Monday, September 5, 2011

Perth Mint Suspends Silver Dragon Orders

Dear Perth Mint, I will be awaiting my commission check at anytime.....and in other news, it seems as though I am right, and the rebuttal from the Perth Mint Click here to read..., was in fact, just delaying the inevitable.

"With immediate effect we are temporarily suspending orders for 1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz 2012 Year of the Dragon silver bullion coins.

This decision has been taken in response to unprecedented levels of demand for these three sizes, which is stretching production capacity to the limit. A temporary suspension in order-taking is, therefore, required to enable us to re-stock these product lines and focus on fulfilling all existing orders as quickly as possible."

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  1. you da fking man sgs. keep it up.

  2. But at least the 1 oz is available? Oh wait, "USD 41.46 Unavailable"

    still available from resellers, at a 100% premium:,34,Lunar-Serie-II.html

  3. Nice. I have been watching you. LOL.

  4. what total BS liars are these idiots...and just what do they have to gain or perhaps hide from us

  5. Got my tube of 1/2 oz Dragons ordered on 8/24/2011. Im good for now.

    @SGS - See any pullbacks for silver this week? Nah... didn't think so.

  6. eBay 2012 Dragon Pre-Sale Coins:

    Fuck those prices in the ass. Thats all they got. And no... I did NOT pay $835 for a tube of Dragons. My order with shipping was under $580 the day they were listed.

  7. eBay ACTUAL AUCTION from a guy in Germany for a 2 oz 2012 Dragon...

  8. Interesting. If you look at Gainesville the dragons may now ship by October 14th, it was previously September 23rd. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it, they don't have the silver to make additional coins for the demand. Look at the price of a uncirculated silver eagle recently priced at the US mint for $60.45. I've also been hearing that it is now difficult to get industrial silver...has anyone else heard this?

  9. just got an email from perth mint - September Releases: Lunar Dragon, Young Collectors, Australian Sea Life and enter to WIN Perth Mint coins!
    click through and what do you get:

    2012 Dragon Silver Proof 1oz Coin 2S1216DAAA AUS $ 102.27 US$ 107.94 Unavailable
    2012 Dragon Silver Proof Three-Coin Set 2S1216ZBAA AUS $ 362.72 US$ 382.82 Unavailable
    2012 Dragon Silver Proof 1kg Coin 2S1216AAAA AUS $ 1,990.90 US$ 2,101.25 Unavailable

  10. Lying? When it comes to silver?

    That's never happened before.

  11. HAHA
    Crikey look out out for them there Dragons. Nasty little creatures.

    I have been keeping up with SGS since the first bears video. But the slam dunk call on the Aussie Dragons and the blatant lie by the perth mint only to come up with this crap made me donate some fiat to SGS. Keep it up and tell the family that it does not matter whether the battle involves guns or information as your weapon, The Generals leading the March almost always burns the midnight oil

  12. I hope my 10 Oz silver dragon will be delivered next week!