Monday, March 14, 2011

Ratio headed to 36:1, physical hard to come by, TINKA upgraded on the Midas letter to sell at $1.60-LIKE I SAID! Futures down 175 overnight

Sorry Im late. Monday nights are fight club. Yup, you read that right.


-Fridays OI rises
-Volume was 101K, and obviously price wasnt hammered, most notably due to friday afternoon 'stripper fridays' below 200K volume, A OKAY!
-Zero deposits, big withdrawals...nothing new here, just more asians draining whats left of this fraud
-March OI falls by 35. But get this, it was b/c of 35 deliveries.
-volume on friday was huge, today was medium. So you are getting to see how JP et al supplies the unbacked paper like its free
-9,165,000 oz still standing in March. I doubt they have enough to settle if all these longs stand resolute. Hi ho Silver.

This is my commentary tonight, taken straight from Harvey, "I would like to suggest that for the first time with half the month gone, that the amount of silver that needs to be serviced is twice the amount of silver serviced.

ie. 3 million oz of silver notices sent down vs 6 million oz still to go.

this has never happened before in any delivery month.

it looks to me like the silver bankers are in severe trouble.

and even if they get through March, they will have to contend with option holders exercising for an April silver contract.

the good thing here is the cash settlements have stopped..
now the bankers must supply or it is over."

I will be posting a comprehensive TINKA update, as things are getting heated up over there with Midas new reco! I hope you have your shares by now...

Look for $34.50's for silver soon, we are rolling and hammer has to be coming from the master of the fuckin world. Get ready for that puke.

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Sprott says no gold bubble, John Campbells has ponzi epiphany, BAC is fucked-just give it some time, Japan dumps MOST fiat into one day market than any other in history-yes, shockingly this is more than Ben's, Bahrain rocking out with the cock out, TINKA (TK.V / TKRFF) upgraded to buy on Midas letter to sell at $1.60!!


  1. Fvck me... Waiting on a money transfer to go through to buy. Does this mean it goes vertical tomorrow?

  2. Tinka has been on my watch list for a while now. Checked it out after the close today seeing as how I paid no attention to my watch list at all today due to the fucking craziness going on, but I might just transfer some profits I took today over to that little guy. I know enough about to feel confident in throwing down the cheddar, but definitely looking forward to see what you have to add. I have a feeling this week is going to end better for silver than most are thinking at this point in the week.

    Lots of new developments. I know we just got a new bear video, but are you in the works for another? Sorry if you've already mentioned it or not, I follow so many fucking blogs right now it's almost impossible to keep up with everything!

  3. yes, bears coming, still gathering info, futures getting fuckin hammered right now, I they sell the juniors tomorrow, this should be fun, GET YOUR BIDS IN!

  4. eternal pessimist: Just buy from APMEX and send a check. If you buy Silver Eagles (since they are out of stock), you can wait a couple days even to send the check out.

  5. Silver looking like its ready to roll as well right into my $34.50's. Bring it. Not even HAARP can stop this train to $50 (I think..LOL)

  6. Talking about Tinka... I know physical. Thanks though

  7. Asian markets tanked big time.

    Nikkei - Down 6.5 %
    HangSeng - Down 4 %

  8. Anyone hear that giant sucking sound?

  9. Hah! well isn't today national BJ and steak day. Wait...

  10. As Japan is awash in fallout many times worse than anybody anticipated, PM's just took a gouge and broad index futures look buttfukt and dropping hard. Any thoughts where we're headed tomorrow? Obviously miners have been slammed the past bit... have cashed out of long term geins in some petro positions, bought physical, and PSLV (dips, of course).

    No precedent for the present world stage. Thoughts? How are you guys responding?

  11. Poor Japan, the HAARP was targeted CHINA but missed a little over pacific. ask why? China refused to buy UST.

  12. eternal pessimist , 36.5 is a bigger resistance and this is expiry week. you may get it cheaper tomorrow.

  13. Gettin stupid. $34.25 'Dont let a good crisis go to waste' like the #%&*$# said. Im sure Gary Gensler, Jill Sommers and the good folks at COMEX will be astutely watching for anomolies. And Toyko's radiation is within acceptable limits. God Bless Japan