Friday, September 9, 2011

Whats happening overnight?

Gap up , gap down. Like I said get ready for the roller coaster ride.

P.s. I cant stop laughing.


  1. Holy shit SGS, is that guy 2nd from the back Obama? If it is, then that fucking psycho behind him is probably about to go ballistic on his corrupt, criminal ass. LMAO

  2. The first guy is SGS ;)

    I called the 'top' and "bottom", IS NICE!

  3. Rick Santelli on CNBC.

    Great stuff. Talking about the great Ponzi scheme.

    He'll probably "disappear" from CNBC if he keeps telling the truth like this

  4. here is the link for the letter so that you can see it's Monex:

    here is the link for the picture of the Apmex and United stickers...

  5. ^^ I bought phyzz @ Monex

    they send me Apmex and United sticker silver...

    what does this mean? Should I be worried?