Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silver OI Explodes, Shorting Continues, CFTC Asleep, Again

-1,129,100 oz left standing, getting extremely high
-JPM et al adds a massive 11,072 contracts short

-OI Explodes by 5000 contracts, level not seen in 2 years
-Front deliveries going NOwhere
-total standing this NON delivery month is 2,180,000
-JPM et el add massive 5500 contracts short totally unbacked fiat paper contracts

So it seems there some haters out there doubting my new info. Thats okay. I have a track record that proves itself thus far in this game. We'll see what happens. Moving on, it seems the CTFC is asleep. I'm beginning to think their inception to begin with was a complete hoex to keep a lid on the entire ponzi and comods game. Thats okay. I'm beginning to except these facts as material now. You see, they have a problem though. You cant print supply of hard assets. Time is ticking, can they beat the clock? We will see. The next two months is going to be intense, as the physical metals are depleting.

The desperation this week to hold down these two metals will be volatile as Andrew Maguire is also about to put his life on the line, and is exposing more crucial info that may be the 'tipping point' for precious metals.

I have also been in contact with the auditor of the SLV vaults. Watch for that article this week. It should push your buttons.

Would like to thank all my supporters for contributing to the comments sections, keep em coming, we can all learn from these insights. Thank you, I know we have a community here, and will continue to provide 1-2 daily updates.

QUICK NEWS: Bears finally out exposing massive tungsten/gold lease scam, Mubarack steps down only to be replaced by ex CIA operative, Algeria ready to rock and roll, cotton at 1861 highs (yes thats the civil war 1861), WTI to catch Brent price soon, wheat prices now hit fucktarding levels, andrew maguire and wiki about to drop the shiznit on the metals planet, and perfect timing when we switch to the March delivery month.

Listen to this. John Embry on KWN interview today!


  1. has this been reported before? does anyone here have any idea on the time frame of BM's unit being disassembled? Could this signal an unwind of all the jpm short paper or not?
    JPMorgan, the second-biggest U.S. bank by assets, told its proprietary commodity traders in August their unit would be closed, a person briefed on the matter said at the time. The group consisted of fewer than 20 traders and reported to the head of commodities, Blythe Masters, 41. The New York-based company doesn’t split out its commodities revenue. Jennifer Zuccarelli, a spokeswoman, declined to comment.

  2. One of my youtubers had a question, please help him out, as I am not familiar with Spanish real estate:

    Dear MrSilverGoldSilver,

    I really like your videos. Very clever.

    I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm not a rich man, but I've been taking your advice and I've invested all the money I have saved into silver. I do however own a small flat in Spain and have a mortgage of 40,000 euros on it. I don't want to lose my flat to the bank and I don't want to be tied to a mortgage. I fear what will happen when shit hits the fan. Will my flat hold it's value? Will interest go up so stupidly that I won't be able to pay my mortgage here in Spain? Do you have any idea? I'm trying to sell, but with the crisis it's difficult and I will lose alot of money, but if I can invest some of what I come out with then perhaps I won't lose so much? I have a serious permaculture project that I need to get off the ground and I really don't want to lose this flat to the bank. Should I sell now while I still have the chance?

    Many many thanks in advance.

  3. Any property that can not produce food is going to be worthless. Sell the flat, take any proceeds you get and buy physical silver. When the smoke clears you will be able to buy a whole city block of flats. Ofcourse I am no professional and this is what I would do.

  4. Becoming to be the best blog ever. And as I stated before, SGS was the first and only one to accurately predict what was going to happen to the silver market from a few months ago. Even getting the CFTCs decision on the spot.

    My only disagreement is the $75 price issue, as I think those numbers can hit that this year alone. But remember SGS saYs spot price doesn't matter and he could have also been conservative on those numbers

  5. SGS.. just like water off a ducks back. FUCK the haters. I am an American who loves liberty and am a big Ron Paul supporter. I am a frequent poster on the I have been telling people the same stuff you have for over 3 years and no matter how much the price goes up or any facts you present, such as manipulation or COT'S, I have a few shit for brains idiots, mostly those who subscribe to the Prechter school of losing money, giving me crap all the time. They can't get it figured out that the reason why for 3 years I have presented every Ted Butler article is so these cheese dicks could buy silver dirt cheap and have this money that will multiply their purchasing power by 1000's of % so it will save their lives when this thing crashes. I know exactly how you feel.. As the price keeps going up and all of the stuff we tell people are backed up about manipulation, for example Andrew Maguire, the more they bitch. Some people just have shit for brains or can't accept the FACT that their old paper money world is crashing and they do not have the intellect to understand that they need to evolve to survive.

    Keep up the great work. I just started following you a month ago and you are SPOT on. For me, following Butler now for 7 years and recently you and Harvey Organ, and others for years now, all the stars are aligning. It is fun to connect the dots.

    Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for all the Information you provide. Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you face to face and buy you a huge steak dinner and a bunch of your favorite beer.

  6. So now anyone who doubts the word of MrSGS is labeled a "hater". you are soo far up your own arse LMFAO!

  7. SGS, What is the timing for release of the global settlements, best guess?

  8. Wow.. GREAT blog!! I just discovered it... and feel lucky!
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  9. Hey, please post that info you mentioned in part III about obama being the CIA plant. you said in part III you would get to it in the next video...
    I have been wondering about this for quite some time and believe he is basically being blackmailed and controlled or he was in it with the CIA from the start.

  10. For your youtuber:

    I haven't seen the "flat" so I don't know if it worths 40000. But the price of food is going to rise a lot too. Maybe You can make money with your permaculture project to pay the mortgage soon enough.
    Where is the "flat"? In the city or in the country?
    The real state in Spain was a bubble. So if it's in the city you may consider default and lose the property (I'm not a lawyer so talk to yours before doing that).
    What you got to have in mind is that money (dollars and euros) are the thing that is going to lose more value. Maybe your garden produces more than 40000 a year in the near future. On the other hand, maybe you won't trade your production for euros anymore.

    SGS we love your insider's info.

  11. Anonymous said...
    So now anyone who doubts the word of MrSGS is labeled a "hater". you are soo far up your own arse LMFAO!

    Once again.. when you have the facts that back up everything you say and have predicted, only a dickless moron would disagree with anything SGS has said. So Dickless Moron... LMFAO

  12. What an awesome site with killer info exposing the Comex/precious metals market fraud for what it is. Watch Blythe writher like a half-stomped worm in March,as silver prices triple and the extent of her short covering losses become real. Is China possibley taking AG right out of SLV's vaults?


  13. Thanks again, SGS. When I heard the tungsten/gold story a while back, I had a feeling we'd be hearing more about it in the future.

    Don't worry about the haters, some of us ex-sheep appreciate and respect what you're doing.

    I'd appreciate if the haters would keep their weak/troll comments to themselves. Listen up... unless you have something to actually add, or to expand or dispute what SGS is saying, then please take your negative shit and tell it to people that you can relate to. Nobody here gives a shit if you disagree with what SGS is relaying to us. You're entitled to believe what you want, just don't come here and flame the place up unless you have something intelligent to say. The waters' are muddied enough, we should be on the same side. Thanks.


  14. SGS -

    you're onto it - i've spent the last 20 hours following threads based on part 4. something serious is going down - but essentially positive!!!. the end of the fed is imminent (i suppose it has been for a while...). strangely, this all ties in with a 'story' i was told almost 2 years ago (in indonesia from a friend of 'goldfinger' haha), regarding certain asian royal families' assets / gold and their their links to jfk, etc. (soekarno / golden child). soekarno and jfk apparently had a deal going to .... well, i don't know all the facts, but we know why jfk was taken out. check out the links between.... chinese gold lent to / stored in the usa in 1933 - the heirs to that gold - george bush's theft of that gold - 9/11 gold heist - obama's 2bn$ at the vatican bank - bush obama blackmail - the global settlement foundation (there is your $t47 i think - currently held by the fed) - lex terrae - common law - law of the land - statutory law - illegality of governments - governments as corporations - the coming revaluation of currencies, starting with the iraqi dinar (you know) - nesara - berlusconi - davos cabal - institutional parent registration accounts- soekarno's - etc....

    i've spent the last 2 years and a bit researching what's really happening in the world.......... and today has been like one long epiphany. i could be wacked and out of my mind and this all one big thumb suck... but...... i don't think so.....

    have you checked out half past human? their shape of things to come reports? you'll find a silver price in there from a report a while back..... $nice!!

    thanks for everything - keep it up


  15. What was the Half Past Human silver price target?

    I am expecting the gold silver price ratio to
    move from 29:1 to 16:1 (to as low as 10:1), with gold spiking up to around $2500 an ounce.
    That would value silver at around $150 an ounce. Precious metals will probably somehow back the replacement for our current Fiat money and that could push gold to $5000 an ounce.
    Blythe supposedly has 3:1 shorts on the TOTAL available silver supply. The consolidated JPM silver/gold manipulation lawsuit, Mr. Andrew McQuire and March physical silver deliveries could make for some AU/AG price geysers and permanent PMS for Ms. Masters...


  16. 'When everyting possible turns out to be impossible,
    then the impossible becomes possible.'

    Sherlock Holmes

  17. What about salted silver??????

  18. Last year I rolled my 401K into a self-managed IRA; I used the money to purchase gold and silver bullion coins from a popular seller. The coins were shipped to a vault. Are these coins going to be there or was that a bad choice? Is it better take physical posession by cashing it in, eat the penalties and pay the taxes?

  19. Is the 3 billion ounces short, that Max Keiser refers to, an accurate figure? Ted Butler seems to think that the total number short from all banks to be about 500 million. I'm interested to know what others here think on that.

    Here's the Butler interview:


  20. There is no way I would let any of these big bank whores guard my AG/AU. It's like the fox guarding the hen house. Keep you physical in YOUR posession and there are not what ifs...


  21. I agree with the $150/ounce Silver versus SGS's conservative $75 prediction.

    LOVE your work SGS!!

  22. I have loved each and every one of your bears videos, as have many others. Thank you. Since in 1971 gold was $35 an ounce, and theoretically every dollar in existence at that time could be converted into gold at the ratio of 1/35 ounce per dollar - clearly, the price of gold and silver has since been suppressed. I have heard the proper price of gold right now would be about $60,000 an ounce to cover all the dollars in existence. And that is even with the relentless mining and accumulation of gold since that time. Silver, on the other hand, has been suppressed so fiercely that it has become a cheap asset, wasted and discarded. Total stocks of above ground silver have fallen 90 percent in that time. I love gold versus fiat currencies. I love silver even more. I went all into silver last October at about $23 an ounce on the day Bart Chilton, that brave man, said that the silver metals market was being manipulated. What a good day to go all in. Anyhow, SGS thanks for your hard work.. I built a video using Xtranormal for my grandchildren, and it's hard work because you have to tune it up to get it just right.

    Here are a couple of spreadsheets I publish that you all might be interested in:

    Silver Data:

    Silver Wheaton: