances. Even most of my miners were already starting to recoup their losses by the end of the day. If oil shoots to the moon tomorrow, hopefully silver follows it like it has been lately.

    You need to copyright "fucktronic". Not only is it fun to look at, it makes me feel like a dirty robot when I say it.

  4. Hey SGS i think your onto something with the shorts. I have one on apple only thing that helped today. Im new to this and see the s&p symbol you put up. I want to know what the tsx index symbol and nyse symbol is? Anyone please answer this. I want to hedge my miners like this and maybe hit them both ways.

  5. I read this about Acme

    Acme Packet, Inc. (APKT) shares are trading at $74.29. Acme provides Internet solutions for business. The shares currently trade well above the 50 day moving average of $64.22 and the 200 day moving average of $43.37. Earnings estimates for APKT are about $1.07 per share for 2011. This puts the P/E ratio around 69. APKT shares have traded for as little as $17.17 per share in the past year, so at over $74 currently, it might be smart to take profits.

  6. dude, i just sold my slv via scottrade acct on your info, thanks. looking forward to the new bears release!!!

  7. This is too important to not post.

    Harvey Organ sez:

    "Many are calling me about the gold and silver shares. I think you should all be careful here as we are playing with crooks. The bankers are shorting gold and silver shares like crazy and they do not cover their shorts.
    They use the money received for their nefarious activities. When time comes to deliver the shorted stock certificate, they say sorry I do not have the certificate. They are then in default and go on a list called failure to deliver or FTD's. The list of FTD's is enormous!! and our regulators do nothing to correct this!!
    The owner of the clearing house in the states is the DTC and you guessed it..who owns this fraudulent vehicle? JPMorgan and fellow bankers."

    I said -

    This is why I keep telling people fuck paper. GET OUT OF PAPER and go to all 6,000 coin shops in the US and CLEAN THEM OUT! Instead, you have people fucking around with mining shares and claiming to know what they're doing.

    What they fail to understand is that the stock market today is nothing but a distraction technique designed to keep any and everybody out of physical at any cost. Even if you are making money at it, the point is, as long as most people are playing the game, it stays alive.

    The LAST FUCKING THING they want is at minimum 2% of the public getting into physical, after everyone like us has already gotten aboard.

    Remember, you were warned.


  8. 6a1d... Are you serious ? If people just default and walk away from it, that is fraud. Can't they take the case to FBI ?

    Screw those regulators, this is white collar crime and FBI should be able to hold the justice. Department of Justice can take cases like this.

  9. Truth. I still trade (both short and long) SLV, but I'm long long fucking long on physical. Why do I trade the SLV and GLD? Because I beat them at their bullshit game and then go buy even more physical with it.

  10. With Scam this big, I can't understand why there isn't a whistle blower now to reveal this. One whistle blower has revealed the JPM short of silver. But then now the comex is dry on silver and there are huge number of defaulting of contracts, it is criminal activities. TV and magazines would love to uncover stories about this. Blow it up !!

  11. Is Silver up or down tomorrow SGS? I need to buy some physical...

  12. Jack: Not a clue sorry dude, lol day of rage kinda throws a few curve balls that I cannot forsee if you know what I mean.

    Guys I know what ACME is, i just hate the name and run up its made.

    Tyler: an overwhelming majority of time, when COMEX gold volume is 200K it means it got crushed b/c bakers provide an unusual amount of unbacked paper to short. Same as silver, although not a trend yet.

  13. Hey SGS, where did I diss you? Don't understand your remarks directed to me.

  14. People go check this out HAARP at work.

  15. Kevin I miss read it...I will delete sorry...I dont sleep at night these days I'm like a zombie and when people quote other trolls sometimes I think its directed at me, sorry dude.

  16. SGS,

    where can we see Day of Rage effect ?
    Crude is falling like knife ?

  17. which website to follow for day of rage ?

  18. Here we go again. Isn't it amazing how this slot machine is rigged? Payouts and bailouts are for those who do such nice work behind the scene for us. Someday I hope we get a chance to thank them with some other category of precious metals.

    Who gets the credit today for stopping the "Day of Rage"? Probably just a heightened security awareness like CONDITION ORANGE or something I'm sure.

    Hey look at this: Charlie Sheen is reported to have "odd behavior" and the L.A.P.D. is looking for weapons at his house. He didn't look all the threatening to me on the videos. Welcome to Amerika the land of the fees and home of the slaves: Sheen's Search and Seizure

    Alex Jones is too much of a fat wimp to go there and do a news report for his alleged 'friend'. I would do it.

    Back to SILVER: Maybe it will bounce off the 35.00 mark here. We really don't want it lower folks! We really don't.

  19. newsunit

    r u saying day of rage has failed ?

    should i exit my long position in silver to buy at dips ? TIA

  20. "NOTE: If you think SLV is NOT a fraud, dont comment on my blog. I will delete it. Go somewhere else and make a blog about SLV being truthful, real, and a great silver investment like JPM says. Seriously, fuck off"

    Sweet music. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Nous arrivons

  21. If you have to ask me about exiting your long position in silver then you really don't have a LONG POSITION in any silver at all. If you had a long position in silver all you would want to do is buy more. But you don't have silver at all and you might even be a troll here to start wasting my precious posts here daily. GTFOOH!

  22. OMG ! How rude can you be !

    you can call me at 208 409 9778 to get the proof over a web session so you can see my desktop.

  23. BREAKING NEWS: Massive Earthquake Hits Japan! Tsunamis hitting the area. Probably many dead and threatened. Tsunami Warnings all over the Pacific Ocean.

    Additional developments with burning oil fields. Oil just started spiking here and silver is chopping like an EKG meter.

    You will all know this by morning. Mr. SGS you were right this is going to be quite a day here......!!!!

  24. Tokyo gold futures inch up after earthquake

  25. .50 cent drop in silver in 9 minutes. US dollar wobbling sideways slightly.

    I have never seen tsunamis like that ever! It looks like that whole what looked like outer banks was completely wiped out and houses, people, cars,!

    Well....we will all be busy today. I can't imagine....there goes silver down more....

    I don't care if it goes to 50 cents actually at this point. This is crazy it's down about 70 cents now and dropping like a rock.....

  26. Well I slept on it, and got lucky. Just grabbed another 100 Eagles.

    Almost a miracle there are relatively few Japanese casualties on a quake this huge.

  27. I'm a pimp :-). I agree on the US and the day of rage, shooting protesters is bullshit and we, as a nation, should condemn that action, even though they have oil. However, we won't and no one will talk about it. The earthquake, good timing, and Madison occupy the headlines, mind you not the death threats against the republicans though.

    SGS, I own SLV, sorry man. Do I think it is legit? I really do not know, but I lean to probably not since they can get 10M oz overnight when it takes others months to get that kind of size and government mints are short on size of silver. I own it in an IRA because it tracks silvers price and PSLV wasn't around when I bought it. It was a way to participate in silvers move without paying huge storage fees to the physical IRA people. I also own a ton of physical gold and silver at a very low cost basis so it doesn't really matter to me about SLV's issues since I am not dependent upon it for my total return... know what I mean? I think in my situation it is fine to own it the way I do, but I would not just own SLV and think everything is fine with it, it is not.

    I also like some of the paper options to unlock income from my stash. I can do covered calls, hedge my physical position, etc. Use what is available to you in the paper market to hedge, generate income, but never give up your stash. Know what I mean? Delete this if you must, but it makes sense to me and I basically agree with you just in a different way.

  28. What is fear? A hormonal imbalance used to manipulate the weak and gullible.

    None of those here.

    @SGS a bears video is an excellent idea! A great way to instigate a new skirmish in this ideological battle.

    There is no such thing as "profit" in fiat. If you have not realized this by now then snap out of your normalcy bias.

    SLV is fraud. Period. Public knowledge [1,2]. It's about time that gibberish was addressed.

    Silver, Just Buy It!




  29. Check this video out about SLV.

  30. "Why do I trade the SLV and GLD? Because I beat them at their bullshit game and then go buy even more physical with it."

    Yukon, the reason I suggest getting the hell out is because as fast as you can buy even more fiat with the money, the people RUNNING this scam to start with are already buying land, houses, supplies and PM even FASTER than you can. The sooner everyone gets out, the faster we can shut down the financial sector's ability to defend itself with firearms and supplies and access to safe areas. Shut them down NOW. My fear is, they already have taken these steps, and what they're doing now is distracting people into paper, because remember, THEY MAKE MONEY OFF THESE TRADES. They want to take every dime from you and tie it up in paper so that at the time of collapse, you can't compete with them for the remaining resources as you otherwise would. Every time you buy low and sell high, even if you make money to buy extra physical with it, these people make money off your trade SOMEWHERE along the line. Get your money out of there, and they lose access to your money. Remember that when you invest your money, under certain circumstances, they can take your money in the meantime to play the markets and generate an even bigger return in order to pay you off in the event your strategy pays off. They're making money off your trades. Don't give them that ammunition!

    This is why I use credit cards to buy supplies during sales (because I can't predict when they will happen, and I may have bought silver just a few days before, yet a sale on a strategic item comes up before I've had a chance to rebuild cash), I take maximum advantage of those with "12 months, no interest" to avoid the interest payments.

    If SHTF or even TEOTWAWKI, chances are the finance company won't be around to collect on the supplies I have under ARMED GUARD - they'll be too busy running away from thieves and looking for something to eat (unless they prepared beforehand, which is what I think they're doing right now, if they haven't already).

  31. @6a1dbcdc-3c89-11e0-b484-000bcdcb8a73

    Isn't the logic flawed there? If you want people to stay away from physical and in paper, why drive the price down in paper when the physical keeps going up? You would drive people to the physical.

    I think people are just more interested in the physical right now. I'm sure there's shorting going on but many people got burned in '08. Nothing like an Eagle in the hand.

  32. SGS,

    Am I crazy or are we living in the twilight zone. Silver over the last 12 months is up 115%. Yet a silver mining company like SVM is trading at only 10x forward earnings. The stock is up 10% over that same time frame. This is a company that is currently producing high-grade silver yet it is lagging the metal over the last 12 months by 105%. Are you kidding me. Can you tell im frustrated with my miners?!!

    Anyway what are your current thoughts on Tinka? Opportunity to buy below $.40 soon? Any other miners that your particularly bullish on?

    Good looking out bro. Your site is the shit.


  33. JD: This is a post from March, but what the hey.
    SVM is a joke. I think it might be ranked as my #1 manipulated stock right now. So, I picked up Jan $15 calls. I have already been cut in half on these, but I've got nothing but time with this one as POS tracks over $50 this fall, this should squeeze shorts big time.

    Tuck, tinka away...I'm still looking for fomr good drills soon to determine whether I buy more, lets see what the dig up it looks good from what I Hear so far.