Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funny biz at the comex as usual, BTFD, watch video below.


-volume today = 263,397, and shockingly we get smoked! What a pattern this is starting to form..oh if anyone is doing the math that volume represents 35% of annualized world production,....LOL GOT Position limits?
-3.52 tonnes still standing this month

-volume = 101,076, follow above sarcasm
-lease from customer to dealer of 70,000 oz's, right.
-and we gained 300K standing, dont ask me how this is possible
-SLV losses 1,610,776 oz, LOL. Fuck it.

Hope you have kept the food down...told you it would get bumpy...we have 3 days left till expiry and maybe even Japans expiry, so buy the dips, MACD is topping, keep those stinkies in. And godbless Tinka-showing signs of buying in this selloff. I will buy another 50-100K if we by some reason print high 30's. When silver is selling off, we buy. You know the rules by now.

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Watch this video: This is guy is starting to bring this to mainstream media...me likey!

Click here to continue for Silver manipulation exposure on FOX


  1. What's up with Encanto Potash? Still a buy?

  2. At these levels a no brainer. I really think they are waiting for the native vote on the 2nd. But like I said at .50, it was a coin flip. And still is. I have sold 90% of all my juniors and will literally need to file for majority stakholdership for TINKA if I keep buying this many shares of it. Watch for my tinka update soon.
    All my other juniors are getting smashed. I toook money off the table. Waiting for this shit to end, and literally see tinka explode when things calm down here.

  3. SGS, you might want to check out TMM - Timmins. Next to G - GoldCorp it's my largest miner holding. It held strong today and has been consolidating for the past six weeks. I believe it's ready to take off to the next level.

  4. Wow, last three days on that looked like fun...

  5. APMEX is down again... and I have to wait 2 weeks until my 1 oz bars are available.. (yeah 1 oz, I'm a poor kid)

  6. Wow FOX...you know the end is near when they are reporting on this. Watching this clip makes me want to sell my silver.

  7. I've been following Tinka on my watch list for a while and finally sold off Aurcana this morning to snatch up some of it and Oremex while they were one sale.

    Did you ever find out whether it made the Midas list or not? All I could dig up was talk of it in forums and blogs. Either way I'm happy I finally bit the bullet and bought today, just curious.

  8. Can't wait for your Tinka analysis. After an hour or so on their website and financials I really see nothing special. No proven reserves. They pay expenses with ongoing private placements. Only One 1 mill in the bank. No mill. Just a couple of holes in the ground with low grade silver. I must be missing something.


  9. Icarus. I guess you did miss it. And I'm not going to explain it again. Wait for the update. They have a 43-101 with 20 mill, and may be sitting on 120 mill. 50 drill holes fully funded for this summer. Please show me a junior with 60 mill outstanding with this lineup, thank you.

  10. I don't know much about the stock market, Shorts, Longs, Calls or Puts.. I'm an automotive tech.. I've seen this work, and were getting ready to build a couple of these at our shop.. If the world goes to hell in a hand basket, anyone that can produce energy, will be a Hero ! Before FEMA was just corrupt, there are plans at the bottom of this page to build one of these.. There are better ones, but this works.. Wood gasifiers.. Down load the instructions..


  11. Justin:

    Yes, definitely, Tinka was one of the picks on the Midas issue that came out this past Sunday night.