Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gaddafi Being smeared and looted, he is not satan

Amazing after 40 years of being in bed with the US, all this can change overnight.
A tad off topic, but justified for PM longs....

Hearing rumblings from the underground that Gadaffi wanted to expose Israeli Genocide.

I interviewed a student from Libya, out of the quick conversation, she told me that "everyone had a home, interest free, no one was hungry, we were happy under him."

Apparently, I haven't dug this up yet, but Libya was doing arms deals with Russia (Putin). Anyone close to Israel that wants to protect itself is ravaged, raped, pillaged and destroyed.

Like I have said in many many posts, this Middle East problem, is an Israeli problem, and nothing else. When they feel threatened, they have to take the entire world down with them. If this is news to you, then let it be. Dont let any FOX or cN N Wolf Blitser tell you differently. As a nice side effect of this Neo-Con mandate, silver and gold to the moon.

My prays and thoughts go out to the innocent victims being slaughtered in the name of Israel right now. God rest your souls.


  1. There are plenty of Jews, in Israel, America, and other places, that oppose Zionism.

    It's important to acknowledge that.

  2. Qaddafi is just as big a piece of shit as Netanyahu and Obama. They're all a bunch of two bit thugs who are more deserving of small prison cells than anything.

    There are outside forces at work here (note U.S. boots now on the ground) that lit the match, but the powder keg was constructed by Qaddafi himself over the course of four freaking decades.

    You have to be kidding with the "he wanted to expose Israeli genocide" thing. Nobody believes a word that comes out of the dude's mouth as he is clearly insane, so the idea of him "exposing genocide" is like Lindsay Lohan espousing the virtues of chastity and sobriety. Shit.

  3. I haven't liked Qaddafi since I was a a young kid. Any time I saw that asshole on TV he just looked like a villain. Then as I got older I realized he really is.

    Saudi is going to be interesting to watch now. I know the protests on the 11th keep getting mentioned, but there is another planned for the 20th also.

    Saudi Revolution 3/20 Facebook Fan Page

    Qaddafi tried paying off his citizens so they wouldn't protest. That didn't work. Saudi Arabia is trying the same thing. I'm willing to bet they won't give a shit either and will be just as quick to fuck shit up.

  4. This seems like an amazingly ignorant post. Just look what Gaddafi has done over the years.

    Wiki Profile

    He is a terrible human being and has oppressed his people for decades.

  5. Oil has cooled down . Expect big correction tomorrow. Shorted Silver 30 minutes back .

  6. Regardless of the details, it is a fact Israel would love the idea of a Quaddafi tossed from power. I am not a middle east expert by any means, but the top 3 oil players in the world are Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq in that order.
    And, the USA and Israel pay them lots of attention. My guess is the USA/Israel botch matters in the middle east as they try another power grab of sorts. I just have a sense it results in many more victims and sky high oil prices. It's wrong what they are likely planning, but the assets are too vital to let them ever be placed into the hands of adversaries.Bush took oil from $20/barrel to $75. Obama gonna raise him $100. IMHO.

  7. Global demand for oil has risen drastically over the last thirty years with continued industrialization.

    Peak Oil

  8. There is no question that governments all over the world carry out false flag operations on a very regular basis. Generally speaking, IMHO,
    you can tell when you are on to the truth by the number of folks who scream and yell and call you crazy when your opinion is not inline with uncle sams. 911, USS Liberty, vietnam, holocaust, etc. The money trail is typically the smoking gun.

  9. What does that have to do with increased demand?

  10. Col Quaddafi was a tough guy no doubt. However, America installed dozens of dictators that make him look like a boy scout. No joke.

  11. These posts are ripe for the picking. :-)
    I can't wait to check back and read.

    Silver better stay above $34 and oil above $100. In fact silver needs to go to $65 at least and oil can go to $300 for all I care.

    Ron Paul is not Jesus Christ but I'd like to see what he can do as president. Sick and tired of all the actors and actresses in there along with Comrade Obama.

    Last look at the market data: Computers are running this thing as usual. Everyone else is just an END USER they just haven't realized it yet. I'll be buying any dip on bullion along the way.

  12. I've never posted before, but the sheer insanity of this post begs for a rebuttal. First off, Qaddafi is a butcher who has murdered hundreds of innocent people. Second, until recently, he has had fairly good relations with Israel probably because he is of Jewish heritage through his mother who was Jewish and converted and his son is married to a Jewish woman. Third, there are 10s of thousands of people there who obviously didn't think it was so great because they are giving their lives to get rid if him.

    Your irrational hatred of Israel is disturbing. Israel is the only nation in the middle east that protects basic freedoms that we in the U.S. Cherish. Women are treated horribly in Islamic nations. Gays are put to death and freedom of speech, assembly and religion are nonexistent in Islamic nations. Israel has gone out it's way to accommodate Muslims within it's borders (too far in my opinion) while all other religions are driven out of Islamic nations. Jews lived and ruled in Israel for 1000 years before Mohammed ever existed much less wrote his insane manifesto. Jews and Christians were in that land long before Islam. Israel is a beacon of light in a very dark part of the world and is less than 1% of the population and land mass in the middle east.

    Israel is important to us. They are Our only true ally in a very hostile region of the world that is working economically to destroy our capitalist system and the freedom it gives us (the unfettered greed of our "corporate titans" may do it for them before too long.) Finally, they were chosen by God and I don't think it is ever smart to go up against God, He always wins in the end.

  13. In July of 2010 I was on a cruise to Alaska and met a guy from Canada, he was an MD and PH.D and worked in research. We talked investments and for a doctor, this guy was brilliant. Most docs are clueless. He told me owned silver and bought it at $3.00/oz and it was headed to $150. I think his gold target was $5,000. He was bearish on the US dollar,bullish on Canadian dollar. Told me the cure for most cancers are known, but there is far too much money made selling the drugs and treatments for it. Said anyone who were to go public with what he was telling me would be fired and never find a job in health care. Said the drug company complex is a big swindle to only make money. Cures are not ALLOWED to be found. All his comments on investments were 100% truthful, because I knew exactly what he was talking about. I never told him what i did for a living so he was clueless as to who he was talking to.

  14. To Pippin- I agree with some of your comments but others are just not in alignment with reality. I have been to Israel several times. To suggest this state ( that does not have defined borders) is democratic is silly. Palestinians are treated as fourth class citizens.Gaza is an impoverished concentration camp that is under constant harassment from Israel. The history of Isreal is they spy on America non stop and murdered 34 Americans in cold blood in 1967 in an incident known as the attack on the
    USS Liberty. They admitted doing it. As to being the chosen people of God, you are half right, that designation ended with the New Covenant. One can objectively critique the Israeli people as being the key tribe behind the black slave trade, most of the porn industry, drug industry, weapons smuggling, holocau$t exploitation industry, and assorted other vices without being anti Semitic. In short, Jews are hated by many people not based on religion, but only the behavior of the jew.
    I won't even mention the Bolshevik actions in russia in 1918 or the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents jumping for joy on 9/11 in a parking lot near the scene of the crime, as the twin
    towers fell.

  15. SGS- good post. i learned alot from your sponsors after reading it.

  16. @Pete - If there are persons professing to practice Judaism opposed to zionism (particularily those living in America and Palestine)- why is there an artificial political entity known as Israel? without american military, economic and diplomatic aid going to a tyranny of a minority majority - the world would move on to happier things.

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  18. Pippin: This blog is not for you. Stick to CNN-Wolf Blitzer will tell you exactly whats really going on, after all, he wasnt a former lobbyist for AIPAC or anything. Get your shit straight my friends. The entire WORLD hates Israel, BUT the USA. Get a fuckin clue. They are an 'ally' because the ZOG says it is.

    JD: What does condemning Israel have ANYTHING to do with hating jews? Deleted.

    Anyone else using wikipedia to give me a history lesson on Gadffi should proceed to choke themselves.

  19. Okay, ill stick with the silvergoldsilver history lesson then because that is clearly much more valuable. I hope you enjoy watching your pageviews consistently drop as people realize you are a damn moron.

  20. This post is right on the money. Israel is not satisfied with having the biggest dick on the block. Oh no, it won't stop until it has the only dick on the block. Wake up slaves, you're being played. Again.

  21. Quite the mess. Kaddafi was probably not quite as bad as people paint him to be, but not as good as we'd want. Look at the mess our own govt is in.

  22. thanks for coming out robert, nice knowing you, wolf is on CeNn right now, tune in

  23. 747 heavy: CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE :-). Keep your speed up to the marker...nice posts!

  24. Zepster- Ghaddafi, Quaddafi, Kaddafi what ever the hell his name is, is exactly what we want. A ruthless dictator with no qualms about letting the ZOG western countries rape Libya's natural resources (in this case oil) whilst filling his personal bank account.

    The only problem here, is when said "dictator" get's to big for his own britches and needs to be put down. Guys like Kaddafi will always be somebody's bitch, it's just a matter of who.

    Might I suggest reading "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" written by John Perkins. It pretty much sums up the whole game.

  25. I am a history buff, not a real historian, but I know quite a bit about Israel. Truman was harassed into having the USA vote yes in the UN for Israeli statehood, but more votes were needed. The founders of Israel convinced Truman to have Greece and others vote yes, under the threat that a no vote would severe all aid to the respective nation.
    Truman did not have a mistress nor was he a closet gay or drug user. He just did not have the cajones to say, backoff.
    I have often speculated why there is near uniform appeasement
    on the part of politicians to anything the Israelis demand of America. My guess is most politicians are subject to blackmail or afraid of a JFK ending. Plenty of leaders around the world have stood up to the Zionists over the years only to be pushing up daisies a short time later. I compare them to the Mexican Mafia. I mean, how on earth did those 5 dancing Isrealis who filmed the falling WTC towers get a free pass back to Tel Aviv despite failing lie detector tests. Someone very high up is giving orders to the FBI.

  26. More than a tad off topic. Spare us the politics. There are plenty of sites for that. Next we'll be debating Bush v. Obama, and other earnest inanities.

  27. Strannick: Do realize how important the Israel problem is to the precious metals price?

  28. I realize oil and war influence the precious metals price.

  29. SGS: Most people don't have a clue unless they really look into it. And it does take time. Once the curtain gets pulled back, you find yourself thinking; "how can people not see this". It's a strange feeling.


    Not that SGS needs any backing up on his post, but he hit in right on target. Webster Tarply who co-wrote the book "THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF GEORGE BUSH I" was on COAST TO COAST two days ago and basically explained the exact same thing that SGS put forth in his post.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski has been DUG up from the Carter Administration and is now in OBAMA's corner doing the same CLOAK AND DAGGER crap that he was in the 1970's.

    The CIA, BLACK OPS and other SEEDY INDIVIDUALS are destroying African countries and the Middle East so CHINA, RUSSIA or several other countries cannot have any influence.

    EGYPT was the first PIN to topple. MUBARAK was the first COUP, KHADAFFI is the next. Mubarak would not go along with the US on several aspects, ISREAL being one of them.

    There are a lot of DUPES who have been commenting on this BLOG who as SGS states have taken the "BLITZER"....HOOK...LINE...and SINKER.

    DARK FORCES in the US GOVT realize that the EMPIRE is disintegrating and they don't want any of these countries playing the RUSSIAN, IRANIAN or CHINESE card. If the US can't control these DICTATORS, then they want them to disintegrate into parts. SUDAN is getting ready to collapse into two seperate countries.....they want the same for LYBIA.

    What a shame many are completely CLUELESS.

  31. Heavy applause and a standing ovation for Pippin.

    This blog is not for me either.

  32. Hey SRSrocco, you are so spot on. I was totally in the dark on 911, Vietnam, USS Liberty, Holocaust, Mossad, etc, until I began to carefully study these matters. I am of the opinion the general public is encouraged to not investigate anything, just listen to Wolf AIPAC Blitzer and trust him on everything. I was very, very lucky to have seen the implosion of the housing and stock market coming in early 2007 and cashed in bigtime on it. One thing made that possible. I proceeded to invest(short) based on the assumption all the CEO's on TV were lying about the health of their firms. In the end, I think all of them were. In my opinion the CEO's of biotech's are the worse. Most have a MD or Ph.D so folks are inclined to trust them.
    I am proud I heavily shorted LEH, Bear Sterns, Merill, Citi, Washington Mutual, Wachovia and others. My favorite short was Countrywide -whose CEO was the absolute biggest liar I can recall.
    I am not happy to know so many others got financially crushed by these greedy CEO's but it happens and my advice is NEVER ever trust CEO's. NEVER.

  33. I dont have a f*kng clue how come people are so blind to see whats happening?? Israel an american ally?? What did america earn being an ally?? On the contrary, you can list so many what Israel earned.
    Until world war 2, UK was an Israelian bitch. After that, it ditched UK and USA became its bitch. What happens now?
    Well, using this middle east chaos, Israel will expand its territory dramatically and capture all oil supplies. Watch your "closest" ally ditch you and becomes the next super power you douchebags!!

  34. As a follow up to having won the battle shorting stocks from 2007 to 2009, I recognize that today we are in a phony bull market which is all thanks to Bernacke and the money printing that is taking place in Washington. It is not creating propserity or even false prosperity, just higher prices in commodities and stocks.
    When the phony money printing ends and GDP is not going up and unemployment is NOT going down and tax revenues are NOT going up, I think there may be some panic. At that point I think the stock market reverse course and the best palce to have parked money will be gold and silver.
    $1400 an ounce is still going to look cheap in 3-5 years.

  35. To call Israel an America ally is not true. Allies have written agreements between themselves. America offered to enter into a formal relationship with Israel years ago, but Israel wanted no part of that. It's odd, but it's one more reason I do not trust those people. The Israelis stole,via Johnathon Pollard, massive amounts of our most important intelligence and it all went to the Mossad
    which resulted in all our CIA informants
    in Russia and other places getting tortured then killed. Virtually all of the methods the CIA uses to gather intell around the world wound up in Mossad hands and the Mossad then sold that to China and Russia. Anyone who says this is an ally is not aware of the truth.

  36. Ginger: You are outnumbered here. You are the minority here. How does it feel? Giving a standing ovation to a moronic post like that tells me you will be slaughtered with the rest of the sheep. Move along now Wolf's prime time ME report is on now go listen to the truth.

  37. SGS,
    I agree with you on much of the silver/gold and economic issues that I see posted by you on other sites. That is why I decided to visit here to read..see what I could learn from you and others here and to see if there was support I could lend here as well. I was just surprised at the level of hate you seem to espouse toward Israel. And you are rude to your guests here if they differ in their opinions from your opinion. I find that especially ironic since you seem to hate on Israel for their supposed intolerence of others in the ME region. But it is your blog and you can be rude, sophmoric, and hypocritical if you want to so I digress.

    You are right..I am certainly outnumbered here but that doesn't bother me. I just won't go where I'm not welcome. This place clearly qualifies. Further, I have never watched the Blitzer show so I can't speak to whether I agree with you or not about that but Pippin's post was anything but moronic. I guess here if you bring a reasoned point of view that isn't laced with a string of cuss words, insults and intolerence qualify as moronic.

    P.S. I don't plan to be slaughtered with the sheep but I am going to print out your response to me so that if I am I can tell myself you told me so.

    P.P.S. I wish you the very best.

  38. Ginger: at what point in my post do I portray 'hatred' towards Israel? See this is the problem with the ZOG media. We have tolerated unreasonable misleadings in school literature, Hollywood movies, and history books in general. When was it a fuckin crime to speak the truth about a country? I bet you all my fuckin silver, if I was to substitute "Israel" with "Iran" in that last post, you would be singing a very fucking different tune now wouldn't you?
    Go watch the View, or some Ellen, this is way over your head. Get a fuckin clue, the world hates Israel because of its inability to stop waging war, and the world hates the USA because they support it ad nausem.

    P.P.S. Fuck off now.

  39. Ginger is upset by the truth. Cry me a river. Lady, you need to go to the middle east and make a trip into Gaza city. It makes Tijanna, Mexico look like a beautiful place. What kind of people
    diverts its own raw sewage and deliberately channels it into someone else's main street? Israel. I was there, I saw it and the smell was sickening. This has been done repeatedly on purpose. I could go on and on. The stories would make you vomit. Americans have no clue. If these Zionist take over America one day and I do not rule it out, only Jews will have rights or jobs.
    The bulk of people will live like animals, which is what they call non Jews in their religion.

  40. Humor always helps:

  41. Here comes $118 oil as we passed the $103 mark.