Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got Tungsten?

This bar was bought by a bank. Hummmmm.....


  1. Interesting videos. I don't doubt for a second that tungsten gold bars exist in quantity, but the question is the source and how much. If I were a crook, I'd stamp my counterfeits as coming from Fort Knox as well. Who would doubt them?

  2. Whats fascinating is that an X-ray won't detect a fraud...only a internal "bore sample"? Man oh man, i thought I was a "loser" only being able to afford 1oz PAMP bars, but guess I'm thankful now.

    Good stuff SGS.

  3. All most make me think that the extra premium on 1/10th gold eagles is worth it, easier to sell based on the 600$ reporting limit.

  4. "... lost credibility mate with those funny conspiracy theories."

    Help me out here punkin', with several MILLIONS to be made in this fraud..errr... conspiracy, I am sure that would not entice anyone/any entity to try and "conspire to fraud". Go back to CNN now...

    Social Security is fully funded.
    Inflation running a robust 2.3%.
    Wars as started to "right the wrongs" occurring.

  5. getting sick of Anonymous posting, I have changed the settings, seems like when someone talks shit, they have to hide behind that name. NO MORE! lol

    This will enable me to reply to names instead of 14 anonymous asking me questions.

  6. My point Adam Smart (i.e Shoe phone boy) is that you must get the "context" of a thread, of a conversation, etc. to make beneficial (not to your swettie ego... I digress..) comments.

    Reset punkin'- SGS had been presented some questions by us hacks on the viability/occurrences of "fake PMs, thus he posts some facts re. this topic. "Old news?", not to ones that inquired. Was it covered when you were moderating CNN last year, sounds like you picked up on it.

    No ill will here, life WAY too short!

    Hey, pls send the link to your blog so we can keep us with Diane Sawyer updates!

    Jesse Ventura

  7. Good silver article by Turk..

  8. Big thumbs up on no more ANON postings.

  9. Good article by Turk on gold/silver ratio.

  10. Mr. SGS

    I have a few questions.

    I've heard a conference call (with Dr. Drew) from which the bears took quotes('next shoe to fall', and the monopoly analogy).

    1 Where you present at that conference call?

    2 As far as I understood we are evolving to a commodity based currency. Is that right?

    3 What will happen to the banksters after the global settlement? They just leave and accept the new situation?

    4 Doesn't the amount of salted goldbars undermine the faith in gold, thus make gold as currency back up almost useless.

    5 According to the call, derivatives will become worthless. That would explain Blythe Masters stepping down. It would happen in the fall of 2011.
    Does it mean that the transition to a new currency take place before the fall of this year?
    (according to the conference it should have been anounced already but it didn't happen). Is the delay caused by the misprinting of the new 100 dollar bill?

    I hope you find time to answer a few of those questions.


  11. Re the 3rd vid:

    The copper spots are a huge problem with American Gold Buffalo's as well. I don't think this is just a "Russian" problem. The banking cartel is a global one.

  12. Franken finance bankster fraudsters needed to salt/corrupt the gold supply to make it appear there's more gold than statistically possible!! Lies, damn lies, and statistics!! Greedy rat basturds have turned even the home as a monetary store of value to chit!! Franken finance fiat paper destroys all working class citizens, of all nations; through robbing them in mortgages, fake bullion storage fees,(Where Morgan Stanley admits in a settled law suit, it's a common practice on the street, to bill for storage of bullion not in existence), & robbing the conservative fixed income saver through ZIRP; zero interest rate policy to name a few!! With jpiq morgue, goonmansucks, & BAC stabbin AmeriCON'd moving toward closing the FINANCIAL IRON CURTAIN, upon it's rank'n file working class citizens; you thus be prepared when the dollar collapses!! Silver was never in the running for counterfeiting while it remained under 20 dollar spot! So if you have been lucky enough to accumulate .999 oz coinage; most likely you'd never be struck by a counterfeit .999 recognizable silver oz coins of most nations!! Counterfeits may now fully be counterfeited as the spot has arisen to over the 20 dollar and headed to 50 and beyond in spot price!! Buying older year coinage .999, 2010 & previous may be a wiser real monetary silver store of cash for stash! I was lucky enough to plan ahead and obtain all my silver eagles from Jan 2008-May 2010 after cashing in my 401k, knowing that all governments print their currency until it's worthless! U.S. No exception!! Inflationary catastrophe upon every one of us, who's paper dollars will continuing buying less and less; until finally nothing!! At rapid acceleration!!! Very good luck from here on out, getting genuine gold/silver for a genuine monetary store of value hence forth!! Paper fiat currency is not a legitimate monetary store of value; especially now with ZIRP having run for 2 years and your paper gets killed sitting!! Paper ponzi banksters force that paper sitting, to take risk which the fraudsters capitalize upon, in the investing public's ignorance of what real money is!! Stick with safe real money gold/silver, time tested value from all of our recorded existence! Keep it 100% in your possession, as this is the law among the lawless bankster fraudsters!! This truth will be self evident soon as the banksters will get exposed for fleecing we the people of AmeriCON'd!! Don't doubt the paper dollar goes worthless! Action cures fear so get on it fast, if you haven't already!! Don't be left holding the bag of devalued dollars! Get out and diversify them now into something tangible you can wrap your arms around or hold in your hand!! Our most valuable commodity; TIME, is running out as the rat basturd bankster fraudsters conclude the end game for the fleecing of AmeriCON'd!~! You fail to see the bankster fraudsters in bed with government won't spread the risk of holding bad paper from dollars to bonds to equities; among ALL OF WE THE PEOPLE! Then get in line now for government assistance!! A crumb may fall from the rat basturds table but I doubt it!! LEST YOU'RE HEALTHY AND FOOLISH ENOUGH TO BE A SLAVORADOR; LABORING FOR A CORRUPT SYSTEM IN NEAR FINANCIAL FAILURE!! DON'T BE A FOOL!! GOVERNMENT IS NOT HERE TO HELP US, BUT ENSLAVE US!! BECOME FREE OF GOVERNMENT!! ALL THE GOLD/SILVER REAL MONEY IN THE HANDS OF THE CITIZENS, TAKES AWAY THE GOVERNMENTS FRANKEN FINANCIAL POWER OVER WE THE PEOPLE!! GET SOME GOLD/SILVER WHILE YOU CAN!!

  13. GK:

    1. There seems to be overlapping data out there, I doubt my call was recorded, highly doubt it.

    2. There is a war going on. Fed/Illum vs. rest of sane elitist world. If we win, we will be headed towards a modified gold standard.

    3. No they will not leave. They will play by the new rules and in time they will parasite their way in again, and then the corruption cycle will continue-this my friend is true democracy! But those prepared will have a shift of wealth, and will prosper in the new paper currency system. For those of you thinking we can actually sit there and trade gold and silver coins again like Babylon, forget about it...that is not the direction we are headed in regards to the new system.

    4. Absolutely not. They will weed out the Tungsten bars, supply will contract to a level not seen before, and the fiat spot price will go ballistic b/c of physical supply and trust issues.

    5. Cant answer this as I do not know what call you are talking about. Depends who wins the battle. If the debts are whipped clean, the entire world will have to rebalanced the currency pools.

    GK, according to some sources, the next shoe to drop is the COMEX, there will be a lot of fingers being pointed as to who is to blame. Remember in 2008, when Bears CEO came out a DAY before and said to the world they were okay, solvent blah blah blah? Then the next morning while in pre market trading I accumulated and fucknormous short position at $64...What happen to Bear CEO the next day? I thought they were okay? You will see this pattern moving forward, especially in the next crash, most likely before the election, maybe sooner especially if we do not get QE3 and QE4 by end of summer.

    I would pay a lot of attention to the Global settlements as this is a bigger issue than all of us, and lips are sealed tight on this...adn the more and more I talk about it, more and more haters will point the 'conspiracy' fingers at me. So, I would concentrate one step at a time here

    a. Silver supplies getting lower everyday.
    b. More shorting in an attempt to lower price
    c. The lower the price, more people buy physical
    d. Step A starts again....

    Concentrate on these "citable evidences'...and the rest will fall into place as people want to see more citations and bookmarks for my evidence. LOL.

  14. SGS

    Thanks for answering my questions.
    This is a link to the call I am refering at:

    There was another conference call where the same message was brought.

    After your bears video I first rejected the whole story, but it kept buzzing in my head.
    But then again: reality beats fantasy.

    An American default is inevitable, sooner or later it will happen. A default would cause chaos, uncertanty, depression - world wide.
    A global settlement would establish a leveled playing field for the world.
    A global settlement would be a constructive way out.
    Win/win situation on the long term.