Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amber from Wynter Benton is ALIVE! ALIVE!

"We may be back if something extraordinary occurs but that is doubtful"

WOW! I guess something extraordinary happened? I suggest reading this before you can digest this correctly. Click here for previous WB post Okay, I would like to firstly, yup firstly, say that Amber from the WB group, which we presume is the "PR" spokeswomen/shemale/?? at this point, is alive and well. Or is she/he? Instead of writing on the normal yahoo board, she makes it onto a blog. Hummmmm, even more interesting, "amber" has 27 profile views, which I dont know about you, but the way I see it, is that maybe amber found the time in her busy schedule to make a profile this past week..? Right..lets get to the world message that was delivered on a blog.

Below you will see the post by "amber"

So reading this makes me puke a bit, but well thought out.

"Like Vito Corleone said, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." And indeed we did not refuse as this was our intention all along." I'm not sure a PR spokesperson, that clearly, English is not their first language can come up with this.

"We got over 80 percent premium" Bullshit. I would have heard this while it was happening. Please scan and provide us evidence of this transaction. And if the street got whiff of this, there may have been a frenzy, 30% maybe, 80% just blew your cover again. I call bullshit.

"These sets of facts from our traders lead us to believe that the paper price of silver may have a difficult time surpassing $36 because if the counterparty at the Comex is so willing to pay north of $50 to dissuade people from standing for delivery yet the paper price of silver is still under $35, then we suspect that losses triggered by derivatives is the main reason for the price suppression of silver" Ummm okay. Captain obvious is in the house.

"In our mind, Comex could default with if as little as 4,000 contracts stood for delivery." Yup captain obvious again. Been saying this for long time. This is state of the art info coming from a multi multi $ hedge fund/group by the way.

"We are very curious to see how high the paper price of silver actually trades during this run." Yup and this seals the deal for me. This entire post is either

A. Bogus
b. new user ID
c. WB group is a myth
d. All of the above
e. a & b + c

Draw your own conclusions...


  1. I thought about shorting this market but now I'm considering doing it soon. I'm going to lay in the weeds with a large amount of electronic fiat and snap into it now and then to help pay for my bullion.
    I don't like the charts at this point and I don't like the usual commentaries. When the uncertainties abound I'm going into the attack mode for trading.

  2. Never heard of them until last week and don't really care. I call bullshit. The internet is full of bullshiters and it drives me nuts. I am what I am and see no reason for anyone to make crap up. This is such a big BS game they are just going to continue to make fools out of themselves. Like I said, never heard of them till last week and will not look for them again. If they are for real someone would have blown their cover, look at ZH who was anonymous as anonymous could be and how did that work out for them. The fact that know one has blown their cover proves they are BS. Just my opinion. Buy silver on the fundamentals not on this other crap. Got 5 years? Buy silver you will do very, very well... maybe much sooner.

  3. As for bullion: No one is getting an ounce of my physical while I'm still standing! And yes I will buy more. (just to keep the record straight)

  4. For anyone who still cares about this topic, this is the official link to the Yahoo board posts, with the last recorded one there being 'signing off'.

    Since then, there have been TWO 'amber' posts.



    As Louis has stated, we are just a bunch of anon. dudes checking out and highlighting CLAIMS made by some other identity. Hell, even I know that my own writing is shitty (as someone on the Yahoo boards eloquently pointed out). And for the record SGS I love you, your writing and your bears videos - I was a viewer from Day 1. I don't want to have your baby but I sure as heck drink up every post you put up here. In most of my comments I almost always post links to your work, and I'll keep doing that.

    No, we ain't aiming for traffic, but as silver investors we have a mandated interest to try and figure out what is going on behind the curtain - everyone else should be too. (p.s. Unfortunately, the blogger system can't natively track the IP Address of a comments poster - Louis and I have already looked into that avenue). Cheers & beers, Warren

  5. An 80% premium should either be big news or above top secret. With your inside contacts can you flush this one out? I don't care either way personally, yesterday my wife forced me to 'take profits' on our silver and rather than risking a divorce I did as I was commanded. Luckily for me the bullion dealer rang her direct (thankyou Brian) and said she was making a grave mistake. So that was a near miss, I am now an emotional mess and not many will be hearing any more from me in the near term. Out.

  6. I will second what Warren just said. Especially the bears part. If we were attempting to drive traffic naked chicks or cute puppies would suffice. If were attempting to drive traffic monetizing the blog would be turned on.

    Be careful on asking people to click on sponsors yourself BTW. Google may not pay.

    The first Amber post goes to their yahoo address which corresponds to their yahoo board postings.

    If you read the transcript you will get a little better background on why WB would choose to post on Screwtape files.

    It's pretty simple ... I played devils advocate on the Turds site.

    Have a good evening.

  7. I have never asked people to click on anything. People have their own brains and interpret messages. I ask people to thank me. Thanking me could include several things such as, but not limited to noticing a sponsored link that they are attracted to. If this attraction persists, usually there right finger presses down on the mouse, and then they are visually stimulated while viewing another site that they choose to visit.

    I dont really care if people visit them. I dont need the money. I have enabled it because its my turn to get all that adwords money I have spent out in previous ventures back into my pocket. Its the principle in this google game.

    If "amber" ever showed up on my board, and wrote something as pathetic of an attempt like that, it would be deleted (first laughed at), and I would not make an entire post about it. It makes things look suspicious.

    I will take your honestly as genuine gentlemen. Dont hate me. I write as I see it. You should know that buy now. Trust me there have been multiple blogs posts written about SGS...

    Thanks for clearing things up, enjoy the show.

  8. The WB stuff is shady... Every time something new happens suddenly the story changes. Even if it's true it's fairly irrelevant to me at this point.

    Check out this report hosted on gata's website from Feb 24. I hadn't heard it discussed before but there are quite a few juicy rumors in there about physical shortages and problems at the Comex:

  9. Hang in there Warren: Many of us are dealing with those issues. Just have to show them how to make money with it then everything is ok. Have you done that yet?

    I really don't give a damn about most blogs. Just looking to post with some people with some common interest. I'm happy so far with the guns, gold, and silver and consider Canadians as a great neighbor country. I hope our governments never wreck that for us but they will try in time.

    Sometimes I hope it does go back to the wild west for a while. You'll find out who's who that way.

  10. SGS,
    No harm no foul. I can understand the suspicion and it's a good thing. I don't hate you. Well maybe just a little bit but not as much as that Hamster guy :)

    The last thing I am interested in is some childish blog war. Seen two great blogs become consumed by it. Daneric and Kennys trading blogs got bogged down by stupidity for months on end.

    We are all searching for the truth and trying to make sense of what is happening. We are all trying to figure where the exits are and get there before the crowd.
    Hopefully we will be smart enough to recognize the truth and the exit signs when it hits us upside the head.

  11. I have edited the post LC. I crossed the line. I am human. Wynter Benton isnt. LOL, friends it is.

  12. Just wanted to say Thank you + click :)

    By the way, when is the next bear video coming out?

    They crack me up.

  13. Warren just re read your post. Are you all out of bullion? Jesus fuck. email me at I will flip you a couple maples. Women are so useless sometimes.

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  15. Out of curiosity, I did a little digging on ghost of Halstatt......

    Would this be possible today?