Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Janurary 31st. - Problems with GOLD surfacing

Well, Houston, it looks like we have a problem. All the fraudulent actions within the CRIMEX are starting to come full circle in the gold arena now. Within the next 48 hours I will be received information about the gold insiders, and how the options played out, and who is standing for delivery. It is a rarity to see all metals up but gold. Silver is having a great day, I am awaiting Blythe to give orders on the sell button at any moment, most likely in the after hours session as per usual standard. I will report more tonight as the info filters into my inbox from my sources. Check back around 11 pm EST for an update, and at that point we will see the overseas action as well and if Blythe decided to get back to work.

Oh, and Egypt is in flames.

Also note: I will be posting up new videos on how to test your silver, I am awaiting more acid from the supplier. Check back later, next 48 hrs will be, epic. I am also working on text versions of all my bears videos.


  1. Great stuff - Thanks for the information.

  2. Epic as in ,interesting?
    Or epic as in ,doesnt happen very often?
    Or epic as in.....EPIC!!!


  3. This reminds me of another society that had problems... hmmm. Who's Nero though?

  4. The post you have made sounds very bad to ordinary folks like us.

    The suspense is unbearable... Please keep us in the loop as soon as possible.