Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silver and Gold go Parabolic after Blythe hammers it

Only have a few minutes here, but POS and POG just said "fuck you Blythe"

The Ben Bernank just said, "US economy appeared to have recovered, long term fiscal challenges are daunting, optimism in employment, and its...ready... A SELF SUSTAINING ECONOMY" I guess printing 5 trillion is self sustaining you monkey.

Note: Silver over $29 and held for 24 hrs is extremely bullish. Lets see if we can test it soon to see what happens. Be very AWARE that the US$ also has moved higher so I'm hesitant here to make bold statements without the report tonight, so the comex report should be fabulous on tonight's update...

I will report back later with a full out complete update on the COMEX around 9 pm, check in later folks gotta run and make calls to the inside.


  1. Like the blog but can you change the background to white with black font? The way it is now is hard on the eyes.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree, very hard on the eyes

  3. SGS thanks for the update. Keep em coming!!!

  4. Changed, let me know if thats okay now, thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for changing the background to white. It was absolutely making me dizzy before, but I didn't want to be the only whiner on here. Reading a paragraph or two with white on black was starting to make me nauseous.

    Thanks SGS. Look forward to further insight.

  6. Well i liked the black better.
    Could you change it back please?
    And maybe some golden drapes on each side while your at it.


  7. Love it now, how about a nude centerfold of Blythe as the background?

  8. Here she is, after a long day of monkey hammering the silver market.

    My baby Blythe

  9. Hi SGS, do you know anything about SLW and AGQ ?

    AGQ is an etf in US stock market. SLW performs double the SLV.

    I am thinking about getting out of the SLV option and get into SLW options


  10. Thanks for the white background!!
    SLW has no mining just buys the stuff and moves it around. I've made two trades in it but missed getting in a couple of days ago (rats!). Off our stride here in NM with the cold weather and blackout problems the last couple of days!!!

  11. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know the cost of mining silver? I thought I read somewhere the average is ~ $6.5/oz. The real/reiable number is difficult to find. Thx

  12. This color scheme is so much better!


  13. User2008, I cant really answer that question...its just too vague. SLW is great and with POS moving higher it should do well. Look for my juniors list Sunday night, you may want to do some DD on those with your proceeds.

  14. Perthmint (AU) just told me my order is on hold. No stock. 1OZ and 2OZ all gone. 10OZ Bar and 1/2 OZ still in stock, although supply is tight.

  15. Where is the update, it's 10:36pm. Just got a twenty tube of 2011 silver eagles. So much prettier than green.