Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bahrain, $US Dollar, Copper, Ben/QE/Ron Paul blah blah puke blah population is on planet FuckTune to believe this shit

1. Bahrain closes banks today. Click here to Read

Things are getting worse in the middle east. Dont let CNN tell you any different.

2. US dollar is holding 76 like a motherfucker. This is key pivot point here.

3. Copper up over 2%, I wish I had 99.999.99.99999999% of the market like Blythe does, thank you CTFC for supporting criminals, and the continuation of the complete skinnage of the American populace who sits there like they are on planet FuckTune and accepts this shit like its 'natural' or something.

4. Apparently, Ben thinks he can prove to Ron Paul in testimony under oath that QE is not the monetization of debt. Okay, this should be comical at best, and once done should prove nothing other than the media saying it must be true, and the American people believing it.

Click here to Read this idiocy

This article is priming the public for QE3 and how great it will be.

All this news...and silver is down a bit. But I guess there is nothing manipulative with this equation.


  1. come on Ted Butler, the FED, CFTC and JPM are sharing the same bed,doing 3some for many year.
    DON'T expect anything will change.

  2. What is Blythe throwing at Silver today to keep it down?

    She will be using her crusty 3-day old panties by the end of the day!

  3. Save me benron burnokio? The dollar has fallen and can't get up!! This will be an epic disaster. Paper fiat money burning to ashes!! If it burns you're not holding real money!!

  4. Is that article you posted a joke?! I have never seen such a blatant piece of propaganda in my life… Full of more false claims then I care to comment on or count. This is why Americans are ignorant… Propaganda pieces such as this are too numerous and repeat the same falsehoods and agenda based arguments. These lies will lay the ground work for robbing the people of their purchasing power further (QE3)… Further shifting Americans from the middle class into poverty and when the people demand answers… the politicians will say there hasn’t been enough QE… This makes me sick!

  5. After reading that Bloomberg propaganda piece, I had to look at my calendar. I thought it was April Fools Day for sure, not St. Patricks Day. Joke is on us, pass the green beer.

  6. USDX is now 75.90 Break down from here? Gonzalo Lira thinks so...

  7. I have an idea for the Ben Bernanke vs. Ron Paul hearings. Things are getting very ridiculous right now. I have a great idea for this on my blog.

    I had no intention of writing that blog but I think we need a few good blogs out here. Not too many---just the good ones! Some goofball has "newsunit" and it's totally junk and means nothing.

    Oh well I'm starting a website too---who cares. Time to hit Blythe and the gang from several directions. They won't know what to do in a few weeks. :-)

    There will be a rush of buyers coming into this interest very soon. Regards!