Thursday, March 24, 2011

637,000 a day for 6 days, sounds like a BM diet PLan...can they accomplish this....?


-ZERO deposits into dealer, ZERO into customer...LOL GOLD IS AT 5000 year HIGHS! LOL You cant fool us anymore, the gig is up fucko's!

-637,000 a day, for the next 6 days is what they need to dish out, I am certain that the Comex is fucked. No default, but fucked.

SLV-remember those coons they have scowering the land at night for silver? Well, the pests found some more! 5.76 million oz over night! Damn I need to get one for a pet...

Sprott PSLV stays above 20% today...good sign.

If you missed it, my boys notified me of margin hike this morning, I honestly though they were full of shit, but decided to tell my loyal audience about it.
Okay. Where do I start. I am going to state the obvious by saying the sell off today was perfectly orchestrated exactly when Gold was making a move and it was clearly lagging and draggin ass behind silver over $38. So Blythe calls JPM's now fully controlled CME and says, "HELP US YOU MOTHERFUCKERS WE ARE GETTING FUCKIN SMOKED OVER HERE YOU DICK EATERS HELP US FOR CHRIST FUCKIN SAKE HELP!" or something like that I heard, so the CME raised margin requirements for the 28 th time this month.

Who really gives a shit? I'll take the $1 move down, ride the half point up again and let this settle down till monday as options get sorted out.

Bears 5 out tomorrow afternoon just in time for some light to medium weekend Armageddon in the Middle east.
Hope you all enjoyed the breakout in Tinka today, and if you missed The Fundamental View Update on it, I suggest you click his link found in my blogs read list and read it. Tinka may be the Chimu. I'll leave it at that.

Buy any dips please. Especially on margin hikes or masters hits.

Any questions, ask away! Its been a great week!

You know how to thank me!


  1. Looking forward to the bears. My kids love 'em too.

  2. When is "PART 5" due for public release?

    It would be nice if you give us the first exclusive!!



  3. Mr. SGS: Did you see the latest? You know how to thank me too:

    The News UNIT Blogspot

  4. Thanks for the props.

  5. Props news unit, Chris never notified me of his new vid, thanks!

  6. SGS - How does the OTC version compare with the stock itself on the Toronto exchange? It looks like TK had about 100,000 more in volume than TKRFF. Do the prices move together?

  7. I'm on task here. You can bet on it! :-)

    Going to wear out Blythe.

  8. The bears rule, and so does this site. SLW helped me stack some nice chips for the weekend...bought 500 more on the dip. BTFD.

  9. Gilliom: No clue, After 2006 when I got fuckin tuned on a stock in the OTCBB I vowed NEVER to touch or look at anything in it ever again. So I have no answer for you.