Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talk about timing!

So for the last 3 hours I have been been in another place other then the comfort of my own keyboard, stuck in a basement, with my head stuck between my legs (lol) trying to avoid the worst tornadoes touchdowns in SW Ontario thinking the roof above me is going to rip the fuck off and I become some anomolic statistic for Canadian tornado deaths. Awesome. What. A. Fucking. Day.

I have to make this crystal fucking clear, straight to the point, and honest as I am not in ANY mood to play big brother and hold hands tonight by the camp fire.

We are in the midst of the biggest fuckin firestorm shit cloud financial disaster known to human financial history. The silver and gold market are the kryptonite to the pillars of capitalism, which is CAPITAL (Fake lent out pieces of shitty paper with, ironically, founding fathers on it).

Gold is up 17%, seventeen percent, for those of you who cant read numbers, in less then a month. If this move yesterday and today was a surprise to you, please proceed to click the X in the top right corner of firefox, go to the bank, preferably Chase, and hand deliver all your money to them and let them 'invest it' for you, like Patricia L. Reid says on BNN, "Its always best to invest the rest!" Fuck I hate that bitch I wish she would drive off the mountain in a yellow Volkswagen. We knew the margins raises were coming, crist its options expiry, its perfectly timed and perfectly orchestrated.

Now if you are reading this as a noob I know what you are thinking b/c Ive been there. This is what I tell my readers. Buy the red days that look like they will barrel into support lines today was one of them. You have to take chances on red days like today or tomorrow as when the trend reverses and you start chasing the chart "hoping for another red day" its too late and you've already missed out on the big move and you will NOT be able to pull the trigger until the top. This is what separates sheep from traders.

Sorry I cannot answer all the questions tonight, the new site will accommodate this better then this blog style. As for the "phishing" site on chrome, I have no clue WTF that is. This should be eliminated with the new site transfer I am assuming unless Blythe is corrupting it somehow.

Lastly, if you are feeling alone again, in that dark ass backwards corner because you bought that $44 arbitrage spot number again on the last move, relax. It takes courage, balls, and heart to last in this metals game. They can never take your phyzz!

I'm waiting till Friday to hit the bid OR ask on anything. Till then I wait in the shadows and I will be watching the trading of Apple very very closely.


  1. @SGS - Glad to read you are ok and safe... did you hide behind your wall of silver maples? Just fuckin around. Thats some seriously scary shit. Im in California so we get quakes... problem is, we dont get no warning. Thanks for the near-death update.

    If anyone cares... the 2012 Perth Mint Year of the Dragon coins were just listed for Pre-Sale at APMEX. They say they will be able to ship by 9/25/2011.

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  3. They appear to want to prove that gold is in a bubble...Glad you and your family are fine. There's so much going on it's unbelievable.

  4. Holy Moly. Have you heard? Silverjournall mispells 'journal' while munching a turd at the same time. Guiness Book, I swear.

  5. Bloody hands! Tried to catch that falling knife this afternoon and bought some miners. We'll see how that turns out.

    Glad you survived the tornadoes.

  6. @Thorfinnr... I hate that guy too. The new site SGS is doing should eliminate that kind of trolling, but that last "L" is a number "1". He spelled it correctly.


    To the noobs:

    Buy the physical when you can, at any price. It wont matter what you paid at the end of this game. You will be set if you have a stash.

    Oh yea... get a few (dozen) guns if you haven't already. You'll need those too.

  7. A very good read. Economics is the foundation upon which all of this is built. Understand the foundation and you will know what to do:

    Beyond the tipping-point ~ GATA Speech August 2011 Alasdair Macleod

  8. SGS...glad you and the fam are ok. We got the storms here in Southeast Michigan but no twisters in my area.

    Friday is gonna be fun!

  9. SGS,

    Thanks once again for your contribution.

    As I am not an English-native speaker, I get confused on the info from your post these days it seems a coming storm by this Thursday and Friday. If I am not understand wrong, you said a big dip gonna happen in next Monday and Tuesday on the Silver and Gold (As I watch the vedio of 2 Bears on version 7)

    I have my final bet (my last money remains USD 100,000)need to put on physical Gold and Silver, I get confused should I put bet now at the price of $39-40 an ounce or just wait on next Monday and Tuesday.

    Hope you can see this post and give me a response, thank you very much.

  10. @Silver Ho - If you got $100k to blow on Silver and Gold, do a spread of 70% Silver and 30% Gold. Just buy when you can. The physical markets are being depleted. The "spot" price you see DOES NOT reflect the actual "value" of the metals. It is a made up number based on a non-free market. If silver were openly traded today, an OZ of PHYSICAL SILVER should be around $120 and up. Stay away from the paper market unless you are willing to loose every last dime of that money. If you have the physical, its yours. You own it. It cannot be removed from your possession without blood being shed. Do some research, buy what you can now, or get canned when you buy later. Wait til Tues./Wed. if you think its worth savin a buck per oz. I buy when I can. Fuck the spot price.

  11. Thanks highrise408.

    I had already got a certain sum on physical silver and gold before and left the remain cash. I just wonder SGS said that there is Dip coming on these 2 days or I make a mistake on understanding on his saying, there a "Up" coming.

  12. highrise408,

    I couldn't agree with you anymore on stocking up on gun(s) because you are going to need them.

  13. Highrise408

    I agree with you, we have belief we should keep the physical but just curious the timing on these days.


    Looks like the path of Hurricane Irene is for NEW YORK. Five years ago, it was forecasted that if a Catagory 2-3 hit Long Island and Manhattan, it would do far more dammage than CAT 5 Katrina on New Orleans. Why?

    Half the damn city is underground....hence subways and etc. Let's hope it by-passes Long Island...or it will be very serious.

    If the only people who lived in NY were Wall Street Hacks...I would pray it would nail NY to take out the FINANCIAL VAMPIRES.

    A great deal more problems in the world than GOLD and SILVER.


    WHITEY's on the RUN...

  15. 'If this move yesterday and today was a surprise to you, please proceed to click the X in the top right corner of firefox"

    I have an Apple, and I can't find the "X"

  16. @SRS Rocco...

    Check out how big Irine is from space...

    I've been watchin this thing... its a monster.

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  19. PaidInGold,

    No, I am not that kind of person; I won't HATE SGS if doing the other way around. It can buy a lots more if it drop drastically, like from 20 to 9 /oz. This will greatly affect the future exit stragegy when silver go way up high above 150 something. I AGREE "GET THE FUCK OUT OF PAPER "NOW" or "ONE or TWO" days later

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  21. And this is why I keep asking if we hit the bottom. I wake up and what happens? Gold is 1700.


    I want this.