Thursday, March 24, 2011

CME Rasies Margin Like I said they would

And the CME saves the DAY!



  1. blythe i fucking love you. was afraid I missed the train when I saw that 1448.

    Now I can buy from 142x. Awesome.

  2. spot on SGS yep you called that. I bear witness. BTFD

  3. I will be buying some grizzlies now. I Love Blythe today!!!

  4. And nobody goes to jail for insider trading before the announcement AMAZING!

  5. Good call. What a surprise with expiry on Monday. Foolish though right as we break through $38. Now those who were on the fence will buy with zeal. Trend remains.

  6. CME=Chicago Mercantile Exchange?

    Dickheads. Just took out $37 now I see.

  7. curious why is PSLV down more than AGQ ... is PSLV worth buying vs AGQ for short term fiat?

  8. Cocksuckers is right, maybe a bit too polite.

    Fucking thieving bastards

  9. looks like Tinka already gave some back as we head to the close. Now only up .04 on the day. I missed a chance at some profit taking, but that must be why it dipped...others must have taken your advice. I'll ride it out. But this has been a good ride.

    Can't believe the EE hiked the silver margin rate right in the middle of the day! Fucking bitch.

    But it definitely provided another BTFD opportunity. Just wish I could get outta work early to cruz over to Gainesville Coins and scoop up somemore coinage.

    Do you see even more BTFD opps for tomorrow or do you think it will quickly bounce back up towards 38 again?

  10. Lol such bullshit but i'll play that fucking game too bitch. At 11:15am bought zsl call contracts for April at $25 for the overnight globex raid. And there it came. Margin increase at 12:15pm lololol. Up 23% in an hour. So stupid.


    SGS nails another call: CME MARGIN HIKE

    As Zero Hedge states, this is just another buying opportunity for those who want to get in at a lower bid as silver heads towards $40, $50 and higher.

    Pan American Silver forecasts mid $40 silver and $1500 gold this year. That wasn't the important news to me....this was:

    Pan American silver, announced during its earning call that "it plans to produce between 23-24 million ounces of silver in 2011, down from 24.3 million ounces in 2010. The company said it expects to produce between 76,000-78,000 ounces of gold in 2011, down from the 89,555 ounces it produced last year." So despite a record price in silver, the company is unable or unwilling to mine more to keep up with demand? Perhaps the peak [blank] crowd should take a long hard look at silver.

    Looks like PEAK SILVER is around the corner. I imagine silver production will decline substancially when the Global Markets Collapse when the Fiat System implodes. The world produced about 709 million ounces of silver in 2009, with a forecast of about 725-730 million in 2010.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see world annual production to decline to 400-500 million ounces by 2015-2018...or possibly less. Why? Because the world global markes will disintegrate and base metal mining will evaportate...thus 71% by-product silver production will evaporate as well.


    Ever since Zero Hedge stated that white smoke was now coming from reactors 1,2,3 and 4 last night and the cooling system of #5 failed...there hasn't been PEEP from Zerohedge or main stream news.

    I can't stand Wolf Blitzer....but there hasn't been a FRICKEN 1 MINUTE UPDATE about JAPAN on his whole show. Its all about North Africa, Syria and Libya.

    I guess everything is okay now in JAPAN.

  12. Until a reactor explodes and kills people, everything is fine in Japan.

  13. Bloody CFTC takes forever and a day to fillibuster a silver investigation, but they give JPMorgan an express vault licence in a day, and sit by while CME customers sell off in advance of a margin hike. The CFTC likes the CME to be 'self-regulated'.
    I wonder if CFTC Commisioners Scott OMalia, Jill Sommers, Micheal Dunn and Chairman Gary Gensler twitch when they tell their kids not to lie or steal.
    Dear CFTC, are the proceeds from corruption and enabling worthwhile?
    Do you inwardly shrink when you hear the Star Spangled Banner, knowing that you are the vipers Andrew Jackson warned us about?

  14. mrSGS - i had to throw you an ounces worth for calling the latest margin hike shenanigans within 24 hours and reading it all perfectly. Good show sir, i really enjoy your blog.

  15. SGS, when Silver peaks and I hit it big, I know where a chunk of it is going! Your way!

  16. You will not hear anything about Japan. Idiot Buffet standing in front of cameras and seriously stating he would buy in Japan ! IF they can stop the reactor problem SOON. Then stabilizing the economy,...electricity,
    Now, If everything turns out ok with the above..........then this country with debt exceeding 200% of their GDP is not going to be able to print enough to rebuild without creating serious know they are going to drain their assets
    back home......vacuum time......treasuries?(how will that effect the dollar), what other assets?
    You are hearing nothing about Japan because they don't want you thinking about Japan. Keep your eye on the Yen and Dollar.
    Be logical and follow the bouncing ball.

  17. Another View which looks logical.

    Margin Hike not a tectic used by Blythe but a normal CME action item when there is spike in silver.

  18. The truth about margin "hikes":

    Raising margins in a super bullish market like silver is a complete normal thing. And if you got the guts to say good bye to wingeing all the time you better read along:

    A margin is ALWAYS a PERCENTAGE of the contracts value not an absolute figure that never changes.

    So if the underlying raises in price the margins have to raise, too (in absolute figures).

    FACT IS: The new margin (ie. the percentage of the contract value) is even LOWER than it was last November where it was about 5 per cent (5000 USD margin per contract which was worth around 135.000 USD at that time with 27 USD per ounce).

    Now it's only 4,6 per cent (8,700 USD to carry a contract worth 187,500 USD; 37,5 USD per ounce).

    What do people think: Having silver going to 500 USD, making a contract worth 2.500.000 USD each and you still only have to show like 5.000 USD (which it was before Nov 2010)?

    The normal standard margin is around 5 per cent which gives control about 20 times the value you have to bring as a margin.

    By wingeing everytime about this complete normal procedure you show that you have no clue about trading whatsoever.

  19. I am really confused about margin hike tactic. every site is crying about margin hikes but above video looks convincing.

  20. @Terry: If anybody has 2 minutes experience in future trading he will know that the absolut margins raise and fall just like the underlying. The percentage pretty mich stays the same. Now if the PERCENTAGE would increase overnight, that would be a big thing. But what's winged over all the time is nothing but normal.