Friday, September 2, 2011

Chapman on QE3/gold/silver and the upcoming October equity disaster...and CNBC's version below


  1. picked up some AIG PUTS at the close for a hedge if next week gets decimated.

  2. Hmm... Could this swap agreement holding the bond market together somehow explain why Morgan Stanley's stock price is getting rocked? Could there be a correlation here? I am not familiar enough with the subject, but if they are inter-linked with the FED in swap agreements in bonds, could that somehow show up in their stock price? I really have no clue on Morgan Stanley though, so I could be way out of line here.

    I like Bob Chapman, as he has positive intentions and does reach a wide audience with a knowledgeable perspective, but at times I have found him to be off. Nobody can be perfect though about predicting the future, so guess you can't really blame that.

    P.S. -- SGS your updates are quite enjoyable to watch. I loved your commentary about you could really care less, as ultimately (not long from now), this paper game ain't gonna matter anyways.

    Will be looking forward to your new site,


    Good info but sometimes Chapman gets a bit into himself. However, he has good intentions.

  3. CNBS & LIESman - so simple a sheeple could understand

  4. Beuller...Beuller...anyone....anyone...

    Ledbedder said...
    Hope everyone has their favorite stock or index picked out for a great $hort!!
    September 2, 2011 5:31 AM

  5. If you needed any more reasons to hate Goldman Sucks, here is one more:

  6. Britain managed to get itself in debt in the 19th century because it had massive trade imbalances with places like China that eventually fomented the Opium Wars. These people are such retards.

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  8. @capitald

    That Mr. Grant is pretty sharp. Obviously whoever had the earpiece of the talking head ( I don't watch cnbc so I am not sure who it is ) posed that question about Britain had probably googled that fact.

    Never posted here before, but the way that talking head was grinning at how he "stumped" Mr. Grant pissed me off.

  9. Damn blogspot... been trying to post something for last 20 minutes. I give up, read if you want. Most of it is probably nothing new to many here anyways.

    "The efficiency which powered Mayer's sons brought on enormous economic spring cleaning: a sweeping away of fiscal dead wood; a renovation of old credit structures and an invention of new ones; a formation -- implicit in the sheer existence of five different Rothschild banks in five different countries -- of fresh money channels via clearing-houses; a method of replacing the old unwieldy shipping of gold bullion by a worldwide system of debits and credits.

    "One of the greatest contributions was Nathan's new technique for floating international loans. He didn't much care to receive dividends in all sorts of strange and cumbersome currencies.

    "Now Nathan attracted him -- the most powerful investment source of the nineteenth century -- by making foreign bonds payable in Pounds Sterling" (p. 96).

  10. SGS, any thoughts on way OTM FAZ calls as a hedge? Being double leveraged, the ETF itself has a volatility component to it. Throw in the time and volatility component of how options are priced and you can make hella fiat with a small investment when SHTF. Something I'm considering on the next green day - although I'd rather there be no more green days.

  11. AIG? Mmkay...

    BAC PUT'in.

  12. Futureistic FAZ is triple short not double :)

  13. > These people are such retards.

    No they're not. They have DEGREES from accredited UNIVERSITIES and they speak from a place of authority because they are news anchors but most of all they are Keynesians, which makes them intellectually untouchable.

    (did you catch that off-camera comment from that pretty bitch quoting Keynes "In the end we're all dead"?)


    But in they end, yes, they are all retards. :)

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  15. @Nig4Life: is that ok with you that I want to talk with Malcolm? LMFAO.

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  17. @FuturisticEel

    I recently bought some September SQQQ 28 calls, and the fuckers are volatile. Bought it a few days ago for 1.15, traded as low as .75, only to be back up to 1.20 today. These expire shortly, so I dont think that is exactly what you were thinking, but it is similar to FAZ. This was the first time I tried it, I just refused to believe everything is all better so I bought those calls. Risky with the expiration, no doubt.

    In addition to my November JPM 31 puts, I'm happy that I piggybacked on that ZeroHedge mentioned trade buying 2million worth of November BAC 4 puts. Except one small detail, he got them for 37 cents, and I got 'em for 16. Got a couple NOV BAC 3 as well, and only 6 cents each. What the fuck, right? Can't imagine lasting that long without a big drop, and the last time ZH posted about a huge trade that sounded ridiculous, it was that $4mil (or was it $1m)bet that SLV would be $25 by June. This reminds me of that, so I jumped in.

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  20. I know how much these smirking know-it-all brainwashed talking heads piss us all off with their blatant ignorance and blind faith in a bullshit monetary system, but when this whole fiasco comes to a grinding halt, we will be the ones who will be smirking & giggling at them. Sure they'll point the finger at us and blame people such as ourselves for causing the collapse because we bought gold & silver, but like SGS says "I really don't give a shit" because we have the phyzz and they have paper (which you also can't eat!!)

    Like the old saying goes "He who laughs last, laughs the longest" so get ready to laugh your asses off at these morons.

    By the way and nice little rally in the PMs on Friday, hopefully a sign of things to come.

  21. Yeah, love the s**ts who told everyone not to invest in gold/silver--you can beat your sweet bippy they're investing in it!

  22. SGS, Did you notice how on the Federal Housing Finance Agency News Release, it states: "The suits allege violations of federal securities laws and common law in the sale of residential private-label mortgage-backedsecurities (PLS) to the Enterprises."

    Emphasis on "common law", in relation to the Mary Article you posted a while ago, and the freeman on the land idea. Why include a reference to common law if it's no longer being used in today's court system...

  23. No, Mr. Fucking Asshole LIESman. That's not why America and other countries stopped using a gold standard. The reason was because the Bretton Woods agreement decreed the U.S. dollar to be the world's reserve currency, and considered the U.S. dollar as good as gold. At the time, the strength of the U.S. economy, the fixed relationship of the dollar to gold ($35 an ounce), and the commitment of the U.S. government to convert dollars into gold at that price made the dollar as good as gold.

    The U.S. started having problems paying for the Vietnam war, budget deficits, and then France said, "Fuck you! Here's your fucking toilet paper, we want it converted to gold!" The Banking Cartel along with other Keynesians in Nixon's administration forced him to create an executive order taking the U.S. off the gold standard on August 15, 1971...essentially defaulting on the dollar. At least starting the default process.

    Oh, yeah, right...hats off to the CNBC for that magnificent piece of shit production. Fucking assholes!


    First...let's go over the eagle sales figures, ratios, and forecast. For the first 8 months of 2011 we had the following:


    GOLD EAGLES = 752,500
    SILVER EALGES = 28,950,000

    This comes out to be a 38.5 to 1 ratio of silver eagles sold to gold. If we look at the total dollar amount invested in each we have the following:

    GOLD EAGLES = 752,500 X $1,503 = $1.13 billion
    SILVER EAGLES = 28,950,000 X $36 = $1.04 billion

    Even though total amount of gold eagles is greater than silver, this will more than likely change by the end of the year. Silver will probably fall below the 40 to 1 ratio to gold by the end of 2011. If Gold hits $2,000, silver should be above $55+.


    As mentioned above, total silver eagle sales for the first 8 months was 28,950,000. This comes out to an average of 3.6 million a month. If we take a safe average of 3 million a month for the next 4 months that would be an additional 12 million silver eagles.

    28.9 million + 12 million = approx 41 million SILVER EAGLES.

    According to my calculations, total US SILVER PRODUCTION in 2011 will decline 5-8%. 2010 US silver production was only 38.5 million according to GFMS in the 2010 Silver Survey. This would give an approx total US silver production for 2011 would be about 35-35.5 million ounces.

    Here we can see that the United States can't even produce enough domestic silver to supply its own silver eagle production.

    continuted below...

  25. SGS...I don't know what happened to the second part of my post...but if it is still there could you repost it. Thanks

  26. Nothing gets on television without being vetted way beforehand. Big money has been exiting Federal Reserve Notes and piling into gold since just after the 9-11 scam, and the trend is accelerating. There's a lot more FRN's out there than gold for sale, and even less silver. Now that the Rothschilds and their minions have sucked up all of the available metal from a confused public, suddenly CNBC starts this psy-op getting the sheep ready for some type gold scam standard. Fucking hilarious. Treasuries are a diversion being bought by the FED to create an artificial market while gold gets vacuumed up. I'm thinking five digits.


    Strange. I posted it and when I updated the website it was gone. Anyhow thanks SGS for looking. Here is the jest of the post:

    Harvey Organ has not updated his website for here are the Silver Comex Inventory numbers:


    BRINKS = -669,579 (Eligible)
    HSBC = -686,272 (Eligible)
    SCOTIA MOCATTA = -90,948 (Eligible)

    TOTAL WITHDRAWN 9/2/11 = 1,446,799

    REGISTERED = 32,078,666
    ELIGBILE = 70,812,581
    TOTAL INVENTORY = 102,891,247

    Thursday there was about 800,000 withdrawn from the comex silver inventories and another 1.4 million on friday. The total has declined from 105 million to 102.8 million in two days.

    Here are some updates on Peru Mining:

    Govt.-led protest demands Peru's largest copper miner fund more services

    More than 6,000 protestors, including their officials and leaders from various sectors, marched Thursday to raise awareness against the Southern Copper Peru mining company's failure to adequately fund a wastewater treatment plant in the Moquegua region.

    Vizcarra Cornejo said the regional government is not against private investment and is not opposed to mining. However, Vizcarra Cornejo noted, Southern Copper Peru has voluntarily contributed only 8 million soles [US$2,932,551] to the region, which he called "a tremendous imbalance and therefore the people are demanding respect in the streets."

    The massive protest took place on the same day Peru's Humala Administration announced it would send a proposal to Congress in the next two weeks to increase mining royalties. Prime Minister Salomon Lerner said last week that mining companies and the government agreed that the new royalty would raise around 3 billion sols (US$1 billion) annually.

    Peru to present mining royalty bill in two weeks

    LIMA (Reuters) -

    Peru's new leftist government plans to send a closely watched proposal to increase mining royalties to Congress in the next two weeks, the country's finance minister said on Thursday.

    Prime Minister Salomon Lerner said last week that mining companies and the government had agreed the new royalty would raise around $1 billion annually, but the rates that would yield that sum are still being debated.

    Here we see the govt of Peru finally getting tough with the BIG CORPORATE MINING COMPANIES. Once these huge open pit mines are completed, they leave a huge mess behind for the foreign countries to deal with. Some reclamation is done, but bare minimum.

    I know many Americans are tired of the long permitting process and cost to get a mine up and running here in the states, but by GOD its a good DAMN THING if you ask me. There are plenty of old mines around the country that have left a mess which to this day, many have not be cleaned up.

    This Alaska Pebbble Project is going to be an environmental mess...but I doubt it will ever get into production once we hit the GREAT HYPERINFLATIONARY DEPRESSION and collapse.

    This will be part of my new article on PEAK SILVER REVISTED where I believe the global peak will be either in 2011 or 2012 due to the collape of the financial and banking system. Capital and Credit will dry up and blow away making future projects very difficult to fund.

    Anyhow...have a great weekend.