Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Withdrawals of Silver at the COMEX, what's new.

Sorry I'm late....

Before we get into the metals, I want to first acknowledge the dog and pony show I witnessed on Live TV today, God, aka the Ben Bernank, was the epitome of what we try to teach our offspring NOT emulate. (swallow-sorry I just puked in my mouth again thinking about it)

I want to highlight his TSN turning points during this charade and laughter, smiles, high 5's, and super bowl talk. My translation is beside his text.

1. Oil is 'a kind of tax' = we need to skin the people again, like in 2008, so whomever did not get sucked in the first time, we surely will get you this time, suckers.

2. Emerging markets inflation is 'not b/c of the US$' = we will print till we can create social unrest and poverty in every nation, we will export guns and ammo so they can totally mutilate themselves, then we will send in Haliburton to 're build' and implement democracy.

3. Emerging markets must 'find their own tool to rebalanced with' = you are fucked, you cant print US$ like we can, so I am God you stupid worthless fuckers.

4. QE2 has led to increased stock prices = this was our original mandate, you have no idea how much coin the J Dimond and I have made, hookers and blow baby! hookers and blow.

5. Inflation is 'stubbornly low" = I am going to continue printing, b/c we want to collapse this worthless currency, wipe out all debts, create a new worthless currency, talk CNBC/FOX/CNN to pump how good it is and how it will save the world, and then the cycle of stealing from the middle class can continue for another generation of lazy, un educated, ipod listening, fat, lazy, PS3 playing, lazy fat, sheep. Lazy.

There were a few other things in there too like unemployment is fine, and its now self sustaining. Here is an idea Ben. You should officially change your name to 'JOKE'...think about it. you are a fucking joke. The JOKE Bernank. hummmmmmm.

On to more important stuff like how Blythe was not in the office today and this is what happens when markets are left with real supply and demand.

Silver: Massive withdrawals still today, very little deposits. This is bullish. We have 1.2 ish million oz standing in February thus far. No one wants to settle for cash. If we by chance get to the 4.6 mill than January had, god help Blythe.

SLV dumps 97,000 oz to put some fires out for people demanding physical-not sure how long this can continue at this rate, if its even happening. This is on a day POS is up huge. Good for you Blythe, good for you.
Thus it looks as though this is setting up to be a fantastic March for silver longs-maybe the EPIC we have been waiting for? Not too sure what can derail this train, other than some more fraud, I guess.


Cotton now has position limits (not silver though), the JP Morgue help Madoff scam and ponzi but still did nothing, ECB keeps rates at fuckall, Brent hits 'retardo' level at $103, National debt is something like $14,109,842,878,903, Gold options doing funky things (as we saw that the vaults we doing funky things too), and China, like America's Beiber Fever, is going through physical gold fever right now. And Egypt is burning, still.

I am working on Part 4 of of the bears collection of Silver Manipulation. Good looking stuff here happening, oh ya.

Tonight's Video...well, I'm sure horny bloggers will comment on this wench-whatever you do, don't stare in her eyes you'll turn to stone. A first glace at her for most of you I would assume. Enjoy.


  1. If inflation in the foreign countries are the byproducts of the QE, it is rather funny to see. Fed didn't give a damn about opposition of other countries and continuing on the QE. Now, two of the US backed governments falling. And possibly more to come.
    It is like Karma. Fed did bad stuff, it's buddies go down. JP Morgan manipulates the market, and now it backfire and possibly risk bringing down the whole company. Karma works !!

  2. Thanks for your informative vids, SGS. I pulled the trigger on 300oz of silver the other day just to do my part to help bring this pile of shit "market" down. I believe that if enough of us buy silver we can throw a monkey wrench in the "monkey levers". I personally like gold much more, but then again I could be a little biased as I own a placer gold mine in BC.. haha! Keep up the good work, bro.

    I wanna watch the paper burn.

    PS: Blythe... I'd hit it ;)



  4. DDT bro you do not want to hit Blythe...retract that statement! Seriously, her twat probably has jaws and teeth that wretched bitch!

  5. Blythe is the Whore of Babylon!!

  6. Talking about ways to derail it.
    1. They can continue to fake the economic data to post a rosy pictures. That will strengthen dollars and drive down commodity prices
    2. They can enforce the CFTC limits on how much physical can be delivered on the spot month, with respect to the comex inventory
    3. They will change the margin limits on the future again.
    4. They can do what they did to the hunt brothers again.

    These crooks are willing to do everything. And they won't even bother to hide their crime. They will flat out lie in the public any seconds.

  7. LBMA silver forwards are running even more negative today:

    Short term lease rates are turning up again as well:

  8. We can sell our gold &silver now.

  9. I wouldn't fuck that ugly thieving bitch with a stolen dick. Its only a short matter of time till people like her are swinging from high tree branches. The public will find out how these people had their wealth and lives stolen from them and the people will go apeshit..

  10. Lets keep the language clean, eh?

  11. 10:45 EST and Blythe is out in full force, hammering down gold and silver. So fricken obvious.

    Wouldn't want free market fundamentals at play here, now would we?

  12. Haha, I was only kiddin' about Blythe!!

    I wonder how these people that do all of this manipulation BS sleep at night. I dedicate this song to ALL of them. They might not have to answer to us yet..

    "Bloodsuckers will get paid"


  13. They sleep in mansions, and own anything they want...sleep is the least of their