Friday, September 9, 2011

Silver Update


  1. SVM getting pounded again, must be another letter out

  2. Love that JPM is on top of keeping us up to date on silver production...

    Silver Wheaton and Silvercorp Face Dropping Demand
    2 hours 29 minutes ago - Marketwire via Comtex
    MarketwireThe Paragon Report examines investing opportunities in the Silver Industry and provides equity research on Silver Wheaton Corporation (NYSE: SLW) (TSX: SLW) and Silvercorp Metals, Inc. (NYSE: SVM) (TSX: SVM). Access to the full company reports can be found at:

    A noticeable drop in worldwide manufacturing data has led to concerns regarding industrial demand for silver. The global manufacturing purchasing managers index released by JPMorgan and Markit, a closely watched indicator of world manufacturing output, fell from 50.7 in July to 50.1 in August, and is now only a small fraction above the level of 50 that is traditionally taken to mean contraction.

  3. Has Europe tanked or something, USDX above 76?

    Heard an interesting sentence today:

    "Investors create bottoms, traders create tops".

  4. Canadian Finance Minister says ECB should stock more fiat for bail outs - I agree keep debasing so the Americans can keep up. Canada too, we've committed to the F35 Raptors to defend our boarders against the boat people, now we can get ready to turn on the presses to support the 5 banks who are over leveraged and will collapse when the housing bubble bursts!

  5. ^ yay canada! flaherty has a big white and red dick up his....

    i really hope canadas housing bubble pops so loudly it deafens all the sheeple buying right now. ya because a 1 bedroom apartment in vancouver for 450k, 2 people working full time + overtime, 40 year mortgage and no savings... ya that seems like a good idea.

    "oh but were homeowners now"

    fuck you, you dont own anything... you own a giant hole of debt. the fucking homeless guy outside your new apartment with 2 quarters in his pocket has more wealth than you.

    sorry... end rant.

  6. SGS, if you're pounding Oh Canada, I'm r e a l l y fuckin nervous being here in the states. I've always thought of Canada as the big brother of NA that tolerates the snot nosed, 400 thousand pound gorilla little brother to the south..... As a side bar, reading your traffic jam rant last week made me laugh my ass off. I too will engage in random conversations periodically with people and will bring up the topic of PM's. 99% I get the same glazed over, sheep in the head lights look.... it actually really pisses me off and makes me sad that people (US) are seemingly not paying attention to what is happening right in front of them. They are far more interested in Monday or Thursday night football.... a great example, just read Facebook. I am CONVINCED that barf bag of a website is the PERFECT barometer for society. The vast majority of people posting on there are so GD concerned with photos of themselves holding beers and making all sorts of stupid ass distortions with there faces... I quit.

  7. @goboy9

    you make me want to join fb again so that i have a barometer of what's going on...

    i laugh at the douchebags who do know about PMs that pose in pictures with their phyzz.

    right, dumbass.

    guess who's gonna get mobbed first when shit hits the fan... LOL.

  8. This period in time reminds me of biblical times, in the days of Noah.

    Noah was like "Hey everybody, pull your heads out of your asses and get in this ark."

    All the people were laughing at him, calling him a "conspiracy theorist" or the biblical equivalent thereof.

    Now we are back where we started. The fiat has started to fall from the sky like rain, and the debt levels are rising up and starting to drown entire countries. The ark this time isn't made of wood, it's made of silver and gold.

    Unfortunately, history repeats itself, and like a few thousand years ago, almost everyone will drown.

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  10. Dow just dropped below 11,000.

    Plunge protection team, stand by for emergency scramble.

  11. Why are gold and silver down 1% and 2% resp. on a day of strong risk aversion? It would be interesting to see whether price discovery will behave differently when the PAGE Pan Asian Gold Exchange is up and running.

  12. Today's market action feels like 2008. Look at that extra go.

  13. Hi SGS, this is completely off topic, but have you read the post from your friend at relating to Obama's speech? I'd like to get your take on it since you recommended reading that blog.

    I'll try to put this politely. The guy is defending Obama's new jobs plan. He is saying that we have to give Obama the "benefit of the doubt". As if Obama has shown any reason to deserve that. He is saying that Obama's plan to increase government jobs is "a plan that is geared towards spurring real tangible growth". As if increasing government jobs has ever resulted in this in the past.

    Reading his post, which almost reads as a Democrat press release, I have to admit I felt my blood beginning to boil. But his posts have been so spot on in the past. I feel maybe I'm missing something here? Thoughts?

  14. Put this on your spit with the goat - sovlaki anybody:

    Although a CNBC report said Greece rejected speculation that it planned to default on its debt this weekend, a Bloomberg report said Germany was preparing to support its banks if the next installment of Greece's bailout is denied.

    "Greece is falling apart again, an important member of the European Central Bank has resigned, several banks are in free-fall or halted and no one really seems to have a plan for dealing with these issues. It is a classic case of too much uncertainty, and that is sending folks to the sidelines," said RealMoney Contributor Rev Shark in a recent blog post.

  15. With our pathetic fiat having this nice little run, does it scare the hell out of anyone else besides me that the U.S. Dollar is still considered "the" safe haven? Heaven help us all.

  16. Like the way Pisani gets teached by Rogers in this vid.

  17. OK, has anyone put pen to paper to what brother John is hoping silver hits $100 by 12/30 hits? Well, I just did. I didn't look up what the market days are going to be around Thanksgiving & Christmas, but from 9/12 until 12/30 is app. 78 trading days. Currently SIZ11 is at $41.69. Just to get to $100, that is roughly $1.34 (on average) EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Come on folks, I hope noone is thinking that. And yes, I am in the camp that silver could more 2-3 in a day, but $100...nah. My 2 cents.

  18. if anyone watches the video recommended by @fockewwulf190, you can forward to 8:22 and save the 8:21 I wasted.

  19. Ledbedder

    Do those charts factor in Greece defaulting, or the Debt ceiling being raise 500 Billion last night.. The entire Middle East falling apart.. All the wars we've started.. I don't get much out of charts, but my gut tells me we could really see the PM's Pop later this fall..

  20. A red day in silver coupled with $0.99 over spot Sunshine Mint Silver Eagle 1 oz rounds on APMEX.

    Today was a good day to pull the trigger.

  21. All the charts take into consideration is the men & women who put trades on. Taking a stake in the game. Then, I try to interpret them to see who the winner is ultimately going to be, and take a small ride with them.

  22. @bflowers1: one other thing, and this comes from experience. There is no freely traded market anymore. NONE. From penny stocks to orange juice. Once you "accept" that, you've taken a huge step. That is why the old saying is still true: "no market goes straight up or straight down" Take for example, Heating oil, which I have written about and believe will be higher before the year is out. Today's down move, some dumb ass from CNBC will parrot it is because the dollar was strong. Bull. Its the people in the know selling contracts, and stopping out the weak handed longs (and the fools that think it is dollar related). Plus, this somewhat choppy action, they know that will have people think it is a "boring" market & not pay attention. Meanwhile, ever so slowly, they accumulate. They have to do it slow as to not get peoples attention---until they want the people to pay attention. These folks are sharp & hope most small spec. out there are going off of emotion, that way they can take advantage.

  23. If anyone is interested


  24. Well- for some good news, the Morgue's stock almost dipped to $32. In the words of Nelson Muntz, "Haah haah!"

  25. @Thorfinnr: I saw that. Couldn't have happened to a nicer company.

  26. @malcolm: could you share a Reader's Digest version of it?

  27. Ledbedder

    I hope you don't take me wrong, I respect your opinions Very Much .. I enjoy reading your posts. I know that the Markets are "Rigged", and we just watch what they want us to watch.. My gut is telling me, that a larger percent of people are waking up.. I have had five converts this week, that have taken the plunge into buying PM's.. Silver is a Tiny market. And there just isn't that much physical Silver out there to be had.. I don't even believe we can trust the Numbers that the COMEX tells us they have on the PM's .. And as Ponzi's go, they work, till they Don't ..

  28. @malcolm: thanks. I'll look at that link later this weekend. The weird thing is that Shanksville is about a 30 minute drive from my house. Sat. they are going to have Bush, Biden, I think Tom Ridge, etc. etc. Then on Sunday, our annoying one O'Bambie! You couldn't pay me to go there. They are telling people to come 2 hours early to get through the body scanners & anal exams.

  29. Sure

    There is a contention that at the core of the September 11
    attack, someone was planningto cover the 1991 issuance of $240 billion in illegal securities used to finance the collapsethe Soviet Union. The facts surrounding the financial aftermath of September 11 suggestthis is not only possible,
    but that reports describing the aftermath have deliberately beenmisleading.

    The US dollar money supply was significantly increased in the aftermath of 9/11;

    The bank at the core of the illegal money laundering by ex-Soviet criminals wasthe source of the increased money supply (BoNY);

    The generally disseminated rationale for BoNY’s operational problems seems tohave affected no other bank in a similar manner or magnitude and is inconsistentwith reports on the BoNY operations in the aftermath


    A key witness who might provide insight to these issues is a statistically aberrantdeath;

    The source of the BoNY’s $330 billion in assets is cloaked under the privilege of “private banking” as footnote in the annual report;

    The only alleged “severe” disruption to the financial systems was the FederalReserves account balance and the securities trading fails – both systems requiredto hide the laundering of $240 billion in illegal securities

  30. Six groups were involved in the attack on the WTC”1.

    The group that initiated the attack most likely consisted of an internationalnetwork of financial executives representing primarily the Bank of New York,the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Riggs Bank, Deutschebank and theUnion Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and should include representatives fromBank Menatep, Swiss-American Bank, Credit Suisse, Investor AB, andAllianz, and their respective subsidiaries and major investment partners. Thisdecision was meant to stop multiple money laundering investigations whichwould have traced illegal money laundering operations to accounts that heldstolen national treasuries. Only a very few of the individuals in this groupwould have participated in or been knowledgeable of the decision. With adecision being made in 1998, the attack on the WTC was probably delayeduntil September 11, 2001, to allow the Bush Family and Russian Mafiya tocover the settlement of the fraudulent Durham/Brady Bonds .2.

    The group which probably planned and set-up the attack on the World TradeCenter was most likely a mix of Russian/Israeli Mafiya, ex-KGB and Israelisecret service, with the assistance of David Kimche (Mossad agent), MeirDagan (head of the Israeli Mossad), Adnan Khashoggi and Sheikh KamalAdham (former head of Saudi Intelligence), Richard Armitage and RichardSecord. Kimche, Armitage and Secord are the only field intelligenceoperatives identified in the world press as having field managementresponsibility for Al Qaeda mercenaries. Khashoggi is documented to havecoordinated similar types of false “terrorist” attacks in Russia, with theparticipation of CIA and Israeli agents working with Chechen Mafya (with itsstrong likages to the Yeltsin Family.)3.

    The group that probably arranged for operational cover in the US, andintelligence support the operation required most likely consists of re-unitedparticipants in the Iran-Contra dealings of the 1980’s. This group has beenworking in concert in Central Asia, using Baku, Azerbaijan as a base of operations since the early 1990s. This group of former Iran-Contraconspirators includes:a)

  31. Adnan Khashoggi: whose Azerbaijan banks "played a big part in theformation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories fordnan Khashoggi: whose Azerbaijan banks "played a big part in theformation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories fordeveloping chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh”

    was a major mover of illegal gold; major investor and founder in Barrick;was a major investor in Oryx (financial backer of Huffman Aviation- theflight school that provided training to eleven 9/11 hijackers); and businesspartner with General William Lyon – founder of diploma mills which arelinked to the access to the US for two hijackers. Khashoggi also is linkedto the funding of the “9/11 Truth Movement” in an attempt to monitor andcontrol civilian inquiries into the events surrounding 9/11.b)

    Richard Secord: a former U.S. Air Force major general who had beenhelping to recruit and train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secretservices in conjunction with David Kimche, and was reported to haveassisted in the recruitment of Al Qaeda mercenaries and Osama Bin Ladenfor deployment in Azerbaijan;c)

    Richard Armitage: who managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bushduring Iran-Contra period; who acted as a consultant to Halliburton andUnocal at the time, and was President of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce. Armitage had demonstrated a history of visits to Pakistan andthe rest of Central Asia, and was reported to have assisted in therecruitment of Al Qaeda mercenaries and Osama Bin Laden fordeployment in Azerbaijan;d)

    Farhad Azima, a US arms merchant with Iranian background, a member of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, who assisted Richard Secordin recruiting, transporting and training mujahedin mercenaries. He wasowner of the Azerbaijan Airlines, and has a twenty year old relationshipwith the Iran-Contra syndicate. He is significant co-investor with WallyHilliard of Huffman Aviation in a small California electronics company(Spatialight Inc).e)

    Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family of the Saudi oil companies Delta Oil and Nimir Oil.Both are partners with Unocal in Azerbaijan and partners in multiple Bushfamily enterprises. He is a major investor along with Khashoggi in Barrickand TrizecHahn. (TrizecHahn was the landlord to the corporateheadquarters of Halliburton and Enron.)f)

    Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the AzerbaijanInternational Operating Company, on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; participant in Congressional hearings that let Iran-Contraparticipants off-the-hook. Dick Cheney’s role in the attack on the WTC ismost thoroughly treated in the book Crossing the Rubicon, by Michael C.Ruppert, where Cheney is demonstrated to be fully accountable for theactivities of NORAD and FEMA on September 11. John Mann, in Rise of the Vulcans- The History of Bush’s War Cabinet, describes Cheney as“one of the principal defenders of the Reagan administration’s conduct inIran Contra.”

  32. @bflowers1: I guess I did get off topic with you. Yes, I agree with you. We get enough people buying the physical in silver & gold, we will crush them. But SLV & GLD I think are no better than the JP Morgue f'n with Comex & the LMBA. I would rather own the PHYZZ, then try to find a decent stock to swing trade, though I don't do it much. If anyone trades SLV & GLD, take no offense please, it is one man's opinion.


    David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents andmercenaries into Azerbaijan at the request of Secord, and worked withSecord and the regional secret service organizations of Azerbaijan andKazakhstan. He was a participant in the October Surprise and Iran-Contrascandal, and consultant to Manuel Noriega.h)

    Porter Goss, former CIA agent and Congressman, now Director of theCIA. He met with Mahmoud Ahmad, Director of the Pakistani SecretService (ISI) shortly before and after 9/11. Mahmoud Ahmad wasresponsible for providing $100,000 in funding to Mohammed Atta. Gosshas not been identified with any Azerbaijani activity, but has beenidentified with Iran-Contra activity.i)

    George Bush Sr., who (according to several eyes witnesses) authorized theIran-Contra and October Surprise operations (although Congressionalinvestigators concluded he was not involved), initiated the US covertoperations in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, authorized the creation of theillegal Durham/Brady Bonds which went secretly to Russia, andauthorized the assignment of $10 billion in un-mined gold reserves toBarrick. He later sat on the Advisory Board of Directors for Barrick. j)

    Robert Mueller, who as US Attorney headed the Iran-Contra and the BCCIinvestigations and trial found little fault with Bush Sr., also wasresponsible for the FBI investigation of 9/11.4.

    Members of the US group that arranged for the September 11 cover-up mostlikely used the attack for multiple purposes related to financial gain andobstruction of justice, and set the timing of the attack to resolve a majorfinancial fraud involving $240 billion in securities backed by illegal goldholdings (Durham/Brady Bonds).5.

    The organization that managed the details of the US attack operation was mostlikely an Israeli secret service unit including Mohammed Atta (who organizedthe aerial attack), Rudi Dekker (responsible mostly for visas), and KhaledOdtllah (who was responsible for arranging explosives in the WTC);

  34. @malcolm: thanks for the post. It is so sad to me that more people are so brainwashed & braindead to not even consider anything other than what the government tells them. Since it is now 10 years old, most people don't talk about it anymore, but I happen to have a conversation just last week. A very pretty girl, about 27 & I were talking. I guess it got to that point when I think it was me said, wow, almost 10 years ago. She believes as we do, but cannot articulate it very well. I told her if she runs into any sheep to ask them just two things (1) how is it that through all of the fiery hell, through all of the debris scattered after the twin towers fell that they could find almost perfect intact passports from the terrorists? Or, in Shanksville, when piece we so small (from the plane), but could find a passport (2) planes have crashed in the most horrific ways, but the black box have almost always been found, but, yet, on this day, all 4 black boxes couldn't be found? Side note from me, is it true they claim they never recovered all 4 black boxes, cause my memory is fading and I really don't want to go back and do research. She said to me: wow, good points.

  35. Very interesting Post ! Thanks Makes me sick to think I was in the Army..


    Yes,, Only the PHYZZZZ ! In PhYZZZZ We Trust!
    I'm am not one wanting to see the Collapse come too soon.
    The more time the better as far as getting more Phyzzz. But at the same time, I would rather see it come, before they have everything in place as well.. I would like to see a Larger percent of people know what we do !

  36. @bFlowers1: The faster it starts, the sooner we get over & through it. I would like to see a larger percentage too.

  37. @tkemper

    read the comments. Dan D. explains his stance which makes a lot of sense.

  38. @ledbetter, I saw Jesse Ventura interview a worker from WTC who says he saw them recover three black boxes at WTC yet to this day they are reported as never recovered. I agree on the passport thing, I have posted that here before. But the most convincing evidence is how many firemen say they heard explosions in the building before the plane hit and the demolition experts who all say it was a controlled demolition. And there is always that building 7 that no one can explain.

  39. And has anyone ever seen what was actually in building 7? Every paper record on the enron scandal, SEC, etc. The criminals caught a lucky break that day; just a coincidence I guess.

    What Was In Building 7?
    Building 7 was one of New York City's larger buildings. A sleek bronze-colored skyscraper with a trapezoidal footprint, it occupied an entire city block and rose over 600 feet above street level.

    Built in 1985, it was formerly the headquarters of the junk-bond firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, which contributed to the Savings and Loans collapse, prompting the $500-billion taxpayer-underwritten bailout of the latter 1980s. At the time of its destruction, it exclusively housed government agencies and financial institutions. It contained offices of the IRS, Secret Service, and SEC.

    Tenant Square Feet Floor Industry
    Salomon Smith Barney 1,202,900 GRND,1-6,13,18-46 Financial Institution
    IRS Regional Council 90,430 24, 25 Government
    U.S. Secret Service 85,343 9,10 Government
    C.I.A. N/A N/A Government
    American Express Bank International 106,117 7,8,13 Financial Institution
    Standard Chartered Bank 111,398 10,13,26,27 Financial Institution
    Provident Financial Management 9,000 7,13 Financial Institution
    ITT Hartford Insurance Group 122,590 19-21 [Insurance]
    First State Management Group, Inc 4,000 21 Insurance
    Federal Home Loan Bank 47,490 22 Financial Institution
    NAIC Securities 22,500 19 Insurance
    Securities & Exchange Commission 106,117 11,12,13 Government
    Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt 45,815 23 Government
    This list is based on a table published by, which did not include CIA, whose tenancy was disclosed after the attack in the New York Times article. 1
    One of the most interesting tenants was then-Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, and its emergency command center on the 23rd floor. This floor received 15 million dollars worth of renovations, including independent and secure air and water supplies, and bullet and bomb resistant windows designed to withstand 200 MPH winds. 2 The 1993 bombing must have been part of the rationale for the command center, which overlooked the Twin Towers, a prime terrorist target.

    How curious that on the day of the attack, Guiliani and his entourage set up shop in a different headquarters, abandoning the special bunker designed precisely for such an event. 3

  40. @Tom H: yes, you jogged my memory, I heard that too. Thanks. How about the video from the pentagon? National security my ass. You know what is national security? Cause if the people really knew it was a rocket blown into the Pentagon by TPTB, they know damn well their security would mean they would have no security.

    Signed, LedBEDDER

  41. Its all a big F'ing scam!

    Heres the thing that I cant figure out, which came first the chicken on the egg. The chicken in this case was the war of terror,martial law, patriot act and reduction of our civil rights or the egg, NWO, global wars and finical collapse.

    I mean had the planned everything or was it the situation of not wasting a good "event". After all the 911 tv show was pretty good, look what they got out of it!Collapse of the USSR, NWO, the Euro, most of the Mideast oil and soon to be collapse of the USSA.

  42. @malcolm: what came first is simple & is one word (name) ROTHCHILD

  43. @ led, check this out

  44. KWN interviews Sprott:

    When asked where he sees the price of silver headed Sprott responded, “I think silver will outperform gold in the next decade. If silver should trade at a 16 to 1 ratio (to gold), it will probably trade at 10 to 1 because things tend to overshoot. Let’s use Jim Sinclair’s $12,000 target, that would suggest $1,200 silver, which is a thirty bagger from here...The biggest reason it (silver) should go there is people should fear bank deposits, that’s what I think they should fear.”$1,200.html

  45. @Malcolm- thanks for taking the time to post all that info. Are you familiar with the insurance scam that was pulled as a result of the 'coordinated demolition' of the Twin Towers? The guy who bought the towers, Larry Silverstein? (I think that was his name), would have known they were worthless because of the asbestos liability in them. He was a very close personal friend of Netanyahu. He wound up getting a monster insurance payoff on what was at face value a mindlessly shitty investment.


    Great video on 9/11 from the perspective of a former Marine and patriotic American of Jewish ancestry, Alan Sabrosky.

  47. How did much of the hundreds of thousands of tons of reinforced concrete and steel in the towers turn into sub 80 micron powder, that's one I'd love to know? Space-based DEWs, mini-nukes... It sure as hell wasn't airplanes and kerosine, or thermite. There was evidence of the Hutchison Effect all over the place.

    In fact I wouldn't be surprised if there were no aircraft at all with what the military has been doing with holographic technology. There were no aircraft that day IMHO, none. The infamous nose-out footage is proof of either video fakery, holographic projection or both.

    Flight 11 and 77 never existed according to BTS data, taxi time, no runway time, no wheels-off time, etc. The engine found on the corner of Church and Murray, that allegedly flew three blocks and fell 1000 feet, was half the size of the P&W or GE engines used on a 767 and barely cracked the pavement.

    Sure, let's remember those who were lost and those who sacrificed but let's also let this remain fresh in our minds and psyches because this was all about the the take-over of the U.S. domestic and "foreign policy" from "within" and not terrorism from abroad.

    Those who chose to just believe what government and MSM program into them deserve everything they get.

    Now CNN and the like are mainlining people with more doses of propaganda for the tenth anniversary.

    The deception and lies are all broad daylight no lube now, they don't even feel they need to hide it all because they know the the average person is nothing but a programmed imbecile.

    We live amidst a true idiocracy.

  48. Oh, and what the proverbial fuck is up with the US$?

  49. Since we are on the topic of 9/11 and finance, something you guys should look into, is the testimony of Indira Singh and Ptech's enterprise architecture. Very eye opening stuff into the world of insider trading, artificial intelligence, and the most hardcore corruption imaginable.

    I found out about this info from the Corbett Report.

  50. @TEC: Wow, way worse than I thought. Thanks for posting.