Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Silver 1, 2, 3.

Yup. My title doesn't mean anything so dont look into it, it was the first thing that hit the keyboard as I was thinking of a title.

Something doesn't feel right. Everything was set up properly for a massive move (silver). Yet in after hours trading now we see some decent bids coming in after a pathetic manipulated murder. I would presume that we should be seeing some Gold longs pitch their positions and start cycling it back into silver. This is what I have done. It feels right. Worst case scenario both metals go down on a correction or better yet gold continues higher and silver fucks the dog. This is the worst part about playing this game, sometimes we look at spot price and get frustrated.

I am now on high alert, and will be moving another 15% of whats left of my paper assets into Phyzz.

Here's the problem with that: Moving all your fiat into phyzz, you are ultimately betting that a. we get back to a gold standard, or b. the financial world collapses, or c. spot hits $100-?? and you are happy with that fiat return.

Where us phyzz holders start losing in all this euphoria that may come, is the ability to leverage to make more fiat via juniors, options etc. Yet on the flip, phyzz holders may become the new landlords if things really fall apart.

So moving forward choose your investments carefully, because you will not have the time to choose both phyzz and derivatives for when the day of reckoning comes those options may be worthless or on the flip side if the day of reckoning never comes, you lost out on a whole lot of fiat.

You can only bet the worlds systems will collapse once. It is near?


  1. Something isn't right with silver. Gold rises and silver just stays flat or goes down.
    But what is right, Market goes down 500 points, and next day up 430 points. Its like what the heck is going on.
    Gold and silver, no matter what will always be a better investment than paper back investments IMHO.
    Look at this, just and added reason.
    Daily Job Cuts

  2. I think we all know how frustrating the Ag manipulation is! After the May take down, I reallocated most of my fiat from the "promise" on upward leverage in the miners and bought more phyzz.

    Going forward I'll be playing my options and closing out some futures account, I'm looking towards going 90% phyzz and 10% in options.

    There are several reasons for this:
    1) In as far as the miners go, we see that there is no rational for their pps.
    2) Having said that there seems to be a consorted effort to prevent them from providing excellent returns
    3) Holding phyzz,just make me feel good
    4) I have an eerie feeling that the market will completely collapse this fall
    5) Not to sound like a conspiracy nut but there are is a lot of electromagnetic, astronomical, new age shit coming in the fall and I want to be on the sidelines.

  3. Marc Faber laughing at the morons from Bloomberg News when they say, "you can't buy anything with gold" at just before the 8 minute mark.


  4. SGS, look at the massive spike in volume in the past 36 hours.

    Typical daily volume on the Dow Jones is 175M.
    Last night when the Asian markets rallied, the volume spiked up to 500M, same with today.

    The plunge protection team is hard at work right now I suspect. Mainly due to this, if gold has moved up $200/oz in 2 weeks, the money is moving out of stocks into PM's.

    With that kind of volume magically appearing in the markets, I sincerely doubt this is people buying.

  5. USDCHF daily in a perfect swan dive.

  6. It just proves how powerful JPMORGAN and friends really are. They make the markets, they take the markets, they ARE the markets. So my instinct tells me the recent profit taking is going straight into Au becuase they told us "Gold @ 2500" by year end, and so it will be. Knowing this, and knowing how they work.. Gold will surley nose dive when they pull out. It appears the only way to break the Ag (silver)grip is for ordinary people to own as much physical silver as they can and hold it until the paper ponzi bubble pops. It's the only way....

    BUY PHYSICAL SILVER AND HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People will eventually tire of losing and losing in paper stocks, it's only a matter of time. Keep telling family and friends about the Fiat ponzy BS and they'll do the right thing.

  7. Tell you what, the more they drag this out, the more they make it seem like there's no hope left, the more tension builds and the more smart money finds it's way into an undervalued asset.

    Beach ball = underwater. It's only a matter of time...and I got all time time in the world.

  8. @Malcolm:

    Ledbedder said...
    @Malcolm: what are some times best to reach you here? Do you have a regular come by? Maybe something after 5 or 6 eastern? I have a reason for asking.
    August 9, 2011 10:18 PM

  9. Led/Malc: the new site will eliminate these problems.

  10. If anyone cared, form the WU blog, I quote: "Some claim this is an opportunity to invest in silver coins and other related bullion. Based on the ability of the USA to continually print money I think the US DOLLAR is here to stay, although it may be devalued. Nevertheless the US DOLLAR is here to stay as the world currency:"

    Care to expand on your time frame?

  11. from s.t.

    While the gold bullion punisher shows you a small touch of her infinite financial power this morning, sadly, silver bugs don’t look much different than the dollar bugs today. What went wrong?

    The picture is quickly becoming fairly gruesome, and silver bugs seem set to join team “I’m 100% invested in gold juniors with no bullion, because I’m a greed machine!”, in the demoralization zone.

    You need to “man up” and face reality, whenever your analysis of a situation goes all wrong. Telling stories about birds in the bush and tomorrows that never come just isn’t going to cut it, if you are a silver bug.

    Click this man up on silver chart now to get a grip on reality. While gold soars $50 an ounce, silver is down on the day! Silver bugs clicking this chart will feel I can only term “unmitigated horror”. How can silver be down, while gold blasts into outer price space?

    Because the 1970s crisis of the dollar against gold was a peanut compared to this current quadrillion dollar OTC derivatives garbage dump-fuelled crisis, everything is magnified in price, and in time.

    Claude “the fraud?” Trichet has joined Ben “Dr. Pinocchio” Bernanke in the massive game to devalue paper currency and debt. He’s buying government bonds willy nilly with electronically photocopied euros, and perhaps dollars as well, loaned to him by Dr. Pinocchio, off-book.

    It takes time for massive inflation to occur, as a result of this madness. That inflation will occur, and bond markets will implode. Rates will skyrocket.

    Unfortunately for gold stock worshippers, silver bugs, and other commodity bugs, the time required for that inflation to happen is vastly greater than the time required in the 1970s and the 1930s. There are massive debt bombs yet to implode.

    It is very possible that OTC derivatives linked to bonds are the driver of what I believe is a “near at hand” gold parabola. Still, until professional money managers see actual inflation and rate spikes that are frightening, you are not going to see an institutional money panic into gold stocks or silver.

    I personally own much more silver than the 3% number for the risk capital I manage, but gold bullion still forms the foundation of my crisis portfolio. You need “patience beyond patience” to enjoy the fruits of your gold stock, silver bullion, and other commodity labours. The inflation you seek is not here. It will be. Don’t compound a mistake of being far too early on the play with another one. One of liquidation in failure. You can endure the gold-related assets gulag, or face the financial blast furnace, alongside the rest of the dollar bugs.

  12. Nah.. crisis this fall, then we have one more year - that's my prediction. The big one is Europe.

  13. @SGS: don't know how to take your post. If it is negative, it is not Malcolms' fault. He seems to be interested in futures/commodities & I wanted to briefly put up my direct email. That is all. Noone else is interested, so that would reduce the traffic on your new blog.

  14. SGS, you're starting to sound as though there is some doubt in your mind about holding the phyzz, but I don't think there's anything to that. The can has only been kicked. There will be an eventual reckoning, probably within our lifetime. there is only slow decline left at best, a fast one at worst. Don't let us down, faith in phyzz is the only thing that will keep us alive at a certain point. Even if it's not hyperinflation, it's going to be really bad inflation. Both scenarios are PM-positive. Keep the faith.

  15. WU wrote: "E=mc^2"

    The speed of light is NOT a constant in the universe, just one reason why Einstein was (is) wrong and why the theory of general relativity is a joke.

    It has since been proven mathematically incorrect.

    Appropriate you would quote a bunk theory from a clown who bastardized other people's research and information.

    There, a little more attention and recognition you're so pathetically desperate for.

  16. I Hope the Damn Banksters keep Silver Down, until the COMEX Implodes ! It's not for the Weak hands to hold..We either have Faith in what we believe in, or we don't..It won't change the final out come. We've done our homework, double checking ourselves to know, We are RIGHT ! Why the sad Faces, when the end has not come yet, and you can pick up more for those Fiat dollars ! We should all be doing a Jig ! I like the fact that I can still pick up Real Silver so CHEAP ! It's Not going to Last, so enjoy the Season were In! Keep stacking and Enjoy!

  17. You Cant Argue With History, Gold and Silver Are Money.


    Ron Paul 2012

  18. Here's an interesting thought.. I think of Gold as God the Father.. I think of Silver as God the Son... Jesus was Fully God and Fully man ! Silver serves two purposes as well.. And God called Both of them Money.. So these Banksters have been Mocking God for Fifty Years ! God will have the Last Laugh !

  19. Dan, that was the most intelligent post I've ever read on this blog.
    People need to do some thinking instead of writing SGS everyday whining and bitching.

  20. DM: True the speed of light is not a constant it can be accelerated and reduced. It actually was stopped at I think Ohio University.

    Therefore the theory of the universe being billions of years old is also debunked.

  21. @Ledbedder,

    Im on PST. So I get on around 7am my time, until about noon. Then return sometime in the afternoon around 6pm.

  22. Thanks for the post Dan.
    @SGS -The time will come ,just keep stacking

    Greeting from Malaysia.

  23. I have physical Silver.
    I do not trade.
    The problem with people like me is we read too many articles about Silver.
    This gives us a high when it climbs and low when it drops.
    The answer is to give up the drug of reading about Silver everyday.
    So I'm going cold-turkey.

  24. Because people are teached from MSM to love paper and they do.

    And this is machine, which makes Them bigger and fatter. It is their game in their casino. They have tens of tools to rip us off in their paper market.

    They move the market using HFT, they can see/flush margins, they can issue infinite number of new shares, tunnel out dividends using people in management, use naked short selling, they can FTD, they can print infinite new money and so on. Even if everything goes wrong, they change rules; either they raise margins, settle in cash instead of physical, ban shorting or buying or they unroll transactions they don't like.

    So if you are big boy, it is very very hard to get into trouble using all these tools. And you can always ask government for a help: like they can divide you from your paper profit by means of some new tax.

    Though some of small boys can make a profit, there is 100 % chance small boys will loose while banks are transfering our wealth to them using their paper market.

    So I believe the only way to beat the beast is through physical. I consider FOFOA some kind of bullshit but at least he insists on buying physical only. You do some great job here, thank you for that, however if you advise people to play/join papers, and you do, it is incredibly bad work here in my opinion.

  25. LOL @ my miners. HMI and TKRFF getting shafted.

  26. Stay the course. Phyz owners have the tiger by the tail. After reading the Creature for Jekyll Island, the elites have had a long time to prepare, the minions in the system are rallying around the beast to save it.

    The Euro will fall before USD which will send the final blow. Over 1b went into Gold SPDR that should say something about fiat.

    War with Iran is on the horizon which is needed to keep the machine running, Libya and Egypt just weren't big enough and those resources haven't been captured.

    You can eat an entire cow, but just one hamburger/steak at a time.

  27. Some confusion I see. No loss of faith here. Just letting people know that having both worlds (phyzz AND options/juniors/etc) might not work if TSHTF.

    Paidingold: Tinka and Hinterland ARE NOT MINERS they are exploration...and until they bring up some metal in the drills the overall market (which is getting smashed) will gravitate them lower, or higher depending on where the TSX goes. The Fall should be better, especially for Tinka.

  28. I remember many months ago, SGS posted that before the end is near, we will see wild swings of 5 to 6 dollars a day in the price of silver before this thing blows up. I have not seen that yet, but I agree. Ultimately, the power to control the silver price is in our hands, by continuing to stack until the physical supply is gone. Keep stacking, when there is no silver for anyone to buy, we will see the rocket take off that we have all been waiting for. What I see on the part of the bankers is desparation. All of this bullshit aside, I would still rather have real money in my possession than frderal reserve debt slave retard paper. My position has not changed a bit, I bought what I could get my hands on yesterday which was not much. As far as I am concerned, the fact that I walked into my dealer yesterday and could not get as much silver as I wanted to buy signals the end is near. Every time you display your womanhood and start bitching about having lost, you have lost. Fuck the bankers, I am still stacking! Wasn't it just last week that SGS said we are in the fourth inning?

  29. yes and to add a more ... relevant ... topic to the science section.. developing... here

    gerald celente claims that cold fusion is possible saying...

    "[this would be like us moving from the ice box to the refrigerator ..]"

    that would be cool if the internet spreads word to the masses and a select few can build a big one and surprise everyone with some huge demonstration of massive free energy somehow .. like how tesla got peoples attention with the bolt of electricity floating from one beam to another (big)

    oh and for our good friend... DM..

    "Appropriate you would quote a bunk theory from a clown who bastardized other people's research and information.

    There, a little more attention and recognition you're so pathetically desperate for. "

    -- well my dude you sure have made us all respect you so much more with your logical sequence of words written with such harmony and elegance that i had to take the extra time to tell you how much of an emotionally addicted to that little self esteem boost you get by picking on someone harshly when you have no idea why he does what he does.. you can infer quite a lot about someone by .. yeah i bet that thought never crossed your narcissistic mind as you show what a neurotic coward you really are.

    Lets do a price comparison chart with you and the psychotics who run this show without a drop of empathy for the impact they have on others.. lets add in the need to pick on someone, and i dont care if it is news unit, at least he is posting something relatively interesting instead of what i see others who do their best to destroy intelligent debate with bullshit

    after we see the clear similarities in our charts of the bernakes, j dimonds, obomas of the world and you .. just add the destroy intelligent debate with bullshit (DIDB) Index and ... fuck you

  30. were all lost dude


    im just that guy who ..was.. studying to be a psychoanalyst... also idk i get a raging a raging hardon for bullies

    why im posting this lol but this is like 3 years ago went through a big latebloomer phase thing haha