Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clear Cut Physical Buy Smoke Signals Everywhere on Silver Bullion



-Dismal volume (COMEX) shorts not even interested
-65,000 magic withdrawal adjustment from yesterday...hummm that's not like bum-ing a cigarette for example
-London Gold withdrawals lighting up like a Xmas tree (bullish)
-1,125,800 oz left standing for this month (increasing=bullish)


-options Feb expiry through the roof from 83 to 182
-NO ONE rolling March contracts to May....oh boy
-deposits of physical is like dropping off a bag full of lepers, no one is doing it.
-withdrawals WOW off the chart
-1,930,000 standing in this non delivery month
-someone needed 500,000 oz today, like in a hurry (ask yourself, who the fuck needs 500K oz of silver, and immediately?)

-The central fund of Canada jumps to 9.1% premium to NAV-this is a HUGE sign (bullish)

Okay so where is this all going? After tonight's metals reports extremely bullish. Part 4 video out tomorrow. Get your diapers on, and the info just keeps rolling in from everywhere. I feel like Assange.

I am now fully bullish on PHYSICAL Silver at any price. Buy it. Dont ask me when you should buy anymore. Any price. $30, $29.34, $26, $34. I am a buyer anywhere, until I have no room to put it. Sounds fucked up? The March delivery might break the camels back...its almost game time folks. Always read disclaimer below.


-Jobless claims lookin like we have a self sufficient recovery, Netflix to $1500, Cisco looks like death, Roney Paulsky calls Ben an animal, Dutch central bank orders liquidation of pension fund physical gold, silver lease rates rise like a mofo, foreclosures continue, Perth Mint out of 100 oz bars for 6 weeks, and Egypt rallies a few people after speech and launches rockets into buildings-and yes its on fire still.

Just think if you were stuck with cash (below) if a loaf of bread cost $100,000. Scary.


  1. Alright ... now I'm going all in. Lets see how this unfolds. Hopefully we're right with this bet. A pool full of maples. Remember folks there's always buyers...

  2. ok, so let's just say March isn't the month Comex goes busts, what will be the likely outcome? When will the next critical date be? Will silver get hammer back until the next delivery month? I don't like to underestimate my opponent and it is very possible they keep the shell game going for a while.

  3. When Silver finally gets loose it will be fun to watch, especially after seeing it on lockdown for so long. I've been buying since 2005, my first buys were at $7.20.

    But the real fun could be in the miners. Some of those suckers are really gonna fly.

    Long Hecla and Great Panther.

  4. Exactly. If March Comex isnt the month, then they HAVE to bid it higher. No options left. Win Win. The ONLY problem I foresee for 'spot' price takedown, would have to be a MASSIVE equities outflow, and SLV would not be an exception to that, but then, the lower the 'price,' the more buyers show up waving the fiat wanting physical. I am wrong?

  5. Big fan of the site, still a novice and have a novice question - how does one you stand for delivery in a non-delivery month?

    Thanks in advance 4 the edification

  6. Feb is a non delivery month, March is option month. Every 3rd month (more or less) is a delivery month.

  7. Anonymous #2 again.

    Aside from equity outflow, which I think is very much possible with the rumbling around the world, is there anything else that can derail the endgame? Let's not forget we are up against the government, JPM and who knows what else. They can change the rules of the game as they see fit, while we have to play by their rules.

    I'm just the type who never say never. I cannot say what can possibly happen to cause the unexpected, but if we are doing this for survival instead of greed, shouldn't we plan for the unexpected as well?, meaning the fiat surviving for much longer than we expected. For that same reason, I can never go all in physical.

  8. Nobody said this was risk free. Nothing is at this point. If it all shoots to the moon I'll immediately pay off my house cars and buy all necessities immediately. If not I loose what 30%. I lost more than that in the last crash. Screw it. I'm taking a gamble knowing the world is crapping out on fiat anyway. I see what's wrong in the world. Nothings changed at all.

  9. Anon #2:

    You are completely missing the role here of PM's.

    You are somehow equating each having equivalent value, when the truth is the paper money has been consistently losing value since inception.

    First of all, paper money was derived FROM gold, not the reverse. Paper money came about because it was a more convenient way to handle a currency, much cheaper to produce, more scalable in denomination, and customizable by country.

    You are looking at PM's from the angle that silver and gold are "investments", much like AAPL is. But they aren't. When the system unwinds, nobody will be demanding AAPL shares, and if it really collapses and hyperinflation takes hold, nobody will want or trust paper money.

    So I think you need to understand that silver and gold ARE money, the most basic and rudimentary form of a medium of exchange from which all other promisary notes (FRN's) were derived. How things got so out of hand started really post WWII and onward, as the ever increasing need for inflationary growth meant that being pegged to a grounded, stable metal would inhibit the mathemeticians from inventing such things as CDS's.

    If you hold silver and paper money, not wanting to risk all your paper money by buying silver, then if TSHTF, you'll truly regret it.

    All I can say is that we are on a path that is not good. The US has only one option: Default and inflate away the debt. Inflation appears to be the route thus far, so it is wise to plan accordingly.

  10. I'm just throwing it out there as food for thoughts. Props to those who goes all in for their faith and conviction. As for me I'll straddle the fence.

  11. I completely understand the concept of gold is money, and by no means I'm equating it to fiat, that would be an insult to everyone on this blog :)

    However, I'm just saying what if we DON'T go back to gold as money? At least not in our lifetime?

    Just saw this article today:

    IMF calls for dollar alternative, but surprise, the alternative isn't gold.

    Here's another crazy idea, what if the top nations get together and say "In order to tame out of control inflation, we will cap gold prices at $500 and silver at $10." I know someone will say oh I'll just buy more, but why would you buy gold at $500 when it won't go any higher? It sounds crazy, but not more crazy then the gov hitting the reset button.

    Not trying to troll, but I'm skeptical that things will play out the way we "know" will happen. Btw I do own some physicals as well.

  12. (-1,930,000 standing in this non delivery month,) this from the original post. Just wondering how you van stand 4 delivery in a non delivery month?

  13. "Here's another crazy idea, what if the top nations get together and say "In order to tame out of control inflation, we will cap gold prices at $500 and silver at $10."

    That is a crazy idea and would cause a revolution overnight.

  14. And the US gov telling all other nations f you all I ain't paying you back, then say the same to the Americans will have probably the same or worse effect. It can very well happen too.

    At least in the above scenerio they have an excuse pretending to do the world a favor.

  15. SGS I have to agree with you anything is possilbe from quiver lip. All That is going on now and people seem relatively mild mannered, it doesn't even seem like they are trying to cover anything up anymore, just print, print, lie, print, print, lie.

  16. If they capped prices at 500 and 10 dollars, I would hope the revolution would wait a few weeks so I could stock up first. 10 dolla silver?!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?!? LOL

  17. If Silver moonshots, probably the US Dollar (and all fiat and all banks) take a dive. In a total currency collapse, all debts in that currency no longer exist. Hold onto the silver and don't worry as much about fiat debt....I doubt your bank survives.

  18. The only trick I think they can pull right now are CFTC. They will impose some crazy totally illogical restrictions on March. That will create overwhelming outcry. But the CFTC and the government will just ignore the complains.

    If my guess come true, I think we should do a protest and demonstration right outside the comex and CFTC. These days, government are very sensitive to mass protest and demonstrations. That is a chance to revoke anything that CFTC throws out.

    Fed is not going to let JP Morgan go down. These bandits are going to do some nasty stuff. But thanks to Tunisians and Egyptians, government now are more willing to listen if crowds start to gather and talking loud.

  19. another crazy idea - what if the gvmnt says the new currency is backed by a basket of commodities and stock indicies. Say the $1= DJIA/15000. Dollars are fully backed by shares. Paper on paper = paper^2 :)))
    If a DJ company grows then its stock price stays the same in USD (fixed $1= DJIA/15000, remeber ) but in order to satisfy the additional demand they issue new shares ... so the money supply grows etc. gold and silver would be out of the equation.
    don't get me wrong - i am way too into silver (had an awful january :) ) but the banksters surely have some jokers in the hand.

    well more realistic is that they just say "because of speculations on shortages blablabla and the financial system stability blablabla there is just one repository/clearing house of gold and silver and you are not allowed to hold your own physical except you can prove your needs for production of goods". then again TSHTF but we are in the wrong side of the protective glas

  20. This is what one needs to ask themselves .... When TSHTF do you want to hold paper or physical? No one knows what the future holds but I do know one thing, holding physical gives one options, paper does not.

  21. SGS, as you know, I am no expert, but it seems to me that not to long ago, there was a consistent trend of the Ag spot price rising overnight, only to get killed at 10am pretty consistently. Lately it seems to me that the price is falling dramatically overnight, only to begin a rise at 10am. Am I correct about this? Is this because JP moved a lot of their naked shorts offshore? Just wondering.