Thursday, February 17, 2011

House Bill 1716-State of Washington


Please note:

" (2) ((This)) For any transaction involving property consisting of
a precious metal, every secondhand dealer or temporary, transient
secondhand dealer doing business in this state shall maintain wherever
that business is conducted a record in which shall be legibly written
in the English language, at the time of each transaction, the following
(a) The signature and photo of the person with whom the transaction
is made. If the amount paid is greater than one hundred dollars, then
the signature, photo, and fingerprint of the person with whom the
transaction is made;
(b) The time and date of the transaction;
(c) The name of the person or employee or the identification number
of the person or employee conducting the transaction, as required by
the applicable chief of police or the county’s chief law enforcement
officer. If the amount paid is greater than one hundred dollars, then
the name of the person or employee or the identification number of the
person or employee conducting the transaction;
(d) The name, date of birth, sex, height, weight, race, and
residential address and telephone number of the person with whom the
transaction is made;
(e) A complete description of the property pledged, bought, or
consigned, including the brand name, serial number, model number or
name, any initials or engraving, size, pattern, and color of stone or
stones, and in the case of firearms, the caliber, barrel length, type
of action, and whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun;
(f) The price paid. If the amount paid is greater than one hundred
dollars the amount may not be by cash but must be by a written
instruction to pay signed by the person giving the instruction;

(g) The type and identifying number of identification used by the
person with whom the transaction was made, which shall consist of a
valid driver’s license or identification card issued by any state or
two pieces of identification issued by a governmental agency, one of
which shall be descriptive of the person identified, and a full copy of
both sides of each piece of identification used by the person with whom
the transaction was made.
At all times, one piece of current
government issued picture identification will be required; and
(h) The nature of the transaction, a number identifying the
transaction, the store identification as designated by the applicable
law enforcement agency, or the name and address of the business or
location, including the street address, and room number if appropriate,
and the name of the person or employee, conducting the transaction, and
the location of the property.

2) Property consisting of a precious metal bought or received on
consignment by any secondhand dealer with a permanent place of business
in the state may not be removed from that place of business except
consigned property returned to the owner, within forty-five days after
the receipt of the property.

It is a class C felony under chapter 9A.20 RCW for a secondhand
dealer to commit a second or subsequent violation of subsection (1) of
this section involving property consisting of a precious metal."

I Await your responses-LOL.


  1. "...secondhand dealer or temporary, transient
    secondhand dealer..."

    Sounds like some folks have to become "third hand" or higher/lower type of "dealers".

    This is draconian (but expected).

  2. Typical statist filth. Always to help prevent fraud and abuse. How can anyone read this and not become a libertarian? Amerika is truly gone the wrong way. From gold and silver enshrined in the Constitution as money, to the confiscation of 1933, to now the total lockdown of the metals. From freedom to slavery. Good job America, youve sold yourself out nicely.

  3. Ok. lets first start with the US gov and their mint and then the COMEX. anyone claiming to sell gold must be photographed and printed so we know it isnt filled with tungsten.

  4. Where is the line, gentlemen? We will sit idly by until organized resistance and world revolution is our only option.

  5. I love seeing stuff like this because it forces people to think differently.

    This will simply enlarge the black market and legitimize it.

    One more reason to open a Goldmoney account.

  6. State legislators love to borrow bills from neighbor states--saves them the work of composition. This could begin a trend across the country.
    $100 isn't very much metal. A dealer friend at our local flea market handles multiple trades like this daily.
    Many municipalities use the strategy of "inconveniencing" a certain practice to death because they cannot get an outright law against it passed.

  7. My head is exploding every day I live in this country...

    off mentioned in your last poist 29... for a pullback level....I see you the SLV chart rather than spot. Is that 20.--level in reference to SLV or the spot price??


  8. These legislators are truly idiots. Precious metals are categorized as Au, Ag, & Pt. What about Pd?

    And what's up with the photo and fingerprint requirement for selling >$100? How exactly is that protecting the seller from these so called rapacious second hand buyers?

    Every time I read something like this, I'm reminded of the Cheech & Chong tortured old man skit from my youth: "Sign ze papers...What do the paper's say? Merely that you have not been mistreated...I cannot sign the papers...And WHY can you not sign ze papers? Because you have broken both of my hands."

  9. And hopefully this will put people back into the market?

  10. All government is evil. Anyone who isn't sick of this shit is a god damn sheep.

  11. Hmm one thought:

    The dollar goes bust as most of us agree. So what about this ridiculous bill if we don't sell our precious metals but SPEND it sometime in the near future?

  12. Does the state actually believe that a jury will convict a person of breaking this law, when they fail to comply with it in selling or being involved in the transfer of precious metals?

    There will be so many hung juries or acquittals it will make the state red face.

    Hey Buba what are you in here for? MURDER...& You?


  13. Dr. Jerome...yup, they tie things up in knots so your "rights" are no longer accessible.

    This is exactly what they've done to abortion law...which, we've warned for years...if they take away the right of a woman to use her own mind to make a decision, it travels onto general healthcare.....and see? The same thing vs a vs metals.

    Both parties like to "watch over us"....

  14. Barter is the new black.

    Don't need no records if you run a swapshop....

  15. Just a bit of rot in the Banana Republic of Untied States these days, wot wot? And us metalheads are now considered evil fruit flies? Watch me not care what they say. Watch me ignore the clouds of bankster paper they throw to cover their retreat. Gov't legitimacy has been lost lost, the rule of law is gone, and the war between the goobermints and the peoples of the world is heating up.

  16. You can literally smell there desperation.
    Smells like bacon and hot garbage.

    Expect more and more of these laws.

    The Good news? Well they are laying off most of the people who might enforce this shit! Laws without anyone to enforce them get forgotten in about 6 months.

    The government is so desperate right now, banning herbs, vitamins, gold, silver.
    I would just leave.

  17. THE COLLAPSE OF THE UNITED STATES is getting closer each passing day.

    This kind of legislation is just WHITE FRICKEN NOISE. I am amazed how these lunatics up in Washington are still playing LAW MAKERS even as the USA TITANIC gets ready to sink. The UNITED STATES days are numbered.

    People who are worried about a POLICE STATE and so called CONTAINMENT CAMPS all around the country....don't be. It takes a great deal of energy to be able to pull off a police state. Sure North Korea is a police state, but its the size of one of our 50 states.

    The USA will disintegrate just like the Former Soviet Union....but we are in much worse shape than the Soviet Union.

    Just as Jim Willie states in his interviews on Contrary Investor Cafe...."The US Govt has been using DUCT TAPE and BALING WIRE to keep the sytem together....but we got maybe a year before the whole thing falls apart". This is what he said on a DEC 2, 2010 interview.

  18. WTF! the sheep still waiting for christ or superman to come and rescue their ass! Oh my bad, Jersey Shore and Wrestlemania is much more important.

  19. Foks, according to the bill:
    "Secondhand property" means any item of personal property offered for sale which is not new, including metals in any form, except postage stamps, coins that are legal tender, bullion in the form of fabricated hallmarked bars, used books, and clothing of a resale value of seventy-five dollars or less, except furs.

    Your PM's are safe ... unless you've melted it down and are using a Pawn Broker to sell it.

  20. Hey SGS, please keep updating this bill as more information comes out. I'd greatly appreciate. I live in WA state.

    Lucky for me I've already got 80+% of my wealth stored in silver. I'll continue to be buying it from my local dealer as long as they don't have to take down all my personal info and keep a picture of me in their database...

    WA state also has a marijuana FULL LEGALIZATION bill on the ballot.

    Can you talk about hypocritical??? How can something so pro liberty be on the ballot when the same legislators are discussing making it illegal to not have the tracking information of customers you have sold physical to...