Thursday, October 6, 2011

No title needed. Yawn.

While the rest of the world in Canada watches the opening NHL game Montreal vs Toronto, I will spend some time on here and take a look at what the hell is going on, as to calm some confusion and offer some hope.

Firstly, today I presented a few trades, and literally pin pointed the SLV long today...follow the minute chart, I told you guys to buy after a breakout over the $30.35. At first attempt, it hit the .35 and then they smacked it in the early session, then we broke out and everyone should have enjoyed that profit of 3-4% within hours. I also notified you about the SVM trade and it riding the MA. I would now also like to point out that if its such a massive mega fraud, why has the short interest declined from 22 million to 1 million in 2 weeks? Right, go back to my Shorting 101 article. Those who pitched your calls or longs you live and learn. Even when my calls were down 80% on it, I never pitched all of them. There is a time and place for selling, I doubted from the first sniff at the anonymous letter that it was all bullshit. Hopefully KPMG can release their findings and put this to rest so we can see $20 by year end if the equity market doesn't go to zero first.

So what happened to all my bearish bank stocks? Like TD, MS etc. Well, not even I can forecast an equivalent of $1 trillion being printed by the ECB today. Whenever you have central bank intervention in the 'free' markets, your plans go to shit, you eat short term losses and move on. Although the overall downside channel trend remains intact for the financials, it will be tomorrow's BLS # that separates the men from the boys AND will start the next leg movement EITHER way.

Today Tinka touched an intraday of .26 cents, when yesterday I bought some .25's. 28% today later I thank anyone who pitched them into my bid. I told you that the bid would get aggressive on THURSDAY. I guess today was THURSDAY not yesterday's Wednesday, THURSDAY. Again, Tinka's results were based on holes that are NOT being drilled on the chimu land. People who placed their bets and lost move on, those that are in now or remain resilient, lets see what happens. All juniors got smoked the past few weeks. Tinka was never going to be an exception to this junior tier liquidity rule. They never do, ever. So lesson learned in junior mining shares.

The physical metal scene has been working exactly like I said it would on its negative feedback loop. A quick eye would see that the customer withdraw at the comex today registered a 1,052,240oz. Not bad, havent seen this in a while.

As I type this I am looking at the finished new site. Its done. Testing is commencing. My programmer pulled through, and we are doing our best to get this live asap. I'm not going to give a time or day, just know at any time you refresh this, the live link may pop up and take you off to the virtual play ground...we will be giving away some silver maples, and you will be notified on how you can accumulate your phyzz stack (hint hint).

So off I go to get this thing wrapped up. And as a reminder, all irrational low volume exuberance ends badly. Dont make the mistake and by the tops of descending channels. Let it break out WITH some fabricated good news, let it come back down and support its breakout, then trade it. Dont chase charts.

Got Volcker rule? Will never happen, but there is always a glimmer of hope for the good guys..Click here to see article...

Those thinking the the world is saved today, here you go:


  1. Nice, favicon popped up today! :)

  2. ..

    Love your attitude !!

    Fuck-em all !!


    With respect ( off ) course !!

    LOL !!



  3. In a King World News exclusive interview, the man who brought down Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme informed KWN, “Bank of New York is going to go down, Eric. Between Bank of New York Mellon and State Street, these two institutions have stolen between $6 to $10 billion from tens of millions of Americans retirement savings accounts. It’s been a hell of a crime spree for the bank, but now they are being brought to justice.”

    “I would expect the shareholders to be filing class action suits once they realize the extent of the fraud. I’m thinking that if Al-Qaeda had done this to Americans, Seal Team 6 would be dropping in, but the banks did this. So maybe law enforcement needs to drop into those corporate board rooms and treat them like Seal Team 6 treated Osama Bin Laden.

  4. @SGS - Does the website have WU blocker?

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  6. Can you say "Police Brutality"?

    Good job New York, you have no spines. Im on the west coast, if a cop tried to hit me with a baton, he'd get fucked the fuck up.

  7. Silver Eagle bullion coins sales headed for another record-setting year

  8. silverstacker,

    Wait till the "brothers" get there, they will show those college kids how to fuck up some pigs! Fight fire with fire!

  9. Everybody is waking up! Its on like Donkey Kong!

    Part 1)

    Part 2)

  10. After reading the link Tom H posted, It wont be long before our own cops join up with the Occupy group because of their stolen pensions.

  11. NY made guns illegal a long time ago. Here conceal carry in only 30 days, plus training :).

  12. Ron Paul MoneyBomb Oct. 19 2011 -

  13. So How many that post on this site, has the mind of a Sovereign, and if so, Why would you need a permit to carry a gun !

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  15. California has a 10 day wait on all rifles and handguns, and its damn near impossible to get a CC card here. Clips are limited to 10 rounds, handgun and rifle. Open carry differs from county to county. In the Bay Area, its mostly legal everywhere to open carry. Soccer moms at Starbucks have been known to call the police on open carriers because they dont know the fuckin laws.

    Far as I know, the right to bear arms doesn't state any of the above laws, therefore they do not apply. Happy hunting fellas!

  16. bflowers1,

    Thats the case with just having a license, any driver, marriage, ect..


    Tell how you really feel! LOL, damn I been to Philly my sister lived there, shit is rough.

    I not trying to disagree or come of with some excuse, or cultural bullshit, because we were born poor and shit. But, to some inner city folks that think that gangster, thug, fuck white mentality is the only way to go, but do you every wonder how they got that way?

    I mean, the shame of it all is that, life has so beaten them down and they see now way out of their situation, created by "OUR" system. Look the welfare system broke up homes, made the men move out, made people dependent, the war on drugs, channeled into the inner city by the CIA I might add, created several generations of unemployable black males, then you have cops that target people of color because they can, ect...

    I know personal experience shapes our view of the world much more that facts do, and I have meet many people of which you speak, but as I've aged and become wiser, now instead of asking how did they get that way, I ask how do we get them to change!

    Grown men know right and wrong, it is only when you have no rights that you can do no wrong!

  17. It's funny how the laws can change from Cities to Counties.. In Wichita it's Conceal and in the County we live in, outside of the City you can Strap it on unconcealed..

  18. i've failed in buying (cash & carry) phyzz my last 4 attempts in the last 2 weeks. anybody having better luck than me?

    i mean, the fuckin' worst of the 4 attempts was when the customer before me, took all 700 oz's. and yeah, i was the second muthafucker in line...

  19. Malcolm You can step in and out of your Citizenship anytime you feel.. It's up to you.. You can look at it as your protection sometimes, and as a harm others.. Any legal transactions ("without prejudice" U.C.C. 1-207:4) goes under my Signature.. So I can play inside their Bullshit game and also, take it off..

  20. I hear ya malcolm! Boy if you saw the kind of talk that went on in that forum it would make your blood run cold. THEY know it is going to happen and THEY are coming after the "rich white folk". Oh boy are they ever!

    People were photographing cars with Ron Paul or Campaign For Liberty licence plates and posting it online as "hit jobs". They even were encouraging people to rat out relatives who were "Libertarians" etc.

    Glad that site got shut down.

  21. I am a peaceful sort - leave me alone and I leave you alone. I won't be partaking in any protests because all we have to do is stop using FRN's and their derivatives (other currencies). I buy silver as the most violent form of extreme rebellion known to mankind - and the best part is that nobody gets hurt. I am going to mind my OWN DAMN BUSINESS and get the fuck out of dodge holed up in some farm somewhere and never go near a city again.

    Damn I'm glad I bought silver tonight.

  22. bflowers1,

    WOW can you use that for every contract both private and public? How have you used it?

  23. reefman A lot of those Blacks your referring to are Muslims, and they do know what the Fuck is going on..I know what your talking about, but a lot of them are also buying PM's..

  24. A little post apocalyptic but things seam a little better on the oil/Gold/Silver front. he he

    I confess... I bot 2X oil bull and 2X Silver Bull yesterday. fk me for playing the rigged paper game!!!!! fkfkfkfkfkfk!

    I may have added to my Ag stash.. shhhhhh :-)

  25. flowers:
    > You can step in and out of your Citizenship anytime you feel

    Can an American do that? Step in and out again? I thought it was a one way street - "if you go out you stay out". I don't know, but I have multiple citizenships so I might not care either way, but some day it would be nice to go back.

  26. Malcolm I have it on my drivers license.. It's really fun to have the cops pull me I won't wear a seat belt and run stop signs like Anytime you Sign anything with the Bank or Government and understand it, they don't fuck with you..

  27. reefman,

    Thats my plan be buying heirloom seeds for my company.

    I have never understood the why people do get the great feeling of earning something yourself as opposed to bankster tactics of just taking what is not rightfully theirs!

  28. reefman I Live in Kansas ! lol Yes it works in the United States.. Not the UNITED STATES ..Read this article.. It's a bit lengthy.. But it gives you a good understanding..

  29. > PaidInGold,

    You shouldn't be buying from a local coin shop with that much money. Go to APMEX or somewhere online. I've placed many orders from them and their prices are much better.

  30. flowers, I have taken an interest in the Freeman concept as of late. I watched several videos by Robert Menard. Fascinating. Thanks for the link and I HI-FIVE you regarding the disaster of corporate "personhood".

  31. Reefman.. Always think of yourself as a People.. It can be use singular or Plural.. But Never a Person or a Citizen.. It's more of a Mindset.. Everything is ALWAYS an offer, you have to accept it.. If the Judge Sentences you, just tell him you don't accept it.. lol They will look at you really funny, but they know the Fucking

  32. @bflowers. Are u talking about Corporate and Constitutional America in regards to the legal entity of yourself?

  33. Does anyone else think this is a suckers rally ?

  34. "So How many that post on this site, has the mind of a Sovereign, and if so, Why would you need a permit to carry a gun !"

    I would advise against that. You really need to know what you are saying in order to circumvent that situation. If you have no copywritten your NAME, and have a legally binding fee schedule and know Exactly what you are saying AND on tape, do not do this.

    I've knew a few people that thought they had this strawman thing under control. Make sure you know your stuff.

  35. I always Laugh at the Toys and wonder why they did it.. I exchange the word Webbles with, People's Wabble, But they Don't Fall Down! OK,, I've been They couldn't get Rid of the Constitution. So the U.C.C. code has to give you a (Bridge) way back to it.. Lawyers are Officers of the Court.. The U.C.C. Court, and they don't know Shit about the Constitution.. But they can't over look "without prejudice" U.C.C. 1-207:4" either.. So Lawyers are Useless.. You Have to Know Your Rights!

  36. SGS I Agree with you 100%, You Really have to Know Your Shit, because there are one hell of a lot of Mine Fields! Words Mean things.. Legal words are Different from the way we have been dumbed down.. The Judge ask you a simple question like, Do you Understand.. Your Trapped ! Legally if you say yes, You just told him that you STAND UNDER HIM ! You Just lost your Common Law Rights! This is something, you really have to Study!

  37. >reefman

    I do not appreciate having my phyzz acquisitions tied up with credit cards, wires, or any of the like.

    Please leave your reasonings for using Apmex/etc if Apmex's over spot prices are higher than my dealer. The only thing that they have is that when they take my money, they supposedly "have" my shit that they'll ship. When I go to the coin store, and he says it's on backorder, my boots get to walkin'.

  38. The US Empire: A Tragic Comedy in Three Acts

    By Bill Bonner

    10/06/11 Paris, France – What a delight it is to have an empire!

    Do the Swiss get to send out drones to kill people they don’t know in countries they’ve never been? No! The poor yodelers go around with long faces and visit their shrinks. Americans have troops in 170 countries. Where are the Swiss? Only in Switzerland and the Vatican. Alas, they will never know the joys of nation building and people murdering.

    We hear that Ron Paul was booed in the Republican presidential debates. Why? He suggested that we get out of the empire business, bring the troops home and become a civilized nation again. What a party pooper…a wet blanket…a killjoy!

    Read more: The US Empire: A Tragic Comedy in Three Acts

  39. blflowers,

    What is the best way to figure this out? I have found scattered things online, but no "sovereign man for dummies" etc.

  40. Paid:

    > I do not appreciate having my phyzz acquisitions tied up with credit cards

    I hear ya! No paper trail.

  41. reefman Check this site out.. I've pieced things together over the years, and after awhile it just made sense.. When you start Questioning the Police, they don't have any answers, and I just Trap them.. I ask them if they swore an Oath to defend the Constitution and begin to trap them, in their own words.. I've learned a lot here as well..

  42. Thanks flowers. I'll read up on it. :)