Sunday, September 25, 2011

Negative feedback loop...paging Blythe... unintended consequeces of operation smash taking effect....paging Blythe...

From Wiki: "Negative feedback occurs when the output of a system acts to oppose changes to the input of the system, with the result that the changes are attenuated. If the overall feedback of the system is negative, then the system will tend to be stable"

Greetings from the Inglewood California Silver line on Friday. LOL. Inglewood! Where u at? LOL...2 hour Wait time.

Please start sending in your silver line photos. This is supposed to be happening when Silver is at $500 not $30 and down 27% in 2 days. Paging Blythe!


  1. lada dada DAH its the mothafucking D O double G
    Compton Long beach ingleewoooood

  2. the people in line in this picture look like they are scanning the street for tinted cars and gang signs

  3. i don't get it. Didn't WU say just 2 days ago those lines were to sell silver? LOL

  4. Fucking hell! Of all the weeks to throw money at car repairs... Anyways, found a deal for us small fish to look in to. Thought it was worth sharing.

    Here's a silver eagle at about spot, free shipping:

    And a 1/10 gold eagle at about spot, $10 shipping.

    "One per household." I copied the gold URL into google, got some legit feedback.

  5. In Cincinatti, local coin shop out of eagles and maples on Friday.

  6. Thats the line for the H1N1 cancer injections.

  7. @eternal - Sell the car. You got legs and two thumbs. Walk or hitchhike.

  8. @highrise, I am. Need to take care of the small problem of two flats and an engine that smokes. Then that bitch is going in the classifieds. I've already got the OK from the boss to allocate a chunk in to PMs. By then the sale will probably be over, but what can ya do.

    Got about 200 lbs of food into buckets, and added another 20 gallons of water this week though. So it wasn't all bad.

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  10. one thing, I have been to inglewood, it seems no one has any money there. these people are probably selling broken gold and grandpa's silver coins cause they figure its their last chance. Also the few people with money in inglewood live in gated communities and wouldnt let themselves be photographed like sitting ducks at the gold shop of all places! Look at the crowd makeup, this is way more likely the line to sell gold to the banksters I'm going to need to see more pictures

  11. @eternal - Looks like you are on the same path as me my friend. Stock up as often as it will monetarily allow.

    @Commodity - Better prices and better selection in the hood. Its all stolen. They need to get it in and out ASAP.

  12. Hey All,
    Just adding to the comments above, I went into my local coin shop yesterday, and the guy usually always has something, if not silver then some kind of gold coin. He was bone dry. Thursday night someone came in and bought about $20k worth of silver from him, and then when Friday came it was all gone, including the gold. They have 5 local area stores and checking the inventory in the other stores, everything was gone there too.

  13. The picture is mine.

    0 = sellers

    How do I know? Because I asked the people in line. And the Korean security guard who I know thru my patronage to this dealer said all buyers since morning.

    California numismatic has been in Inglewood for 30 years, been there standing tall even in the infamous LA riots with ARs on deck.

    White people from Beverly Hills, Asians from east La, black folks from south central.

    I don't give a fuck. If you're phyzzing, i respect you.

  14. I will get another picture and maybe video tmrw.

  15. Oh, and i met and spoke with a very cute hapa (white+chinese) in line. She was buying gold and has been buying it for a long time (because of her mum).

    I have hope in finding my own phyzz wife someday...

  16. I live in England, and coin shops are few and far between. Silver is subject to 20% VAT so it's not worth buying bullion here. However gold is tax-free. Our local shop, Spinks, always has a couple of dozen bullion coins on display as well as plenty of numismatic stuff. The bullion is mostly Krugs, sovereigns and fractions of the above.

    Every month for the last 2 years since I became aware of the musical chairs that is Fiat money I have been buying either a gold sovereign or a half sovereign, or maybe 1/10 krugerrand for variety. I persuaded my wife to buy her first sovereign yesterday. We went to the shop to be told that all the bullion was sold. The tray was full, but the shopkeeper said that someone had bought all of them. This has never happened before.

    She sold us a proof sovereign in a presentation case for the bullion price, I guess it doesn't pay to piss off your regular customers, but I wonder what there'll be next month.

  17. Is a divergance between spot and actual selling price starting to surface?

    I watched the price late last week and decided not to buy any more physical yet. It will go lower Sunday/Monday I told myslef - and it has. I like to buy bars from Great Panther and First Majestic etc. Their 10 OZ bar price closed Friday at $35.00 an ounce and today - with silver down under $30.00 the bar price is up to $36.40 an ounce.


    A guy can't catch a break!!!

    It's like your wife coming out of the powder room right before a date looking ubeleivably hot then half way through supper as you've been staring into her "eyes" all evening she tells you its that time of the month.

    It just ain't right.

  18. CWN, if you were buying and or selling, would u dress for success and advertise u are carrying, or would u trade places and appear to fit in? Street Smarts Sez: DING!

    E) all the above.. "Fit in"

  19. First Majestic Still Holding at $35.00 an ounce. Still seems high to me given current spot.

  20. Sam Walton supposedly used to bag groceries and stuff for his customers. People would want to or did, tip him a quarter.. LOL. My point? You can't judge people, especially the way they dress..

  21. Inglewood...Inglewood always up to no

    Looks like silver is heading back up now.

  22. Be careful Whiskey Six, we could be headed that direction.

    And just remember, MasterBlaster runs barter-town.

  23. looks like we are headed back up except we touched a new low of 29 at 8 minutes after the open. we might need news here to stem the fall. once the chinese see that 29 print at 10pm market open... and the tokyo nikkei index is on the way down. It's already 110 points below the opening price. silver at the friday close dropped 2% (31.15 to 30.5) on the last 10 seconds and at 6pm open dropped from 30.5 to 29.05 in the first 8 minutes. if you combine the two thats 7% drop in 10 minutes

  24. In SF there appear to be just two credible places to buy silver & gold.. the Gold Buyer and Witter Coins. The rest are assorted pawn shops w/ exorbitant premiums and fakes from Chinatown.

    Both are rather small (and did I mention, the only credible places in the entire city?)

    Even a month ago Gold Buyer has been so busy buying yellow and white from people its near impossible to buy anymore since you have to wait behind everyone else who is selling. I flip out.

    Witter has good coin stock, but no bars or ingots. Doubt he'll sell at these prices though.

    Which leaves online sources like APMEX. I don't do ebay anymore, too many fakes.

    Junk foreign silver seems to have the lowest premiums anywhere right now. Heck even APMEX had some Mexican for just 0.29 over spot as of last night.

    Silver's silver.

  25. On Friday I went to my local shop after calling to make sure they still had rounds. They sell at $1.25 over & they are the closest at that low of a premium. When I get there a lady in her early 40's or so is at the counter with her young daughter. Owner is counting bars, ingots & rounds showing her everything he has. It felt like forever waiting to see if she was going to buy it all. She bought everything he had left except a 100 oz bar. About 10 g's- 300 ozs the hard way. Lucky for me he was willing to dip into a stack he said he wasn't supposed to sell. Looks I'm going to have to shorten that stack some more in the morning.