Thursday, August 4, 2011

To those of you

Who did not buy the Phyzz at $33-35, those days may be over. When I reco'd to purchase at these levels I was mocked by many, saying 'it was too early' or its going to sub $25, like Duetche bank said.

Now that we are on the verge of a total collapse, or a total money printing frenzy (I dont care which comes first), you better have your house in order. Tomorrow (Friday) MAY provide a buying opp on the NFP's, but the way things are going, that may not be the case as the shorts are getting ready to be squeezed like silly grapes at this $1680 level. Add in the fact that no big traders are at their desk, the next 3 trading days should mark a great entry point for both a short term trade...

The ECB today has proclaimed they will maintain their need to stimulate with upside risk to inflation. Translation: they will print money. Come August 9th at Jackson Hole, Shalom Bernanke will say the same thing.

The train leaves Aug 9th. Get your ticket a little early on any weakness coming up. You wont want to miss this train.

As with anything, when something goes up this quick, protect yourself with some PUTS just in case the bankers put the hammer down.

Gold has already tested $1680 as I type this and has been defended by the shorts. Dow is looking healthy to resume its trajectory into the Abyss.


Thank me lots, 'donations' per se have been light so to speak. I am putting everything into the new site. You will get it all back.


  1. Hey SGS,

    Greatly appreciate all you do on your blog.

    Excuse my inexperience, but could you kindly provide a simple example of how to use a put as a hedge in this situation (what value do you place on the put vs the call?; same strike?, etc.) Thanks in advance.

  2. Can anybody help educate me on what AGQ actually is? e.g. will it disintegrate as paper spot/SLV becomes does nothing and physical spot goes to the moon?

  3. JPY fighting back against USD - The world is getting barbaric again, time to load up on relics :-)

  4. Batten down the hatches. Stormy weather ahead.

  5. Gold / XAU Ratio - 8.10

    Miners being pulled into the market decline! Which is BS.

    I guess they assume there will no roads/equipment/electricity/food/water for the miners as well as the rest of us!

  6. Anyone see Kudlow last night where one of his guests was saying that yesterday afternoon was an excellent buying opportunity (stocks) and that his firm/fund essentially went all in. I had a feeling when I saw that it wouldn't be long before he'd be crappin' his pants. And another guest talked about how great it would be to replace Turbo Tax Timmy with Corzine. Just what we need another Goldman head and failed governor to boot.

  7. "Miners being pulled into the market decline! Which is BS. "

    This is expected and they will rocket higher when QE3 initiated.

  8. SGS,

    Two quick questions for you:

    1) What are your thoughts on the PPT? Can they really move markets, and who is in the PPT?

    2) Timeline/amount for QE3? Summer's end? 1 trillion?



  9. for crying out loud!

    The internet is amazing!
    Submitted by Doc J on August 4, 2011 - 10:36am.
    Hat Tip!

    Tuesday evening SGS dropped a hint on his blog that Tinka's drill (TKRFF--a silver miner) results were looking positive. I have been trading Tinka with a bit of success, so I was curious. Wednesday morning its price spiked from .50 up to .58 per share--a 16% gain in 3 hours. today is it back down to .51, about where it started. Was all this due to one man's blog? If you look at the user map on his page, you will see little lights all over the world. Yes, I do think the "Cramer Effect" is migrating to anyone's blog where there is a following. And you don't have to have a national TV show. You just open your very own blog over at google like Turd did (I am not advocating a pump 'n dump scheme) and the world is open to you, if you have something worth saying.

  10. I just wish I had more worthless fiat to exchange for silver. Trading worthless paper (or polymer notes here in Australia)for a finite and precious commodity that cannot be created out of thin air, this would have to be the deal of the century. I just wish I had woken up a year earlier and started stacking the phyzz when it was half the price, but hey I'll still take a 300+% return on what I've already got when it arrives. All aboard the silver bullet train, should be an interesting ride.

  11. All the miners are getting raped today, Tinka just happens to be a casualty! > 5% wow!

  12. Holy snapin' assholes zepster, how did you see that comming?

  13. There won't be QE3 however you are safe in US DOLLARS through this crash. Wait until the DJIA tanks to around 8,000 to 9,000 range. If you like gold and silver the sale prices are coming. Gold may not drop much lower than $1,200 or $1,300 but silver on the other hand is going to get slammed below $20.00 as I said.

    Mock on!