Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let the Battle Begin: Sharpen Your Silver Spears, 300 Spartan Style


-volume dwindles again, seems to be theme of the week, no one want to play in rigged gold markets
-1,113,400 standing

-extremely high volume with little rolls (93K)
-sticking around for March delivery
-no deposits of physical
-302K withdrawn
-2,385,000 left standing, people are sticking around for March deliveries still (Bullish)

Oky doky, Let the Battle Begin! If I'm a betting man, which I am, I can see a raid to $29.52 silver, only to bounce back like a mother fucker to round out the reverse head and shoulders chart pattern. I am not a big chart pattern guy, but I can see a raid by Friday to those levels-this will be the day we will accumulate more, and you know that "I hate Blythe" tab on here? We will try to get 500 ticks.

That being said, we are now at the front line of the battle of Thermopylae. 300 of us standing is unicine, ready to be mauled by Xerxes HERself. Backs against the wall, nowhere to go as she calls down like Zeus HERself and offers us a truce. No fucking way you dirty fucken wench-WE WILL NOT SELL OUR SILVER FOR FIAT!! ATTAAACK!!


middle east in trouble, everyone wants to fight Israel, Ivory Coast, still doing its thing with a bank run or two, hopefully cars will NOT run on BRENT crude anytime soon, 93 days till new SP500 highs, No inflation its just some stuff increasing in demand, Doug Kass Got GOld?, Chinese would rather collect gold then Hummers and flat-screens, cotton up like - fuck, a lot, I lost count fuck it,


  1. In Ted Butlers weekly Wrap up on Saturday he said he would not be surprised to see a 1$ or 2$ drop then watch it come back up. I think you are saying the same thing. Blythe is screwed if she does and Screwed if she doesn't.

  2. I would love for it to come back to that level, it would give more of a buy signal, and more buying momentum through $31 this time would be healthy, so to speak. Get your helmets on.

  3. SGS, who/what determines spot price...and how? If Blythe sells a bunch of futures or pays people off with premiums (is that what a raid is?) then it goes down and if COMEX ounces standing increases then it rises?? I just don't see where all the volatility comes from, apart from news on interest rates n such

    forgive me for not knowing how she "raids" the physical price. i just started following you and learning about JPM and Blythe in the last few months. I don't think it would bother me as much if Blythe was indeed a guy. Just hard to think some broad was genius enough to do this to all of us.

    I fear JPM will always be around...even if Silver goes to 10,000 an ounce, because even at that price they owe 700m ounces and that will come out to 7 trillion dollars...just a small portion of their balance

    even with a 30% premium were looking at no more than 10 trillion. It would certainly hurt them and there fiat derivatives though

    THanks for all you do SGS

  4. 7 trillion is a small portion of their balance sheet? LOL I'm not sure where you got this from but JPM entire market cap is only 188,000,000 bill.
    Dont rack your brain on how the mechanics of the raid, all you need to know is that they are selling something they dont have, and when the day comes that the people in which they own the physical metal that they have been selling, in which they dont have, come knocking to claim their prize, will be the day it all ends

  5. SGS keep it up, you're doing good work here! I've been following you since the first vid and your blog has now become part of my daily ritual. I do however think you need an editor, for example, I'm pretty sure motherfucker is one word. I see some other inconsistencies which should be addressed: Headings are not bolded properly, grammar/punctuation are lacking, and I see a few minor spelling errors throughout. Just a thought, you've got a following now, the more professional you appear the stronger your message will be. I would also add, I'm with Michael, us neophytes could use more explanation on many of the main themes within your postings. I'd nominate myself as your editor but doubtful you'll take me up on that offer. At any rate, keep up the good work, you're on to something. I hope you find my comments constructive. All the best, -T

  6. lol - enjoying the commentary !

  7. things are starting to fall apart for the bullion banks who control gold and silver. Right now the us mint has sold 8.2 million silver eagles. It looks like they will hit close to 10 million by the end of feb.

    At this rate we could see sales at 50 to 60 million for 2011.

    Time to be in physical silver.

  8. Wait... 300? Didn't all those people get killed?

    I'll forgive your bad analogy haha.

  9. Yeah it really should be the other way around. We are the Persians...JPM are the Spartans backed into a corner...Jeffrey Christian is the traitor for the Spartans (the little deformed dude) that ruined everything for them.

    Makes more sense to me.....all except for the part that JPM can't play the role of the Spartans because the Spartans are the "good guys".

    I thought JPM had like 75 trillion in derivatives? Even though if the USD fails (which it won't, it will just fail as the WORLDS RESERVE CURRENCY and be treated like the Peso.

    I hope it does fail, but I just don't think it can happen. Why? Because so much of world holds USD as collateral

    But please correct me everywhere that I am wrong, thanks

  10. Maybe my history is a little hazy, but didnt the spartans come out victorious in the end? I thought the analogy of Blythe bringing it down a bit would be the battle, and some may sell (die off), then in the end we would emerge blue skies. Let me know if I'm in left field...

    Micheal: This may be the reason it will bring the world to its knees and introduce the new savior currency...

  11. I hope the free software community come with the new savior currency before the global elite.
    Any clue of what that new global currency it's going to be like?
    I heard some years ago that it's going to be some kind of return to the gold standard. I heard it from George Green, but then he started to talk about UFOs and I didn't take him seriously.
    What I pity that Gesell showed the world what was wrong with capitalism and with having gold as money but almost nobody knows him and almost everybody knows Marx.
    We need to create another kind of money. I think Ripple is the 'what' and bitcoin is the 'how'.
    By the way, a bitcoin worths more than a dollar right now.
    You can read more about the design of the new free software currency we need (as I understand it) in this post:

  12. Michael, spot price is literally determined by the last sale. If the last "sale" of silver was 30.52 , then the spot is 30.52. Its just a quote of the last sale. She raids by selling massive amounts of non existant silver into the market, "naked shorting". This keeps silver spot price under control by eating up all the buys at lower levels so they cannot advance up the scale to higher prices. The byproduct they do not see is that they are keeping the price low so we all can buy , and the chinese can buy which has been suggested is an intent. Buy silver! As much as you and your family can carry! This is a quite simplistic explanation, but i think quite accurate. I am open to be educated about any flaws. Thanks!

  13. Its exactly like the Spartans,Xerxes threatened them that his armys arrows would be so many that would hide the sun,to which the Spartans arespended that it would be very welcome as it would ensure a fight in the shade.
    Blythes arrows are the inumerable fake silver paper wich hide the sun much more often and regurarly.

  14. This Bitch Blythe aint no near as smert as ya'all thinks. We rednecks done gots her figgered out!

  15. The war rages @ 30.95 as I type... seems like the Maginot Line for today.

  16. Maginot Line has been "vaporized"...where is she?

    Do I speak to soon? Quite skittish actually...