Monday, September 12, 2011

No title needed. I'm bored.

What a great day. Today showed that silver again bounced off a key technical area. The rest of this trading week should set the tone till the Bernanke PUT takes it toll.

Its really weird. The market seems like it wants to capitulate into the Abyss. The banks stocks literally look worse then pre-LEH death, but there always seems to be a large block buyer stepping in and buying the downdrafts. This is different than 2008. I mean if you had a heart beat and a trading account, all you had to do was hit the short key and the floodgates would open. Sometimes when I would put up my bid to cover, I would accidentally crossed in because the move was already made by the time I looked up off the hot key. I see weakness, but not like 08.

Not much else to add. Its seems like there is so much going on, but nothing happening on the NA side that we can capitalize on. I was a buyer of silver today. I'm starting to nibble, the next three days I will tell you if I'm biting.

And I hate to keep bringing this up, but the CFTC shirt changes might add some spark 4th week of September....

Find some fiat, remain calm, this is the channel on silver I have been waiting for. Should take another 2 weeks (on the chart) to fully tighten in on that formation and then its go time.

Holders of Tinka get ready, should be receiving drills at any time. 50/50 from here. Heads or tails?

Lastly, the site should be launched Monday. To those who have donated for the cause thanks, every dollar is going into this project, and will continue to go into the site till I am satisfied and my bloggers are satisfied on functionality.


  1. Tinka 50/50 from here? Aren't you the guy who proclaimed to know all about the drill results a couple of weeks ago?

    The stock is worth 2 bucks today without a single additional drill hole. Do the math. The revised 4301 will show 50 million ounces. This is a long term play. A slow and steady build to $3.00 next year. If you don't understand that by now get out.

  2. Just like in high school: The prom dress drops to the floor and the silver lining shows, you know its go time bitchez

  3. LOL, if SGS of all people now say that TK is 50/50 from here, I'm glad I took my humble profits and moved on...

    Bought some more SVM and PHS.U this afternoon, got a Perth Mint 1oz Au bar on the way to get a bitchin' Save On Meats Deluxe Burger too.

    What do you guys think of CMA.V?

  4. No No No No No. 50/50 meaning short term if the drills are good we go higher if they come up short we will see a short term dip, it will not change the fact that revised 43-101 will be the game changer, but the drills come first.

    I have been in the venture long enough to know that 50/50 drills are either great or suck.

    Long term this is my #1 play, it doent mean its getting there after 4 holes of released drilling. In fact, I hope the drills suck big time, so I can get more at .20. But my bets are placed we go higher.

    I am contacting the contacts to get more info. Dont worry, this shit takes patience.

  5. SGS: Thanks for clearing that what you meant by "50/50". Sometimes your writing can come across as ambiguous - passionate but ambiguous (to the lay person; like me).

    PS: I am glad to see silver edging up toward $41 again. Over the weekend my skeptic parents-in-law took the plunge with about half of their retirement money and put it 90% gold 10% silver. They are both elderly and not such good health, but being in Portugal for a month (just returned to USA) convinced both of them that PM's are good idea. I helped them make the order yesterday and assisted them in the wire transfer this morning before returning to Canada today.

    What a week!

  6. I speak to the contacts everyday SGS. I also control a huge amount of TK stock. This play is money in the bank. The only question is whether the moron retailers who will read the results understand them. Just like KAM a few weeks ago. The stock should have run to 5.50 - 6 Most people have no clue about juniors until it's too late. TK's results should take it beyond a buck but only on a "risk on" day.

  7. Can anyone tell me if the LULU chart is broken. It looks bipolar.a lot of options on this one, so someone maybe floating this thing until expiry. LULU chart, down on volume after earnings in premarket friday
    open high low close
    55.29 55.49 53.20 55.06 Friday
    53.24 56.38 52.81 55.13 Today
    Maybe its priced perfectly, at almost 7 billion dollars.IM going to go out on a limb say this is BS and manipulated. PM are the only thing that gets bashed down, Fiat paper equities seem to have moon boots and hopium. If QE is priced in, this shit should still tank on bad forward guidance, or am I missing something.

  8. 2 weeks Fuckstick Penis Wrinkle Bart "Tanning Booth" Chilton will announce that he felches Jamie for beer money in his town car, while duping precious metals investors with empty promises of actual law enforcement.


  9. For the presstitutes that claim that silver is in a "bubble", all you have to do is go on Craigslist.

    There are dozens and dozens of "WTB", Wanted, Want to buy, postings for silver coins and very tiny amount of postings of people trying to sell.

    The few and far between that are selling, are selling because they are behind on bills.

  10. Called the Perth mint today to check on their stock levels.

    For 100oz bars its a 3 month wait for delivery if you place a back order.

    20oz bars are out, but they did just get some 1kgs in stock even though their website says they are out, so I picked up a couple on this dip.

    Looks like supply of the phyzz is getting tighter by the month.

  11. In Arizona, I see a very small total number of players on Craig's.maybe 5 new sellers a day and the same half dozen buyers. I have been buying for 12 months, only off Cl. Maybe a dozen transactions completed whenever I wanted. There's pretty much always a buyer and seller close to spot. The last bastion of free market economics.
    I'm short the xlf and bac. Long inflation and corruption. Thanks for all your work SGS.

  12. Calif Numismatics in Inglewood
    45:1 AU to AG swap


  13. What category on the Craigslist are you guys browsing to find you silver?

  14. @fizznut

    I use the term "coins" to have the best result.