Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raid Coming....

Watch out below. Buy the dips, wouldn't doubt $33.50 coming soon. Weekly chart needs to be painted this is correlating with the $US just getting SMOKED is beyond me. Wow.

UPDATE: Rumors of another margin hike tomorrow, this is getting way out of hand for Blythe. Oh, and Copper didnt get the memo that gold/silver did.

UPDATE: Trichet thinks hes going to raise rates (highly inflationary) Silver/gold get hammered down, $US looks deathly.


  1. Thanks Bro. Today may be the best day to buy.

  2. fubm? let's see, thanks for the info.

  3. My view: Buying at dips is much safer than shorting. Shorting in Silver is dangerous.

  4. Fuck this paper manipulation stuff, I am liquidating my positions and buying physicals.

    See ya

  5. I'm 100% convinced gold and silver are the only way to go. Platinum and Palladium are a few extras.

    Crazy as it is we all need cash too, so keep a stash on hand.

    Remember: Clean water will be another commodity, just in a different way....!

    Back to the stock board and throw some more darts. That sucks!

  6. Right now Silver going up and Gold going down. Yes it's just a small change intraday but I see this now and then. I call silver a "complex commodity" due to it's industrial and monetary interest. Go silver!

  7. What scares me more than any other news story is that the US Budget is more than 88% mandatory spending. Only 12% is subject to 'possible' cuts. So take 12% of $3.7 trillion = $440 billion. Of that $440 billion they may cut about $50 billion. Also, consider they are stealing $400 billion in real cash from the SS surplus and using it to pay current bills, but since they label it a loan, it does not show up as revenue or expense. America is $1.5 trillion SHORT ( each year) and we make that up by asking others to lend us money. China, Taiwan, Germany UK, and Japan are the biggest lenders to America. Will they all keep buying our debt? UK is having serious problems now, as is Japan. The bottom line is WE HAVE to sell this debt or Government shuts down. The other option is to raise taxes with a mandatory spending freeze. At some point in the not too distant future, interest rates will rise and then America is in real trouble.
    On top of that, at some point, these lenders will reduce their purchases, and that could cause interest rates to soar even higher. American consumers need to prepare today for what is coming ,which is a currency crisis or worse. Gold and Silver will be much much higher than today. I would not rule out $10,000 gold in 3 yrs. $200 silver. Be wary of the stock market.