Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paging Blythe...please review this graph and have explanation on James' Desk for the morn....paging Blythe....


  1. SGS, you should credit "mrktwtchr" with that graph. :) Way to go mrktwtchr!

  2. And by the way, any of you can get the inventory of APMEX silver.

    1. Go to ASE page. Using Google Chrome, right-click on the text box where you type in the quantity to buy.
    2. Choose "Inspect Element".
    3. Look at the JavaScript call. The LAST number in that call is the inventory number.

    For example, as of right now you will see the following:

    onkeydown="updatebuttonKeyDownmoz(event,this, 'ctl10_ctl00_Products1_Repeater1_ctl01_btnAddToCart', 160726)

    The current inventory for ASE is 160,726.

  3. I'd love to have that script to chart their inventory.

  4. reefman i can pretty easily create a script that pulls their inventory numbers into a database at some interval, then have it plotted on a chart.

    would be interesting.. lets see how much work i have to do tomorrow...

  5. ... and then i could overlay a silver chart of the same timeframe and see if there is any relation!!!

    oh man.. im having a programming orgasm.

  6. what's that? like 4 future contracts all in all? (5000oz=1contract right?
    At this pace Blythe is laughing her ass of at all of us.

  7. Yes, because the only coined silver bought in the entire planet during this selloff in paper was done exclusively on apmex, jackass.

  8. Now why would you do this when your merchandise is the cheapest its been in months!

  9. mined so thus far in 2011
    530,000,000 oz silver
    silver eagles minted thus far +-33,000,000
    Would someone care to look up the figures for the wieners, maples, kookaburras and pandas?
    Also bars would be nice. Not that i am lazy but i'am at work.

    I am starting to get really curious where all the mined silver is going to and which part us stackers take in it.

    no need for name calling through a nokia though.


    This made my day, thats some funny shit right there. Just thanking this sight for starting a following of Phyzz stacking in Adelaide Aus.. no thanks goes to WU.
    @WU, Buy some rope and make yourself into a windchime is some info if you need help..(

  11. Looks like they are running a silver sale again today boys. I just got a credit card in the mail with 0% interest until April. Perhaps I should max that fucker out today.

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  13. Sure 10000 one ounce coin sales is nice and I'm glad demand is spiking not falling but it really just amounts to a couple of contracts of silver. We need 100x bigger amounts before Blythe will notice.

  14. bear in mind that 5000 maples sold by apmex are real silver. A COMEX contract isn't, and by many accounts is leveraged 100:1 against real silver, and even that they probably don't own, it's leased from the CME or some other bank. 10000 maples is potentially equivalent to 200 contracts. When this paper fraud comes undone, and it won't be long as this rate, Blythe can throw all the kitchen sinks she wants to depress the "price", but by then the physical and paper markets will have become completely detached.

    Come on Blythe, smash it down to zero, end this now.

  15. If people want to compile their own set of data, here is the script that I use to perform that:

    EAGLES=`curl|grep 'ctl10$ctl00$Products1$Repeater1$ctl01$txtQty'|cut -f4 -d','|cut -f1 -d')'|cut -b2-50`
    MAPLES=`curl|grep 'ctl10$ctl00$Products1$Repeater1$ctl05$txtQty'|cut -f4 -d','|cut -f1 -d')'|cut -b2-50`
    echo "$DATE,$EAGLES,$MAPLES" >> log.csv

    I put this script in crontab on my linux box and run it every 5 minutes. If you have any questions regarding the script, let me know.

    What would also be interesting to plot are the following things:
    - Interesting COT reports information;
    - Other online bullion dealers inventory;
    - Google trends ( and twitter trends (!/search/silver)

    Let the ideas flow!

  16. Very impressed by your code mrktwtchr! I think I might just have to borrow it :-D

    Open Sauce!

  17. mrktwtchr, that's awesome! I have to reinstall Ubuntu on my new notebook. I miss Linux.

  18. Have fun playing with the code it's very simple :) Borrow it, modify it, whatever you want :)

    reefman, I run this on a free box that I created in the Amazon cloud for free ... It runs 24h/24h 7 days a week and it does not costs me a penny!