Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on Silver/Dow


  1. SIZ11 finally hit the traj line (connect low of 8/25 & 9/7). Has bounced off since. Like I have stated here before, honestly, tech. analysis where you can scalp some quick profits with this market, you pretty much have to sit at the monitor, and I have no desire. With the hitting of the traj. line, if I were to guess what will happen as I count sheep tonight...I'd bet on going up. I have also noticed, night sessions can be very boring as of late. Either way, a wedge has been forming for several weeks now. With the slope of prices, looking like it will be a breakout to the upside. SIZ11 is currently at $41.34. Night all.

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  3. Ledebedder, I 100% agree with your reply

    I just finishing reading this crap story

    Central Banks Raise the Standard for Gold

    What a bullshit story if I have ever read so

  4. I would like to suggest two things for your discussion.
    1) I disagree with your plastic surgery metaphor. I wouldn't be surprised if it was predominantly used to lessen birth defects or injuries with beneficial results.

    2) One thing I am surprised you did not mention was enforcing laws and aggressively perusing fraud.I completely agree with your changes however they must be gradual otherwise capital (what is left) will flee due to uncertainty. Pursuing fraud wouldn't require any political or economic changes and would do much to restore confidence.

  5. Regarding the plastic surgery analogy...
    Most do it to gain western features, in order to be better accepted in society and blend in. Asians do eye surgery to get bigger caucasian like eyes, blacks use hair relaxer and wanna white themselves out such as Micheal Jackson, those of Mediterranean descent get nose jobs `n so on. Chris Rock has a cool documentary about hair, showing how they are forced to use hair relaxer so they can blend in and get good jobs `n such. Same applies to immigrants who change their names into anglo-saxon ones.

    I do agree though that doing such surgeries bites away at your personality and your core being. It`s lame to try and be someone that you`re not, especially when it comes out of an urge of conformity and sheep like mentality to fit in above all else.

    I like all the above points. State creates a big pile of mess wherever it gets involved. Best schools are private schools, best workers are in private sector, best of you name it didn`t came out of public system. State basically corrupts everything that touches. It is of course beneficial to a handful of those who will get those fat state contracts. Who do you think will profit from this Obama job stimulus? What companies will get those contracts?

  6. Your abc presentation is where a lot of third world countries are at. Everything is privatized and the wealthy own and monopolize everything as there is no regulation against it. It's a great system if you already have wealth because there is no income tax! That seems ultimate goal, and usually the only goal of the libertarian rich people. But if you're born into poverty then you and your descendents are screwed for eternity. The poor can't afford an education and no one will help you with that because there is no profit in helping people with no money to pay. Jamaica comes to mind whenever I hear these theories. Also, how would there be competition if industries are allowed to consolidate as much as they want? Certainly we don't need anti-trust laws do we?

  7. "The poor can't afford an education and no one will help you with that because there is no profit in helping people with no money to pay. "

    Well here you`re wrong. There is profit in helping people actually. Harvard, Princeton and others offer scholarships to quality students.
    It`s in their best interest to get good ones because of the contracts they have with companies which expect quality material to roll out of them.
    Same could apply to lower grade education.
    Private sector can do a much better job than the state system, better job by far. They can compete to get best teachers and those teachers are actually motivated to perform well as there`s always competition for them, universities head hunting for best of breed.

    Also most often than not, state uses state schooling as propaganda tool. It happened and still happens all over the place.
    Schooling is also over rated. You learn the most when you get out of school. In most cases, what school manages to do is set standards and conform people to certain norms, squashing creativity. "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education" are were great words of wisdom.

    My most valuable knowledge was gained by individual study and by taking private classes with paid teachers by the hour. State system that does it en mass is extremely flawed, geared towards quantity not quality.

    Also, who`s to say all people need schooling. Some do just fine without any. There`s also a great shortage of farmers everywhere, because it`s not "cool" anymore to work the land. Everyone wants to go to college and end up in some shit office job.

    People also greatly underestimate volunteer contributions many rich people do. There are many philanthropic efforts done to offer education and better living conditions overall. Here is a well known libertarian and billionaire who recently did the same: