Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31st, Updated 10:00 pm EST

Okay so lets dive into it. The Silver front month delivery saw its OI (open Interest) today, and it came in at 152. 152! February is NOT a delivery month! I will have more on this tomorrow as the options data comes in and I can patch things a little more clearer. This means we are somewhere around 1.3 million ounces to deliver for February and should continue to rise!

I need to point out that premiums in Asia are starting to increase in the physical markets. This is a clear indication of what is to come in the delivery month of March for Silver. This is exciting news. Get excited. Seriously, even if you dont have a fu$%ing clue what I'm talking about, get excited. Just be aware, that the 'price' in fiat may still be manipulated by the Blythe's out there, but they cannot manipulate the physical supply and demand for those shiny little maples, and crisp little eagles. Hence, from the numbers, they cant shake the tree, and the lower the prices go, the more people line up to buy. Houston, they have a problem.

Oh and China's central banker urged an increase in PHYSICAL gold and silver holdings today. Oh, and Egypt is burning.

I should have more info tomorrow night as it filters through. Overall a good day. Let them bash the price down some more, who cares, when the world figures out there is no supply, or very little, price discovery will be, you know it, EPIC.

And if you didnt catch this on CNBC today, which you shouldnt have because they suck and your channel should never be on it, take a look. Again, this will be the decade of epic...


  1. Thank you so much for the update. The suspense is killing me. I hope we can get the better end of this quick.

  2. BTW, all major currency is gaining on USD right now.... May be an omen.....

  3. Waiting for you sign to buy more physical silver, if the price is going to go down

  4. Crude having issues, we need it to sustain and break $94, before metals go higher short term. February may be range bound between $26.50-28.50 in silver for now, maybe until another country tries to revolutionize. I get more data tonight...

  5. ok.... when you have time, would you do a video also explaining how crude price affecting the metal ?

    I am clueless the interaction between all the commodities now...


  6. Once in a while, the algo's get programmed over at Blythe's office to correlate closely with each other so it totally fu@ks people over on the traditional trade so to speak.
    Just watch WTI closely as well, when it clears $94, it should correlate nicely with a metals surge, but it depends if she turns off the algo since thats shat everyone is thinking and shorts it. Yes, this gets complicated when you try to follow criminal manipulative behavior that has a bottomless pit of $$.

  7. "next 48 hours should be epic"

    "february may be rangebound in silver"

    Not quite my definition of epic.

    "I test one of every tube of silver i buy"
    "drill a hole in it in the shop and get my acid test out"

    "will show you how to test silver in vid when i get some more acid"

    So Mr "i test every tube". you just ran out of acid? Not a DROP left to test 1 coin in a vid?

    I m begining to think your full of crap.
    I could be wrong but......


  8. Mr Pinnion may be wound up a little tight.
    I just checked the US mint website. They have just reported selling 6.422M ounces of silver eagles to date for January. That already shatters the previous monthly high set Nov 2010 at 4.260M ounces. Physical silver buyers unite!!

  9. Mr pinnion,

    I have over 20,000 oz, yes I run out of acid. Epic, yes, whats your rush? Sounds like you need to get laid. Markets change by the second buddy, I will have more info tonight on the silver trade, relax. I am here wasting MY time, remember that. If you think Im full of shit, I have an easy solution-fuck off and dont read here, I will keep your post on, I do not delete posts unless they are borderline retarded, you were close.

  10. I bought some inverse ETF's when things were unwinding in 2008. Got may ass handed to me. Lost a ton of money. At that time ETF's were all the rage. Herd mentality can be a bad thing, but with PM's I don't see much herd mentality. I see those wanting protection from future corruption.

    I am a silver bull because I simply don't trust TPTB and their arrogance toward printing and bailing out. At some point, reality, as in a common footing where value and worth can be measured concretely, needs to be restored. We need a starting point and universal measurement ladder. Not indescriminant printing. That does nothing to portray ones' value to society. We need a new currency and new yard stick that can rightfully and accurately measure effort, wealth and work. That will happen only through gold and silver.

    What does "152" mean? Is that 152 million ounces in Feb? So how does that correlate to your statement that "Feb isn't even a delivery month"? I'm just a little confused, as your explanation of things is a little choppy.

    Thanks for your time.

  11. 152 is February's open interest notices that was revealed yesterday. So if we take what is left standing from previous at 550,000 oz's, and add in the new OI of 152 (760,000 oz's) this is will be roughly 1.3 mill oz standing for a non delivery month. And it will only increase as we get into February, and move into March. March may be the month the COMEX goes bust. We shall see.

  12. What about the CFTC position limit rules in place. 60 days will end before the March delivery. Isn't there are limit of how much physical can be taken out ?

    Also, if Blythe succeeded in pushing the silver price down, won't that cause less people to take delivery ?


  13. Blythe is getting her ass handed to her to day. Silver up!

  14. Thankyou for your kind reply.

    Sorry to labour the point but you said the next 48 hours would be epic.And it hasnt been.
    To be fair (to me), i did ask for you definition of the word epic, which you did not give.So i asumed it was the same as mine which is some very rare and amazing event that doesnt happen very often.Like seeing spider-man swing past your fith floor window in hot persuit of doctor octapuss.

    YOUR definition of epic 48 hours seems to be , something big may or may not happen because things change all the time dont you know.
    If that is what you mean when you say epic, then i have to agree you nailed it.The 48 hours played out just like you said they would.

    As for you wasting YOUR time here.
    Well , so you say.How do we know?
    Do you realize how many people write blogs on the web? No, neither do i, but i bet you 4 rolls of supersoft toilet paper that its millions.And i would also bet a large percentage of those write them because they ve got fuck-all better to do and get a cheap thrill knowing loads of people read what they write.

    The only reason i, and others are interested in your vids and posts is because you claimed to have insider information. Thats what were all looking for i think.Checking out loads of blogs to find someone who knows more than we do.Or someone who has more insight than we do , like FOFOA seems to.

    So far you have just said the same old same old.Its all going to shit...Yeah , we know it is.COMEX is going bust......How many times have we heard that old nugget?...We know it probably is, and we know its allways in a few months time.Please tell us something that we dont allready know.
    Your big on the build up , but lacking in far.

    Having said that , i cant wait for the next silver bear vid.

    As for me needing to get laid, well thats the first sign yet that you do have insider information.


  15. Translation from Mr Pinnion: "Stop wasting my time and give me your insider info".

    What a douchebag.

    Btw, by my watch, it has been less than 28 hours, not 48 hours.

  16. Ozzy,

    I would like to add my perspective on your posts.

    The thing that I realize from your posts is you do not have a clue what is going on in silver. You come on here and want SGS to lead you to the promise land, while you do little to no research on your own and then call him out on his insight.

    For me, I do not know SGS, but after hours of extensive research, it is clear he has a handle on what is going on at the Comex and LMBA. In addition, what has transpired recently...IS EPIC!

    Do you not notice the volume already for the entire month on the first day of the month? Do you not see the volume of ASE leaving the Mint in January? Do you not see the Comex volume for Jan? Do you not what happened on a small scale in Dec and what is setting up for March?

    Ozzy, I don't like to call people names, but you're clearly a troll!

    Either do your homework or just read without posting. All your doing is making the less informed afraid to ask questions, because you don't get it.

    Go get laid....

  17. Ozzy has a point about tons of blogs out there with no real substance. However, it doesn't take long for those blogs to be put to rest because of some idiotic claim. So far, SGS has been pretty spot on as to what to expect. I have yet to see anyone in the entire blogosphere on Jan 9 claim that there will be a price correction to $26.50 like he did. That tells me he's pretty close to some inside info. SHit, I can't even predict the price of bread next week, let alone a manipulated commodity.

    So you have a point that the internet is full of idiot blogs. But if you do a little research, you'll find that SGS is pretty close. I get the feeling the use of words like "epic" is because he is excited to see Blythe and the COMEX finally crash, as it should.

  18. Just like everything on the internet, take it w a grain of salt.

    If you come on here, expecting a time machine, or for him to give you names of his informers, you are just wasting your time. Unless you are the Blythe master yourself there is no way to know exactly when and how much. My advice to you is take all the info in and process it with you own best judgement.

    Yeah maybe he has no info and was just pure lucky. But like they say, I rather be lucky than good.

  19. Keep up the great work MrSGS. Pay no heed to the loons (the world is so gigantic, so you can't avoid them completely) as many of us are true enthusiasts in the metals and greatly appreciate your time and wisdom. I have been a buyer of silver since it was $15.50 and bought as much as I could up to $23. I wish I had a stash even as remotely close to yours, but I'm still happy with my 500+ oz. I invested some money in the junior miners when we had the big sell-off per the bears advice. : ) This blog was created for discussing the metals, not for trolling and wasting time arguing about non-sense. Considering the Comex has about 100 million oz, of which maybe half is available for delivery, there is approximately 65K contracts for March so so somebody is going to be a few hundred million oz short. That has the potential to be EPIC as alluded to by our insider. -Crash JPMorgan - Buy Silver!

  20. I was going to write an extensive paragraph on some sort of witty rebuttal, but I'm gassed. Thanks to the above posters.
    I've got traders still trading on the inside, I wish I would have made more of an impression on Blythe... ;)

  21. Hi,
    I am an indivisual investor based in Tokyo with some 5 year experience in commodity trading here.

    I am new to silver and I really like the silver story and your views!

    I have just opened up a new trading account for just for silver with which I can take physical delivery if I want to.

    I have also started buying silver bullions and coins (old Japanese silver coins.) It is interesting to learn everyday.

    I don't really have access to the insider info but let me know if I can help from here.