Thursday, March 17, 2011

Must View, Grant just laid into Ben, Gold Standard pumping holy moly!

Like the Bears Part 4 video said, there is a war going on right now...

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  1. "Is it that far fetched? We have been controlling weather for decades now.."

    The answer depends on one's normalcy bias, or (better yet) lack thereof.

    It is not only possible, it is also plausible.

    And if it wasn't the cause, it may as well have been. You must admit, it has completely brought Japan to its knees. No disrespect.

    ...Q3 followed by a Euro collapse/China hard-landing for the real leg down. Maybe that will prompt this so called King of ours to step this so called war up a notch.

    Shit is getting h.o.t. all over the place...

    Here's the Longer-Term game plan from here on out:
    -Wreck everything.
    -Build something new.
    -Tighten control.

    These sure seem like the end of days...or not.

  2. "Here's the Longer-Term game plan from here on out"

    Hasnt this always been the gameplan for last 100 years? LOL

  3. SGS,
    Of course you and I both know this has been the plan for 100s of years. It is clear as day, IMO.

    I add this because I am astounded at the number of people I talk to who do not believe this to be the case. Also, these things do not play out in a linear fashion;I believe they tend to go parabolic. But what do I know. Keep fighting the good fight. This blog is a gem.

    Quick question: I asked about making a somewhat substantial silver purchase (eg. $10m) and was informed by a couple of your readers that the best course of action would be to use a dealer. I am wondering why I could not simply buy futures contracts and take delivery. (I understand the COMEX issue and that there is no silver, but I am only looking to get, say 50 contracts worth. Is this unrealistic?) Thanks in advance.

  4. yes i would like to know as well

  5. Wow! I cannot keep up with this blog and mine with all that is going on! Pay attention to this NUCLEAR NONSENSE going on FROM JAPAN. I think it's very very bad and will have lasting effects!

    Looks to me like silver is going to start up here again. As gold just climbed up above the 1400.00 mark I think we might be starting up again here. Anyone buy this dip? Good luck.

    The NewsUNIT Blogspot

  6. @nyse: You needed your silver yesterday...Crimex I wouldn't bother with. There are anecdotal reports of people not even being able to get delivery of 15000 ounces, much less 250000?

    I would just try to buy wherever available...APMEX, kitco, SGS hoard, whatever.

  7. Can some tell me the name of that oil company that has property in the Bakken field? MWV?

  8. @WiskeySix: Tell me about it. Thanks for the reply. I will start scrounging.

  9. question.... i have some bank wrapped bu coins, should i leave them bank wrapped or open and search??? i would like to take a picture of my "treasure chest". is there anyway to post pics here mr. sgs....i think it would be awesome to see everybodies collections..anythoughts?

  10. Crimex Deposits 2 million ounces to Inventory

    BRINKS = +489,419 Registered
    SCOTIA = +981,330 Customer
    HSBC = +582,652 Customer

    TOTAL = +2,053,402

    Where are the shortages if the CRIMEX can get 2 million ounces in a day. Are these real ounces or just paper additions?


    1) HAARP can modify weather, but Earthquakes have been going on for millions of years. The RING of FIRE has been around millions of years as well. HAARP did not cause the Japanese 9.0 earthquake, but I might believe it could have pushed it over the edge so to speak.

    2)The Conspiracy of the ONE WORLD GOVT to take over the United States sounds great on paper, but when the Fragile nature of COMPLEX TECHNOLOGY fails, the ELITE will have very little say in the disintegration.

    3) All of you who think the USA has all this hidden and capped need to get an MRI on your fricken brain. M King Hubbert forecasted the peak of US oil production in 1953 to occur by 1970. He got it F*CKING SPOT ON.

    4)Any oil that is in the BAKKEN FIELD or in the WEST is LOW EROI OIL (low energy returned on invested). When the economy disintegrates, so will capital. Thus, the highly technological and expensive oil to extract will just dry up and blow away.

    5)The UK Energy Minister stated just a few days ago...the days of CONSTANT ELECTRICTY from the GRID in England is over. Japan will never see constant electricty again....they don't have the capital to rebuild. Japan is now into disintegration mode.

    6)If nuclear reactors are not shut down correctly before the collapse of the Fiat system, there might not be the means or the skilled manpower to do it after the collapse. This could be a very serious situation indeed.

    7) Lastly...there are conspiracies out there, but not everything is a conspiracy. Some things are based on real science and geology.

    I fear many on investor blogs are caught up in counting all the FUTURE DOLLARS they are going to make only to fail to realize the WHOLE F*CKING SYSTEM is disintegrating before our very eyes.

    Once the system goes will never return...its going to be some VERSION OF MAD MAX and hardly anyone is prepared for it.

    word to your mother.......

  11. cookie monster delete your post please or I will ban you, thanks. This is not a daytrading pumping leave your juniors here blog...

    NYSE: I can put you contact with people that have 25,000 oz if you need it. Why would you give business to the very entity that frauds us? Fuck them. Its probably fake anyway LOL


    Now that Japan is a disaster of Biblical proportions, auto plants have shut down. Parts will not make it to "ASSEMBLY PLANTS" in the for closures here as well.

    We must remember, here in the GRAND OLE US of A, we no longer manufacture many items....we fricken A-S-S-E-M-B-L-E things together from parts manufactured from other countries.

    If the situtation gets worse in JAPAN...the DOMINOS will fall across the globe as world economies start to disintegrate.

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  15. SRS- good posts. Lack of shit to assemble from Japan is going to catch up with us in about a month.

    WTF is up with all the oddball silver ounce delivery numbers. Looks like the Crimex cleaned these poor bastards out of AU. This will still only cover 100 contracts with 1000 more to go AND silver options contracts that may be in the money.

    Of the 2 million ozs., only 500,000 is able to be used for contracts-since it is registed and not customer silver? I could not believe silver and gold could not move higher when every damn thing commodity wise was up 3-4%. WTF? I know options expiration is tomorrow but I feel like I got fucked by a FUCKTRON!

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