Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be back soon...Bears video 5 countdown may begin....

I hope people were shopping on this fire sale...congrats to the weak hands who sold their TINKA for .42. Good for you.


  1. I'll be snagging some of that Tinka tomorrow. Thanks sellers.

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  3. SGS: I can't wait for the 5th installment. These will all be classics someday.
    Day of Rage, baby!


  4. SGS,

    Happy to be a buyer of TK today at.42 Thanks Blythe tried yesterday but couldn't get it done without your help. Picking up the G 23 later on and stockin up with lots of 40 lead. Day of Rage we'll see.

  5. It's sort of ridiculous that you are taunting people over a .42c stock, but I'm positive you'd never be able to see it that way

  6. Stefan: i agree let's wait until Tinka hits at least $5.38 and "recommended" by Slopenheimer as a STRONG BUY....................

  7. ......... But we could get slaughtered between now and then.... Better hold on tight.

    Crystal ball anyone? Help me sleep better!

  8. "Winning!"

    Sheen's Korner

    One of my observations of Charlie Sheen is he is very real compared to the usual peacocks of Hollywood. Alex Jones on the other hand needs a "tune-up" as all he did was use Charlie so he could get on "The View" and promote his "INFOWARS". ('Infowars' is losing by the way) Alex Jones is now saying he made a mistake having Sheen on his show. Alex Jones wanted to use Sheen to his advantage and so did Howard Stern on a recent interview. Both Alex Jones and Howard Stern are very selfish and mouthy men. Charlie Sheen is actually---winning.

    I thought Sheen might have cleaned out Tulving the other day. If he hasn't I hope he does.

    THIS MARKET TODAY: You think this is a dip to buy? You must be kidding! But everyone is gold and silver is WINNING!

    So where do we go from here? I'm going outside and getting some fresh air!


  9. SGS,
    try to get the voices of parts #1, #2, #3 back ! ;-)
    BTW, I noticed Easter (Apr 24) is two days prior to option expiration on May contracts... perfect timing for the "religious experience" John Embry mentionned in is latest KWN interview ! ;-)
    Have fun !

  10. SGS, I P/UP 10m TK @ 0.42 today. I did not do my DD. I did nothing. This is a first for me. I read your article of a couple of days ago and you stated if it hits the low $0.40's buy. So I bought.

    Now, before anyone out there thinks this WineGuy is one dumb SOB idiot I must warn you, I know axactly what I'm doing. I'm gambling! Pure & Simple.I'm "taking a flyer" on some unanimous web blogger's advice. Why, you may ask? Simple, this PM train has been great to me and I've decided I would take a couple of "the house's" money and lay it on TK. If it pans out, great I owe SGS a nice bottle of his favourite wine. If it sinks, big deal. I'm a big boy. Cheers

  11. Stefan: Its ridiculous I have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

  12. I too bought a little Tinka today. They wouldn't sell me any Tuesday @ US $0.48, none Wednesday @ .47, but all I wanted this morning @ .43 Alas, I didn't want much, but a took a few 1,000 in exchange for the little bit of cash I have sitting in my brokerage account earning nada. Already up ~5%; let's see what the Saudi "Day of Rage" brings tomorrow for crude and PM's.

  13. TK.V at 0.42
    ORM.V at 0.28
    AUN.V at 0.92
    CGP.V at 0.57

    At least one of these positions will be a winner. I'm kind of upset that I jumped on yesterday's dip and didn't wait a day. Tomorrow may end up being more red for silver miners, but all of the above stocks hit major support and bounced to the upside.

  14. Yes, it is ridiculous that you don't know what I'm talking about, but I'll clarify it for you anyway.

    I'm talking about how you use your blog space and your readers' time to "congratulate" the "weak hands" who sold their .52c stock

    What purpose does doing so serve anyone? I'd understand you recommending that people buy at the lower price, but ridiculing people who sold a penny stock with no coverage or credible recs on a down day makes me think you are living far too deep inside the echo chamber of your own head

  15. Stefan,

    I sorry it didn't rain silver eagles on you today...


  16. The Manufactured Market:

    Oh good the "almighty dollar" just started down. This is all being done deliberately and in order.

    The Royal Canadian Mint is not telling us (never mind who us is) what is happening up there and are very tight lipped. This may be a slightly extended delay for production. Consider yourself very fortunate to have a collection of Canadian Maple Leaf Silver because none of us will probably get our Grizzly Bears now. I'm going to have mine slabbed if they ever make it here.

    Otherwise things in the U.S.A. seem very insane just about everywhere and Charlie Sheen is the only one that is "Winning!" of course.
    Have to take in a little sanity at times eh? :-)

    I think it's time for the final showdown here. Or just the final countdown:
    Final Countdown

    I'm looking to short some big players here in the U.S.A. I'm not timid! I'm going after some real maggots here but NOT YET: (Did you hear that?)
    And for some reason after today's action I have my eyes set on these stupid coffee stocks: GMCR, SBUX, and CBOU. I'm shorting these eventually and buying physical beans.

    The silver is hard to find out there with this deliberate price action. My advice is to buy 100 oz. bars like not delay.... ......$40.00......$45.00....$50.00.....$65.00.....The games changes in 2012.......survival time.......

  17. Any recommendations for brokers that trade foreign ordinaries? I keep running into road blocks. I'm looking for one with a lower minimum deposit, and (unlike Scottrade) doesn't require broker-assisted trades on pink sheets.

  18. Oh dont worry AC Doctor, it did. I bought 50 SLW March 40 Calls at 1.53 and rode them to 2.50 in about 5 hours

    Excellent day considering I was just screwing around waaiting to build my new long position

    Thanks for your concern though

  19. Hey Stefan, if you're looking to be argumentative....go punch your wife or something. Nobody here gives a shit. I'm here for excellent insight into metals markets, and the last thing i need is to scroll through your crap. Clear enough?

  20. eternal pessimist:

    Though its inexcusably bad interface is cumbersome, unintuitive, and annoying, eTrade charges $19.99 buying directly on the Toronto exchange with Canadian dollars, and $9.99 for pink sheets (no per share surcharge).

  21. Interactive Brokers. Best online brokerage in the business if you're trading real capital.

  22. A new Bears Video??? I love those things!!! They literally have me rolling around laughing so hard that it hurts.... Great Work!!!