Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick trade on the SLV/SVM & GLD MACD

Anyone looking to scalp a few pennies LONG, anything above the $30.35-30.99 on SLV could be decent on a small rally today. If not, we go down. ECB printing another $1trillion does not hurt us. BE quick on the keys! Newsflow is intense these days and directions change very quickly.

SVM is also looking interesting. It is hitting the MA and has broke a decent trend line. There ill be a battle here today especially if POS turns up.

GLD is also looking like the MACD is ready to turn up and the formation allows for this. Place your bets! And watch out for the employment numbers tomorrow!


  1. $30.35 just hit and smacked, love it.

  2. TEXT-S&P lwrs 11 JPMorgan Chase Com'l Mtg Sec Trust 2007-LDP12 rtgs


    -- We lowered our ratings on 11 classes from JPMorgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2007-LDP12, a U.S. CMBS transaction.

    -- In addition, we affirmed our ratings on six other classes from the same transaction.

    -- Our rating actions primarily reflect our analysis of the transaction using our U.S. CMBS conduit/fusion criteria, the deal structure, and the liquidity available to the trust.

    -- We lowered our rating on class K to 'D (sf)' because we expect interest shortfalls to continue and we believe the accumulated interest shortfalls will remain outstanding for the foreseeable future.

    Standard & Poor's Ratings Services today lowered its ratings on 11 classes of commercial mortgage pass-through certificates from JPMorgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2007-LDP12, a U.S. commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) transaction. Concurrently, we affirmed our ratings on six other classes from the same transaction (see list).

  3. SLV long from $30.37-$30.74. Cash Money. Thank you. Anyone else get this, I clearly spelled it out in the above range and chart.

  4. XOM dick riding that MA is very very interesting right now

  5. From Greg McCoach: "Our share price softened on the news as the market was hoping for some better numbers. We currently
    stand around the $0.25 cent level and I plan to suggest to the company to get more aggressive with
    drilling now that they know we have mineralization in the new area.
    TK is a BUY at current levels"

  6. What say you now that silver hit $32? I'm holding some slw and svm. TIA.

  7. Tell me Im not the only one making money on these trades today?????????????

    COME ON!

  8. just holding. nice to see the USD showering us with gifts today

  9. Anyone look at that SVM short interest ...? LOL, welcome to the big leagues folks...shorts pump the phantom story cover 10 million shares, make $30 million $$$, and nowhere to be found....


  10. wonder if they're gonna plunge it in the 3-4pm hour? ...

  11. Thanks for your work on Tinka SGS. No I did not make money today because I bought it at the open yesterday! I however, did sell 2/3 of my very small holdings at .49 two days before the drop started. I would image a lot of newbs (like me) don't realize how illiquid those juniors are. When someone like you or Embry comes in, we little guys have to hold on tight. Thank god my money mangement has been better since the May smackdown.

    In case people here didn't listen to the KWN Martin Armstrong interview, I think it's one of the best ever on KWN. He said July was probably the longest the metals consolidation could last, so I refrained from chasing Tinka up today.