Tuesday, September 6, 2011


-rumors of Greek Euro exit
-CDS' of everything moving higher
-Libor ticking higher

2008 all over again x 100.

I'm buying the silver dip as the gap was closed. But I am hedging massively with AIG puts.


  1. Volume SVM > 600,000 in 20 mins of trading @ $7.88.

    Can't keep PM down. Might be a good day...

  2. Look, I'm a beginner. Please tell me how on Earth can the AIG hedge the silver longs? If panic, silver goes up and AIG goes down, if not, silver goes down, AIG goes up so you are not protected with AIG puts. Insurance companies goes up in panic time? Thanks in advance!

  3. KingWorldnews pump reaction U308 Corporation > 40% on the start!


  4. "Insurance companies goes up in panic time?" PUT meaning I want it to go down. This will not go up if there is liquidation panic again.

  5. SGS, just wondering if my post on SVM got deleted. If so I'm not sure why. I was just posting news that I saw.

  6. More info on SVM

    Vote of confidence for Silvercorp

  7. Hello everybody,

    Just a heads up because I physically went to the kitco dealer this morning. I've bought many Maples on the dip today.

    I asked the operator if he the company (kitco) had problems getting their hands on silver and he told me that no, there are plenty of Maples and silver available. He told me that sometimes, the problem with the fact that they are out of silver is because their physical vault has a limit on the amount of silver that they can physically store... So when everything vanishes, they have to wait for the next delivery in the next couple of days.

    Also, it was during lunch time, and there were no people in line to buy/sell.

    So to whoever say that there is currently a bubble in gold: |=uck them off.

  8. still laughing my tits off.... did anyone else catch this lil snaffoo CNBC typo;

    "Krawcheck was in charge of the sprawling Merrill Lynch brokerage operation as well as of the bank's private banking units.

    Bank of America shares [JPM 33.44 -1.19 (-3.44%) ] rose in after-hours trading after finishing the regular trading session at $6.99 on the New York Stock Exchange."


    Predictive programming can be a funny thing......