Friday, September 16, 2011

Schiff testimony to Congress 9/13/11


  1. What In the Hell Happened ! I Left my Flowers1 bunker for a Few hours, and come back to all these up dates ! I needed a couple of hours of decompression ! Now I don't get to sleep tonight with all of these ! lol

  2. Mr. Cummings: all the teachers I know are idiots and follow a govenment regulated educational textbook to 'teach.' Goodluck. More education is not the issue. Stop diverting attention from the real problem.

  3. Sgs: you are up late, must be plotting your poa for the morning.i can't believe the ignorance people greet schiff with.

  4. Thank you SGS for posting this Schiff testimony. The best thing Schiff said was that funding is not the issue with education. We need more vocations, more on the job training. These 4 year worthless degrees don't produce people with marketable skills and puts them in a sea of debt they will never escape.

    Work and experience gets you ahead, not a diploma from a party skool.

    I have a friend right now who graduated 2 years ago with a bachelors and he is making minimum wage and working about 20 hours a week at a movie theater and still lives at home with mom. The loans are due and his $300 biweekly paycheck can't even cover his LOANS let alone is car to get to the job, and food to eat.

    I know another guy, he graduated with a worthless degree in Communications. Can't find a job so he is joining the military - not as an officer- but as enlisted. He has a 12-18 month wait before boot camp because there are a ton of applicants ahead of him to go guard opium fields in Afghanistan, or Halliburton's oil fields in Iraq.

    I'm so glad I didn't make the student loan mistake. I went to college until the scholarship ran out my third year, and I went to work. I have no intention of finishing skool.

  5. ESZ11 had a 3rd hit on the traj. line, caution is warranted.

  6. Loved the Ford comparison. Go Schiff.

  7. TheEconomicCollapse

    It's really kind of funny when you think about it. I have some smart kids, but when they went to college, most of their degrees require hands on experience.. Doctor, Nurse, Atmospheric Scientist, to name a few.. These kids have worked in the hospitals and labs while paying for college to learn their degrees.. They "PAY" to work ! I don't have a "Problem" with that ! My "Doctor" kid, will spend his next "Four" years making very little money doing his Residency ! But people expect to get Jobs, without Skills, and make a Certain amount of money !

  8. Huh! What did I say?

    highrise408 said...

    Silver will be back above $40 by tomorrow morning. If not, buy more.

    September 15, 2011 11:57 AM

    Yea... thats right.

  9. The U.S. census just declared that the median annual earnings of males employed full time was $47,715 in 2010. This is practically the same as the inflation-adjusted $44,455 of 1969 – just before the gold standard system ended in 1971. We’ve gone nowhere in forty years.

    Those figures are subject to the government’s official inflation statistics, which might make things look better than they really are. Let’s look at this a different way. In 1969, a dollar was worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold. So, the median full-time male income, of $8,668 nominal, was 248 ounces of gold. In 2010, the dollar was worth an average of 1/1224th of an ounce of gold, and the full-time male worker was making only 39 ounces of gold.

  10. @ Economic Collapse - Your friend, in good faith, can pay back the school loan on the Income Based Repayment plan, where he/she pays back somewhere between 8-10% of income.

    For those who are independent contractors in the US, we are already making far less than minimum wage. As a writer, working for a service - I have been paid $9/page. To make that nine bucks, I have had to obtain the sources/books, research the topic, and write a well-written, completely original paper that is properly formatted and sourced. It can take a whole day to write that kind of paper. And sometimes you can also write 2 to 3 one page papers in a day - that brings you up to an income of 27.00/day. Workers in the US today cannot live on 45.00 to 150.00 dollars a week - it just isn't possible with the overheads. And that is what highly educated workers like me are paid with 30+ years of hard work and experience under my belt. Fully employed, but making next to nothing. No taxes to pay to the federal government b/c expenses far outweigh your income. So even if you work full time and more - you have to go on food stamps if you want to eat -- or go to the hobo restaurant to eat once a day. This is what America has become - sad. It is truly being turned into a third world country.

    Where are all the people going to go when they lose their homes? B/c even if fully self-employed, they cannot pay even a quarter of their overheads?

    On the bright side, I do NOT work for a service anymore. I go after my OWN clients where the pay triples. You still have to work your A** off to make a living though - lucky to bring in 150 to 300 week. (Still cannot make the mortgage or the rent on that and still beholden to food stamps...or STARVE.) It's kind of a vicious downward cycle.

    On the even BRIGHTER side, I have teamed up with a partner who has a particularly unique marketable artistic talent. We are building a business based on our complementary skills and talents. I now have hope to make a living wage. And when I can, I BUY SILVER.

  11. Rule - Silver Default Possible, Miners Cash Flows are Parabolic

    silver news today????

  13. Mr Cummings (the Black gent), is a reflection of the attitude and knowledge of Congress Gr-9 and D grade. The problem ironically with the US is that Congress is Not educated. Mr. Cummings is in a sense right, all youth who persue Gov leadership positions Must Have the Credentials for the job. Clearly many haven't the foggiest!

  14. Interesting article I picked up today:

    Title: HSBC, GFMS see gold breaking $2,000/oz


  15. schiff is playing hardball, the same response tactics used by shitty economists, and stooge bandits that come before congress. He's putting himself on a level playing field.