Wednesday, September 21, 2011

D-Day Ben

On that fateful day, when Operation Overlord commenced, and the Beaches were stormed not only Americans, but Canadians as well (Juno Beach), were in a maze on confusion full of mixed reactions to the first 2 hours upon landing. Only after losing life, were the beaches taken and secured from the big bad crazy baby eaters.

Moral of the story, when D-day 2:15 hits today, there will be massive confusion. Trade the 2:15-2:30 reaction, if your platform holds up, and you will be slaughtered. Try not to be a hero today, the first move is usually the head fake. Make it to the beach.


  1. PTB's shaking the tree hard this a.m. They're trying to drive the PM's down, but they ain't gonna shake me out.

    "Ain't nothin' gonna break my striiiide. Ain't nothin' gonna slooow meeee downnnn."

  2. PM's? lol, look at the bank stocks! LOVE IT.

  3. wow, what quarter are we in silvergoldsilver. What stage of the game is this. I need some answers, where is wesley snipes when you need him.

  4. GS trying to paint a double bottom @100. GS, JPM, BAC, MS all look sick. I'm glad I'm long on FAZ.

  5. SVM - no put covering today. i ain't buyin on this rally but could close above $8.00 !!

  6. spielberg sickens me, yes of course he made some good movies but he is a Holocaust perpetuater ....

    you think I am nuts, you think you know what happend bc you have been stuffed Hollywood zionist versions since you stopped crapping your diapers?

    watch this and spend one hour unlearning what you have been falsely brainwashed.!

    I have emailed many times with the producer of this doc, he was jailed for asking elie weisel about his hoax book, NIGHT, in an elevator, when he slightly grabbed his shirt sleeve ...

    why are people put in jail in europe for saying 5,999,999 jews died in work camps?


    if you got this far, this will blow your paradigm to kingdom come and forever straighten out your skewed view of history.