Monday, March 14, 2011

Here she comes! Watch for $34.50

Asian markets just given Blythe an excuse to get ready for the slam fest. Get out the lube, its going to get stupid, like I said it would.


  1. you think it will hold at 34.50?

  2. Got a few 34.59's....thanks Blythe and the monkeys...

  3. HA! already there in 20 minutes, this is going to get fuckin disgusting..radiation detected in Tokyo, good night equities, add friday options expiry, PREPARE FOR CARNAGE.

  4. Maybe carnage.

    And maybe safe haven.

  5. Well so far I see the $US being the safe play, LOL...Oh man this is getting to be reminiscent of late 2007.

  6. Blight can lick my nuts.

    BTFD and take delivery.

  7. The Japanese stock market is getting hammered. Do you think the US stock market is going to rocket or fall like a rock?

    I ask as finances fail do you think that there will be a flight to safety in Gold/Silver, but the door out the gym are already chained and all in are trapped?

    It does not seem like the COMEX is going to survive this month without forced cash settlement/rolling into April as a covert default on the 6 million ounces of silver it owes. I am not all that concerned with gold-it was always too expensive per ounce and it never "felt" like the better investment.

    If the price of silver is not going to climb back then Blythe is going to playing roulette with 6 round in the cylinder and insisting on going 1st if in driving the price of silver down, people buy the dip and then demand physical delivery-it will be over in May period-no more commentary is needed.

  8. Silver's bouncing back to $35.10, gold close to $1413. Blythe et al quickly repelled.

    It's going to be a shitshow manana am.

    Night all - taking my bullion to bed tonight and hoping for the best!

  9. It doesn't seem to be moving the price of Physical metal.. As the spot price goes down, there is just a larger disconnect between the paper and the physical.. Just looked on APMEX, and Provident, which I believe has some of the best prices over all..

  10. US$ catching a bid like a motherfucker right now

  11. didnt bill gross just sell all his UST? ... youre right mr sgs. i am definitely puking!

  12. What the fuck is with the fed's announcement "in a few hours"? USD better run the fuck up to keep 76 or its over. Lights out, mega fiat for aimbot.


    seems the S&P is starting to bounce... I could imagine the plunge protection team is bidding up the futures right about now...

    Funny this is doing exactly the opposite of what I figured would happen...

    I thought we would see:

    USD = down
    Treasuries = down
    PM = up
    YEN = up

    Looks like the dollar and treasuries are still a flight to safety... Lets see what the AM holds. Staying up for another hour to make sure I do not need to hit up the 24 hour wal-mart for emergency supplies.

  14. Initial algo and instinct reaction is USD flight to safety. In a day or two, that may change big time.

  15. Here she comes all right:

    Here She Comes

    In addition there goes the NIKKEI MELTDOWN IN JAPAN! Bad week ahead! Don't be a hero! GET OUT ALIVE! This will be nearly an impossible play. I'm expecting possible:
    ---Market Halted
    ---Emergency Legislation
    ---use your imagination....who knows what else?

  16. pdobrove... you better have all your emergency supplies already bought. And have bought enough for atleast a year..

  17. I have about 10 days worth... I am thinking that is not nearly enough at this point...

  18. @ pdobrove,

    EXACTLY my thoughts! I have made almost the same comment on Turd's blog like the one I just read from you, on the same 4 asset classes.

    might be a down day tomorrow, but at least we will be up when fundamentals kick in

  19. That's great, it starts with an earthquake.....

  20. @goudzilver - I hope you are right and the market doesnt stay irrational for too long.

    I made a big mistake... I bet on Uranium during trading... Was up about 4% when the market closed... I should have taken those gains off the table, lol.

  21. They won't decommission nukes. If they do how is Comrade Obama going to allow us to drill oil or burn more coal? Good thing I have some wood stoves and for cooking. All set here for now and eternity. Bring it on! If my carcase melts I'll be long gone.

    Silver might take off now with the solar stocks and battery needs. Good things ahead for silver!

  22. @pdobrove,

    I hope that too. Uranium does sound a bit speculative given the circumstances.

    I took on a position in TBT and call options on TBT yesterday. Also long on silver miners.

    Since I'm using margin at the moment (not fully on margin, but still) I was going to hedge my positions with march 18 SLV puts at $34 at the end of the day. But silly me forgot that trading hours were shifted an hour earlier today (relative to European time), so my order didn't get through...

  23. @goudzilver - Also long on TBT... Seems I am going to really get my teeth kicked in tomorrow. 30 year bond:

    Hopefully, we get a nice pop in silver and your puts will not have been necessary ;)

    @newsuit - agree no way Obama will decommission the nukes. I too have a wood burning fireplace and stove... At least I can eat if SHTF; however, I only have 10 days of food, lol.

  24. @pdobrove,

    Guess we're thinking on the same line here. Now the world only needs to catch up with us ;)

    Thanks for the chart link BTW, I was just looking for a realtime/neartime US bond chart.

  25. 34.50 huh? Funny how accurate that call was. It just occurred to me...

    SGS is Blythe!!

    We been had!!!!

  26. Either that dollar chart on FINVIZ is whacked out or the dollar just MAJORLY GAPED UP. Unreal! It's going to shake like an earthquake this week. Hang on! Market jolts will be felt worldwide.

    The truth finally comes out on Japan as level of radiation are now reported to threaten human life. This is disaster that will likely surpass EPIC proportions and the SUPER-moon will be here in a few days along with the combination of HAARP and all the other planetary resonance experiments going out of control.

    Get a Berkey Water Filter for your family before you can't get one. I have a few Royal Berkeys. They are basically a 3 gallon capacity.

    Look at the FINVIZ 5 minute dollar chart. It gapped up and silver just stayed there. Weird stuff!

    I have no forecast now on what's going to happen. I cancel all my previous outlooks because I have no clue at this point. What should happen probably won't.

  27. If Japan gets a darwin award so we all build / upgrade / make safer plants then we have much to thank them for.

    If there were 0 quakes, 0 oil countries in civil unrest and 0 cyclones, Tsunami's, I don't think the silver chart would look any different at all at this stage.

  28. I bet GODZILLA is diggin the extra radiation!

  29. Good idea with the wood burning stove guys, but don't you think the smoke in a SHTF situation would be kind of BAIT? I specifically bought things I won't need to cook like dry roasted soybeans, chickpeas and other beans I can just soak etc.

    SGS, I watched The Road I thought it was pretty good except for the part where he kills the guy with the bow using a flare gun, LOL wtf?! Does anyone know if it was that written in the book like that?

  30. 10 days food supply!??? Stuff your pockets with fiat paper; light it! Buy a good mirror and watch yourself burn to ashes and blow away!! A squirrel has more sense than most folks!!

  31. Oil is falling like a Knife. It will re-bounce and will make new records in coming months/years.

    World will start hating and may be move away from Nuclear Energy and Oil will have to fill this gap. Japan will need more and more oil to rebuild their economy.

  32. Holy Shit, 34.02. At what point do we buy?

  33. Too bad Tinka gets some PR during a week that Gojira is attacking Tokyo with his "death ray" again.

    If the EE gets the ball really rolling, I can easily see Au in the $1,200's and Ag in the $27's by the end of this week. After all what's safer than US Treasury's and the POMO darlings.

  34. Flight to safety. NFLX up $2 in premarket

  35. The safety of Netflix. May you live in banal times

  36. @SGS,

    The graph representing current market conditions the best is... your rollercoaster puke picture!

    This market is so irrational. 'hey! is this the apocalyse?! lets sell our gold and silver and buy netflix! and 30 year treasuries!'

    Really kicking myself for not getting my hedges before market close. Would've been an up day for me, but it's seriously down right now.

    Tinka is probably going to be the only green line on my screen. Thanks for pointing that one out!

    And also thanks for your blog and the bears of course.

  37. Jon,

    Are you on Blythe's side ? you seem to be a spreader of misinformation.

  38. @Terry,

    Not in the least, I despise everything the EE has done to the world economy and middle classes, but I don't delude myself that the most powerful people on the planet will go quietly into the night.

    Puplava's been getting a lot of bad things said about him in zero hedge world for giving Jeff Christian and Dave Morgan a platform for their views, but he's only being rational. And he personally owns over a ton of silver and hundreds of ounces of gold. Just be careful what you wish for, all you PM boosters, myself included.