Friday, September 2, 2011

Fine Art Auction. Alex schaefer- JPM Chase Burning.

Current bid : $5027 and climbing.

Click here to bid...


  1. SGS, you never cease to amaze me with what you find.


  2. Truly a masterpiece.

  3. OT: Can someone validate this claim that the CNBC gold vault visit and gold bar serial number actually belonged to HSBC and is on the list. To me, the fix is very simple fix the HSBC list.

    """Turns out, the gold bar Pisani picked up actually belongs to ETF Securities. ETF Securities is a provider of Exchange Traded Commodities, Exchange Traded Currencies, and 3rd generation Exchange Traded Funds. The management pioneered the development of ETCs, with the world’s first listing of an ETC. The gold bar ZJ6752 can be found here under MSL Gold. HSBC holds gold for other funds and it appears that no one checked to make sure Pisani was holding a GLD gold bar. Although the mistake seems simple, it does not dampen conspiracy theories to have Pisani showing viewers a gold bar that belongs to ETF Securities while trying to promote the physical gold bullion of GLD."""

  4. Hahahaha Funniest shit nI've seen in weeks! Not a fine art kinda guy, but would love a print!

  5. Scott: I have loyal readers who send a lot now. which is great as the new site should be up and ready by next week. Cant wait.

  6. GRO to the moon! And I have not been getting NIA pump emails either!

  7. Garry: I guess you missed yesturdays email pump for GRO lol...I got it!

  8. Nice: I'm looking into more of this:
    Authorities Harass Brush Painting Terrorists

    Time to really buy silver and crash JPM!

  9. malcolm said...

    Oh and when I sober to tomorrow AG will be 43.00 SDS will be 25.00 and I may be sober :) but then again its Labor Day, fuck it I might just stay drunk until Tuesday!

    I have a fucking brain tumor! ouch

  10. If EXK breaks 13.00 it's going to 18.00. You know how to thank me.

  11. Fine Art: Get it while it's hot!

    (sorry, can't help it. addicted to puns)

  12. I just noticed something: This electronic market can take everything down including but not limited to:
    ---SILVER and GOLD
    all this while the US DOLLAR INDEX goes up.

  13. LOL thanks weather unit, that's very instructive and believable information. Any evidence to support your claim, or should I just stop being inquisitive and start thanking you more?

  14. You just noticed that the electronic market can take everything down? Where have you been looking all this other time then?

    And yes, I am looking to load up on some EXK once it closes above its all time high at 12.75 or when it gets a nice ample pullback now that miners seem to be breaking the holds of the shorts.

    The physical market will put great stress on a lot of the ponzi scheme, and will give great life to the miners which are in turn the world's "true printing presses."

    Now just to make some fiat before the press gets nationalized....

  15. The press is not going to get "nationalized". The press is already on it's way and is already "globalized".