Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toronto insanity, PM's consolidating on strong support, perth Mint rebuttle

If I do not post frequently, I'm either dead, or driving through Toronto. There was an accident on the 403 today near Toronto, lets just say I turned my car off and waited. Then on the way back, it took the life out of me. I was literally screaming at random people.

Then it hit me.

I had my epiphany of the year. I havnt got out much and ventured into that God forsaken shit swamp of a highway, so I have forgotten just how big the world really is. I mean thousands of thousands of cars all around me all day long. And then I realized, as I look at these poor souls wasting away their lives bumper to bumper, day in and day out, sucking in those fumes and texting away like fucking lepers would just before they rip their own arm off, and like full fledged fist pump to my mouth....it hit me. None of these motherfuckers have bullion. Millions going in and out wasting fuel like it grows in a well in their backyard - No one has it! I got out of my car like an insane fucking killer would going from window to window asking these robotic papsmears the same question: "Hey man, do you invest in bullion..." One girl said "yes I have gold bracelets!"

And this is the reality folks we live in. There is no bubble in Gold and Silver. And right now, I wouldn't doubt if 100K Gold is not in the works when this is all said and done. I cant find ANYONE I know, or random fucking people in traffic that have bullion. None.

Moving on as I am wired right now.

The Gold Comex has ZERO anything today. Whenever I see this in the past, a big move up or down is coming.

The Perth Mint has posted a rebuttal to my post Click here for rebuttal...I have contacted my dealer, and an extremely large Mine, and they have explicitly told me that they cannot order Dragons, even though they have ordered 3-5% of last years Rabbits. The Dragons are gone folks. Someone has spoken for them. I would like the Perth Mint to blog and write in writing that Current Dealers are now welcome to order MORE on TOP OF THEIR first orders they already have coming, which are now sold out at APMEX (You can send me a fuckin commission check Perth Mint). They wont, because they cant. They are gone. Until MY dealer and MY very large Mine says they CAN order Dragons, only then will I put this to rest, and say I'm wrong. So again, A. They are already ordered completely by dealers, or B. Someone took 20-40% of them in one shot, which is the rumor we are hearing. In no means are we trying to hype up the PM dragons, trust me I could care less for numismatics with little fury animals on them. PMint should be thanking me for free press right now as I rarely like to give it. Something smells fishy here.

If anyone is questioning why they didnt buy at $39, twice, and are about to buy it at $44 again by friday- give your head a shake, look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are such an asshole. PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER, store it away, and forget about it.


  1. I did the same test today at a hospital, that I took a friend too...
    Not 1 person out of about 30 had any idea as to why they would even need Gold or Silver...Not 1...
    Moreover not 1 had a clue of what was happening with the Economy...I was told "not to worry about it, as this is only temporary and everything would be fine...They know what they are doing"
    Being at a hospital...I left it at that, didn't want to see their rubber room...

  2. UPDATE: All 2012 Lunar Series 2 Year of the Dragon coins have now been SOLD OUT at APMEX. They had listed them for pre-sale last Wednesday afternoon.


    They had THOUSANDS of the 1/2 oz, 2 oz, and 5 oz, and several hundred of the 10 oz.

    Get em if you can find em.

  3. SGS

    Like I said I think it might be my dealer, however he generally sticks to bars not coins.
    Who knows he might have a Chinese customer who wants them.

  4. The only place i can find anyone pre-selling the 2012 Silver Dragons in 1 oz form is on eBay...of course. $79, a months wait, and you MIGHT get one.


  5. "ask yourself.. why are you such an asshole" LOL SGS goes FTW LOL fuck that was funny

  6. SGS, WTF did you inhale to many fumes on the freeway. SVM is the chubby we should be talking about up 11% TODAY. I bought in at 7.94 yesterday morning and yesss I will make my first chub donation in the next week unless the Comex gives us another tug job.

    BTW the girl on the freeway, were her bracelets worth looking at?

  7. SGS

    Do you have an email address to contact you on?

  8. Jasper I have $15 Jan calls on SVM. I'll wait till December or $15 to make my decision.

  9. your post prompted me to buy a 5 oz dragon from Gainsville, I paid $50 an ounce, then promptly looked in the mirror an said "why are you such a fucktron asshole" I had no response

  10. I know my doctor very well.. And I know that he collects Gold. I had to see him last week, and laid out my case to him why he should pile into some silver as well.. After our talk, he hooked me up with some really cool drugs..lol

    I know 98.5% of people, Really have no Clue on whats going on, and the 1.5% percent of us, are Scared to Death because we do ! And we spend every spare Fiat Dime, to buy the Precious ! What happens to the COMEX, when another half % Wakes Up ! KABOOM ! Seven and a half BILLION People one planet earth, and ONE BILLION PHYSICAL Ounces, for Investment ! (Hoarding, As JPM will put it, making us look like the bad guys ) out there, and that's pretty much it! I really didn't start collecting Silver to get Rich, just to protect my family.. But the more I think about it ! I've got my eye on a Castle ;) lol

  11. @nitsuj It is only the 1oz and 10kg that have a mint limit of 300000 and 1000 respectively. The 1/2oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz and 1kg are unlimited mint.

  12. Gold for paper anybody?


  13. For the miner crowd...


    AQD Chart + Data



  14. SGS, you kill me man! I laugh when I picture you going car to car asking the sheeple if they have any phyzz....Hahahahaaa
    Keep up the good work man.

  15. SGS, you are my hero. I love you.

  16. You need to do 2 things SGS. Take a fucking vacation before you lose it and write a fucking novel based on this insanity. Fuck!!! Make it a fucking graphic novel, i'll find a fucking artist!!!

  17. I don't laugh, seeing you going car to car asking people if they own physical metals.. I cry ! In the long run, that will just make more Desperate people.. It makes me Very sad, Inside. !

    I lived two blocks away from this place, as as a boy, I've always believed, I would own it some day, and I will buy it here, shortly ,, It fits my Big Family !

    It also has a Dungeon.. lol I will make it my man cave..lolol It was built by a Cattle Barron, about a half mile away from the Arkansas River.. And in the City, it has good defensive grounds.. Not the way I wanted to own it, but it will be mine..

    I just didn't know how I would obtain it !

  18. Dear SGS I know how you feel when frustration takes over.

    I think I have just been banned from receiving Emails from Bix Weir. I had the temerity to point out that he has told me to "buckle-up" so many times I couldn't move anymore for buckles.

  19. I've started asking a few people like day traders on the markets (blank expressions received back) - the only ones that seem to be in the know are those coming in to buy silver at the locations I pick up my physical inventory.One of them put me onto the Max Keiser blog and this has been in my favourites for a few months now. Have put a link on ... http://www.pocketinfo.net/2009/10/canada.html

  20. A friend of mine who is well fixed in the wallet department and has his money in a bank asked me how to buy real Silver and Gold.
    I explained in detail all of the options.
    Six months later he asked me the same question. Once more I explained.
    Six months after this he asked me again. Last week he asked me again.

    He is now dead. I strangled him ..... only kidding but I'm sure he's going to ask me again.

  21. The Bernank just got more paper.

    But, as we have found out in the past, he does what he wants anyway, and accounts for it later, or lies his way outta it.NOTE the $14T he GAVE to european banks as an example.NO FUCKING RULE OF LAW.

    Naked selling all miners now with no end in sight.They will ignore the ceo actions & keep up the same ole same ole...

    You guys must realize they want to tank the dollarUS right?That is the end game & only then will silver soar...they r HEAVY LONG PM,s...

  22. BUT....

    BIG things afoot behind the scenes. Benjamin Fulfords latest post.(he interviewed & called out Rockefeller himself for you dicks that have no clue)thank me later...

    Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system
    Posted by benjaminAugust 30, 2011
    For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan. Countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Representatives from the Pentagon and the US agencies at the meeting promised to bypass the Federal Reserve board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system.
    The Swiss used their financial intelligence to refuse would-be participants who were in any way associated with either the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Among those refused entry were Naoto Kan (still Prime Minister of Japan as of last week), IMF head Christine Lagarde and US Senator J. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was actually physically prevented from boarding the ship, according to two eye-witnesses.
    There was an attempt by members of the old world order fascist cabal to eavesdrop on the meeting with helicopters. The helicopters were also preparing to attack the ship with pulse weapons before they were warned off by pentagon white hats and forced to leave the vicinity, CIA sources say.
    A foundation will be set up as a vehicle to finance the military industrial complex to ensure payrolls continue to be met at the agencies and the pentagon during the transition to a constitutional government in the United States, the sources said. The foundation will, as a temporary security measure for security reasons, exclude all members of the Khazarian, Sabbatean sect, including as well, any US/Israeli dual citizens.
    US and European elements of the White Dragon Society will be preparing legal cases to ensure the arrest of all leading conspirators in a plan to murder over 85% of the world’s population. Videos of 5 separate underground cities, complete with agricultural complexes, were shown to meeting participants as evidence of the genocide planned for 2012.
    In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place.
    Nevertheless, if the seismographic graph of the so-called earthquake that hit Washington D.C. last week is not a fake, then it appears that indeed a nuclear weapon was detonated at or near a known underground facility. Instead of showing a series of small quakes building up into a huge one as seen in natural quakes, the graph shows a sudden huge shake followed by smaller after-shocks typical of an explosion.
    The message to the cabalists seems to be simple: “you will not be given access to your underground shelters while the rest of us die.”
    It is also interesting to note that several South American government representatives at the 57 country meeting on the ship promised to start confiscating land bought by the genocidal faction in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. This will mean, for example, the Bush ranch in Paraguay will be seized soon.

  23. Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system
    Posted by benjaminAugust 30, 2011
    In Japan, meanwhile, a new Prime Minister has been selected who appears to be outside of the control of the Zionist cabal. Yoshihiko Noda, is a graduate of the Matsushita academy, who represents a moderate, nationalist and pro-business element of the Japanese establishment. More importantly, Rockefeller tainted candidates linked to ex-power broker Ozawa, such as Banri Kaeida and Zionist pet Seiji Maehara, were both excluded.
    There will be a major push over the coming weeks to start purging Zionist slaves from the Japanese political, military and bureaucratic establishment. The purge will be concentrated on only a few key high level traitors. Most importantly, since former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has run off to North Korea, it is now the turn for former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and his fellow Rockefeller stooges to surrender.
    The White Dragon Society will be calling on Japanese underground and right wing figures this week to demand that they now cease all cooperation with the genocidal Zionist faction. They will be excluded from the new financial system if they do not agree. The White Dragon allies are willing and able to go to war over this issue.
    The editor of a major Japanese magazine, meanwhile, approached the White Dragon Society last week with evidence that Hisashi Owada, a judge at the International Court of Justice at the Hague, is a Zionist slave. While in Japan, Owada was responsible for shutting down magazines and blacklisting journalists on behalf of his Zionist slave masters.
    Owada is the father of Princess Masako. Masako was living with her foreign ministry boyfriend and rejected out of hand any offers to marry to crown prince. As a result the boyfriend was transferred overseas where he died suddenly in a car accident. Masako then felt obliged to marry the crown prince. The emperor and his family have been blackmailed by the Zionists about this.
    Humanity will be set free soon.

  24. My work is done here.

    Check out my blog, yahoo group,too, btw...

    (Thanks SGS!)

  25. Interesting post. I guess if some crazed person came by me beating on my car in the middle of a traffic jam asking if I owned bullion I would answer in the negative also. Hoping my answer would buy me enough time to show you my Glock which is just one of my PM storage-delivery devices. Just last week I was wondering the same thing about all the people around me while in the Atlanta airport. I think the PM crowd is much much smaller than we think. Not many folks still around that remember the great depression or the lessons it taught.

  26. Good post silverbull. Good to know things could get better in the long run and we aren't all doomed. A little good news is always welcome.

  27. I can confirm Perth Mint are out of Dragons.. They did say they will be in stock tomorrow though.

    BTW, you thanking them for advertising your site ;)

  28. @SilverBull: very interesting read, thanks for posting. Now, let's hope a very large portion of the story is true & these people move quickly. We (the U.S.A.) cannot hold on much longer.

  29. That's some crazy shit SilverBull! I hope its true!

  30. Just been reading this stuff about the White Dragon Society and it's spokesperson Benjamin Fulford. It sounds hilarious. I'm not quite sure if it's out on Playstation or Xbox yet.

    I notice on Benjamin Fulford's site that the "end of the World" scenarios and collapse of the financial World is only available to "paid subscribers".
    This is something like Bix Weir. You can only be "let in" on the secret if you have money. Peasants needn't apply.

    I've come to conclusion that when someone wants money to "save" you it means that you can usually dismiss them as sensationalists looking to earn money from suckers.

    White Dragon Society? These secret societies never have names like The Pink Budgerigar Society.

  31. @silverbull, great post, I am researching now.

    The White Dragon Society "Warns" New World Order.

    In case you are wondering who the White Dragon Society is ...

    There is this post:

    Posted by benjamin
    April 11, 2011

    This weekend a French agent was sent by George Soros, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and other senior Zionists to negotiate with the White Dragon Society. The talks, which lasted for two days, were inconclusive. However, the agent made it clear the European branch of the Zionists truly feared a collapse of the Euro, while their American counterparts are finally beginning to realize they might actually end up in jail. At the same time, their attitude was so haughty it made arrogance seem like a form of humility. They also made many threats but the fact is that they are running scared and they are running out of time.

    The agent, who was of Japanese ancestry but who spoke French and English better than Japanese, claimed he came from a super-elite of Japanese Jews who represent 1% of the Japanese population. He kept referring to “average people,” pointing to nearby passersby with contempt as if they were almost an inferior species not worth protecting. Of course it is easy to feel superior if you are born into a world of billions of dollars and servants who do everything for you, including think.

    The negotiations took place at the same time as George Soros gathered a bunch of the same old Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg hacks for a “Bretton Woods II” conference that was largely ignored. It was largely ignored because this group has proven, with their rapacious actions over the past few decades, that they are not qualified to run the international financial system.

    Not only that, they have been using forged documentation to justify their control over the global financial system. Basically, if you ask them who gave them the right to create money out of thin air, they say it is God. If you ask them to prove that God gave it to them, they suddenly get evasive and embarrassed. God created life and the universe, but God did not create the Federal Reserve Board. It was a bunch of greedy oligarchs who did that.

    On a more down to earth level, the $1 trillion Neil Keenan lawsuit is finally reaching a crucial stage. People from all over the world have been providing evidence of crimes by the criminal cabal that owns the Washington D.C. corporate government. The constant flow of new information meant extra-legal preparations were needed and that is why the case has been pending for so long.

    Read the entire post here: http://eclinik.wordpress.com/vital-issues/ben-fulford/sarkozy-and-soros-...

    BTW The White Dragon Society used to be called the Black Dragon Society - the change is recent.

  32. Very interesting and funny. Thanks


  33. Yea, a little digging into this "White Dragon Society" and you see there is no evidence for any of these stories. Also for some reason this fulford character is the only one who knows anything about it or is allowed to release new information. Its pretty safe to say this is just some crack head's pipe dream hoping to get a little money in subscriptions to buy his next rock. If you know anything about the structure of societies like the Jesuits that real secret societies are modeled after then you know there are safeguards that allow for quick identification and destruction of any collusion against the cabal like this fulford is suggesting with the White Dragon Society.

  34. Awesome rant, SGS. I'm downtown and walk to work, but if you knocked on my car window on the 401 I'd also say "no". You'd take one look at my strappy sandals and lipstick and believe me too ;-) But I think you're right: mention PMs and sheeple think c-r-a-z-y lady.

  35. LOL...I walked around with a clipboard asking a one question "survey" for my "University Class Project"...its not like I was kicking in windows LOL

  36. @ TomH & SilverBull;

    interesting how all of a sudden Sarkozy is being investigated;


    And that beotch Liliane Bettencourt, Europe's richest woman is being implicated as well.... the shizza is starting punk!

  37. That was hardly a rebuttal by the Perth Mint. It was actually pathetic! All they said was that the dealers in Australia, Europe and America were allocated the Lunar Series II Dragons based upon the "quantity of coins they have taken in previous years." They said nothing about whether or not they had any left. But instead said, "We have stocks of 2012 Australian Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coins (500,000 mintage) which we are supplying to dealers as they are ordered."

    Sounds like they're afraid to admit what's really going on.

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