Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schiff- get the fuck out of $US right now.


  1. The part Schiff doesn't get is that "they don't know what they're doing". This is the wrong conclusion. They know exactly what they are doing and where this is going and they are doing it on purpose.

  2. Schiff needs to distant himself to keep some form of creditbility with the sheep and not mention conspiracies at all. He has never menioned anything like we do. this is b/c he runs a buisiness, and as soon as he mentions conspiracies he will chatised as a anti-semite child porn worshipper.

    This is why he chooses his words in a different way.

  3. @sgs

    I have been with schiff for the past 8 are correct in your person he is spot on with all that occurs by 'chance'...In addition his dad is still in fed prison for IRS bs..wrongly convicted the gestapo....

  4. Debt based money is doomed to fail wether it is on purpose or not. You cant pay back 140 if there is only 100 available.
    But your right, they know exactly what they are doing and they know what will happen.

  5. I would guess "they" know exactly what is going on. Kill the dollar, hyper-inflate the debt away, what ever is left to pay, pay it back with gold plated tungsten bars. Kind of ingenious really.

  6. So aside from buying phyzz what should the average Joe be doing with their dollars? Should people really be cashing out retirement and moving it into some non-dollar denominated asset? What about savings? Should people be heading down to the currency exchange office and trading dollars in for Canadian? I ask these question in all seriousness.

  7. Sheep are like babies; you don't give them a T-bone steak! :) only what they are able to digest. It's like the passage from the Bible: "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." -- Isaiah

  8. What do you guys think of CRJ?

  9. @TheGardener Buy gold or silver coins!! :) in 1932 a $20 gold coin bought you a new suit; today the spot price of 1 ounce of gold is $1792/oz and THAT will buy you 3 suits plus shoes, shirts and a couple of ties! PM's hold their value over time. Trust me, if you buy some silver coins instead of holding fiat, in a couple of years (maybe sooner) people will be amazed when you tell them that you bought silver @ $40/oz. :)

  10. @bausti...I've been buying physical silver for a few years. However, I'm at a crossroads with my retirement and my cash savings. 401K has limited options, but both are in USD. What strategy should I consider to prevent the loss of that money? That's why I mentioned currency exchanges. Knowing the USD is collapsing, why not take 50% of my cash and tie it up in Canadian and then exchange back to USD for profit (if and when) I need the cash?

    I think the other currency of the future will be based on the barter system. Inflation will cause a food crisis. Gardens and heirloom seeds may be worth more than PM's. You can't eat silver.

  11. CHAVEZ is going to nationalize gold industry!

  12. Wow he's fired up. Problem with Schiff is timing. He says "this" is going to happen but when it doesn't materialize right away, everyone laughs at him. If/when he turns out to be right, he'll have the last laugh.

  13. ...just get the fuck out.....

  14. I want to buy a stupid mega house $1mill house in the Atlanta area, knowing if I can get it at 4.5% fixed in USD's and can pay the mortgage while my PM's appreciate above the price I purchase, my mortgage payments will become a joke in the coming years.

    Problem is, based on my salary, they say I cannot afford the mortgage payments, even though I have the liquid cash to pay the payments for about 5 years regardless of salary!

    So, unless you are making a shitload on a salary, the banks do not want to know you!

    This really sucks, as I know I can own this house in five years based on what my PM stash will do!

    I have explained my plan to the bank and they laugh at me when I say Gold and Silver will be worth 5-10 times as much in 5 years!

    Any ideas how to get around this other than wait 5 years and buy the house when its worth $750,000. Personally I and my kids would like to live in it now, not when I am older!

    I cannot convince my company to pay me in Silver, unfortunately!

  15. I traded my 401K in a couple of years ago and bought gold & Silver Physical. If you believe the system is going to crash via hyperinflation then you should not have a 401K plan. Very simple really. The taxes I paid were enormous. I wish I had managed that a little better. My wife told me I was stupid for even buying into a 401K. She is from Venezuela and has seen hyperinflation do its thing. Although she didn't understand why I purchased food and guns as well. Funny because everyone I know that lives in Venezuela has a wall with barbed wire, guard dogs and bullet proof cars. Hell I just sent my nephew a bullet proof vest.

  16. Anybody who owned a Venezuelan gold mining stock just got roasted! Lets see if this spreads across the rest of the southern and central America's?

  17. For anyone who is concerned about their IRA why don't you open a self directed IRA and purchase physical gold and silver? No early redemption tax due just do the conversion and by the phys!

  18. Schiff is obviously following in the footsteps of Lincoln and Kennedy. I hope he's got good protection.

  19. Much respect for this man ! I love to be a witness of this piece de resistance in the making.

  20. Garry- stay away from the million dollar houses..when the shit hits the fan you are basically putting a bulls eye on you and the fam..


    Hugo went ahead and nationalized his whole gold industry. Some might finding it shocking...I am not surprised one bit. This is a theme that will continue in time around the globe. Gold and Silver will become money again, and third world nations will nationalize their mines which is their source of REAL MONEY.

    Here is another announcement today by Columbia's President, Juan Menual Santos:

    Colombia's President Santos bans mining exploration in historic coffee growing region

    Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos says his administration has prohibited mining in 47 coffee producing municipalities in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and Valle.

    However, the mining certification ban mainly impacts the Department of Quindío, where a considerable portion of the territory is home to mineral exploration and some mining claim titles have been allocated

    ...Among the Canadian exploration companies with exploration programs in the departments of Tolimo and Quindio are AuRo Resources' White Gold Properties, and Miranda Gold's Cajamarca project.

    What is taking place in South America in many countries is the realization by governments the importance of the environment. WHITEY forgot that the environment was necessary and vital centuries ago. Things are falling apart all over the world due to the destruction of the environment in many levels.

    For instance, several large Electric Generating Plants (one was a large Nuclear) in the world were shut down a few months ago due to jelly fish getting into the INLET PORTAL of their cooling systems. Why were the Jelly fish getting into their cooling ponds? Because the oceans are acidifying due to the use of burning Coal for electric generation around the world. The acidification of the ocean kills off the jellyfish preditors. You should see youtube videos of huge schools of millions of large jelly fish off Japan.

    Anyhow...funny and ironic how mother nature is now forcibly shutting down electric generation plants.

    Regardless, the Nationalization of mines will continue as the DOLLAR DIES and third world countries realize they are the last BASTIONS of high ore gold and silver in the world. The Western nations dug their best quality ore grades almost 100 years ago.

    LASTLY...any of you who think SHALE GAS OR OIL is the next savior...let me repeat this infamous line that came out in the early 1950's by the NUCLEAR ENERGY INDUSTRY:


    I watch that MORON CEO from Chesapeake Energy talk about the USA having 100 years of Natural Gas to supply the country. I would like to inform HIM and anyone else reading that post, that the FIRST YEAR DEPLETION RATES on SHALE GAS FIELDS are 50-60%. There is no way to increase supply all that much as frantic continued drilling has to replace such high depletion rates.

    I AM SO F#CKEN APPALLED at the STOOPIDITY and INSANITY of those in charge of the system as well as Industry leaders.

    I hope RON PAUL keeps getting the SHUT OUT from the mainstream media and he loses the primaries. Then he can retire and live out his few years in peace.

    THIS F#CKEN COUNTRY and the MAJORITY of people in it don't deserve the man. THEY DESERVE TO GO DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM.



  22. @TheGardner If you had to choose between all the farmland in the world or all the gold in the world which would you chose? Chew on that for a few seconds. Me? I would choose all the gold in the world then leverage that to buy all the good farmland. :)

    Having said all that, if the world devolves into a mad max scenario then all of this discussion is just academic. In that world you need a little land to farm stuff on, guns, good neighbors and access to fresh water. I know nothing about 401K's etc. etc. so talk to an expert or someone experienced. I'm sure there are Canadian bonds; mutual funds in other currencies. Just guessing here. All the best:)

  23. In the collapse of the dollar what will the bank do with my home mortgage? Will they automatically change the money that I owe into a new the new currency. Would I loose my home? What would happen?

    Also what would happen to other depts I owed that are in US dollars? I also own another home outright what would happen to that?

    These are honest questions by a middle class citizen in the South Western US. Just trying to learn the best approach for a strategy.

  24. JPM may soon be crying like babies - best news I've heard all day:

    """As Chavez Pulls Venezuela's Gold From JP Morgan, Is The Great Scramble For Physical Starting?"""

  25. I just have one crazy idea for those who are really scared but don't want to buy physicals. Open an account with Interactivebrokers, enable the forex trading. There is one feature in the interactivebroker, allowing your account balance to be in a different currencies from US dollars. That means if you have your balance in cash only, the amount of cash will be in the currencies you choose. If US dollar tank, at least you could have a shot in parking your currency virtually on a different currencies. However, there are draw backs. It is not actually completely converted into different currencies. Also, if you want trade US equity, options, etc. You have to do currency conversions. Also, if you put your porfolio into a different currencies, your porfolio may lose a lot of values because currencies exchange rate is very dynamic. But this is one way to control your own destiny in case you can't trust USD anymore.

  26. @ the gardiner: for starters, you can eat silver. Colloidal silver is very good for you. 2) Yo can't eat dollars, unless of course you are looking to numb your gums and get a mean case of the throught drips.
    3) In your quest to figure out how to store your money, please realize that gold and silver are money and everything else you are used to, including Canadien dollars, are fiat paper slave notes. Once you realize this, it will click that the best way to preserve your money is to buy actual money, not slave notes with different colored ink on them.
    4) I agree on the guns, heirloom seeds, and all that other shit as I have them. What I don't have is a 401k or any other investment denominated in fiat bullshit other than a running balance of 2k in my checking account.
    I have quite a bit of FRN's in my business account because I have too, and it scares the living crap out of me.

  27. f6f43ad4-c90e-11e0-910e-000bcdcb5194 said...

    In the collapse of the dollar what will the bank do with my home mortgage?

    I do not know the true answer to this question, but whatever your bank will do will require you owning a big old vat of ass lube, IMHO.

  28. SRSrocco,

    I have had much respect and admiration for your guess posts, commentary and discussion. This leads me to the Bix Wier, Road to Roota theory, to surmise that Bix believes that all electronic paper and shares will be vaporized and that most mines "will" be nationalized, as all countries head towards commodity based money.

    As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I fear that the up coming solar flares/storms, will knock out trading in September. And with the miner suppression, mine confiscation, electromagnetic pulse, lack of physical PM available, I think I might prudent to hold the smallest counter party risk as possible.

    As for the sheeple, I am not my brothers and I do try to educate but man, sometimes I just throw up my hands.

  29. @ Tom

    Ohh yea... I am sure lots of people will get the rusty shaft!!

    I am trying to stack up enough Phyzz to pay off things when it all goes down.

    I need to do more research about what happened in other countries when they adopted new curacies.

  30. In all seriousness, it seems to me that your debt is all written in $$. From what I have read, in hyperinflation, it becomes very easy to pay off your debt with $$ because there will be so many around. You will probably not want to use your PM's to debt. Why would you use real money to pay back an illusion? In other words, by the time it is so fucking broken that we get a new currency, you will have had a good opportunity to pay debt with inflated shit dollars without wasting your phyzz. Of course, I am just an average schmuck, so take it for what it's worth.

  31. The U.$. fiat index is an interesting look. Closed at 73.85 The DXU11 contract low is 73.325. The yearly low is 72.86. Expect for 72.86 be defended like a momma bear protecting baby bear. Cause they know if the fiat index closes below 72.86, esp. on a weekly or monthly...there will be ankle grabbing. The 72.86 low was recorded in May. And since May has only recorded a yearly low once since 1971, I do expect it be be broken before we "celebrate" the fist day of 2012 of $70 silver...whichever comes first!!

  32. Thoughts on Chavez SGS?



  34. Hi there SGS,

    have you heard the "hyperinflation is a non-monetary phenomenon theory"? look it's not like i'm defending bernanke, but peter schiff and gonzalo lira have been wrong multiple times about "this is about to turn into zimbabwe", when the facts seem to be this is biflation (harsh inflation in food and fuel, deflation on 2nd hand goods, consumer electronics, etc) and more like japan in the 90s. please read my blog to get a fuller aspect of my view:

    p.s. i will eat humble pie if we get full-on currency collapse this year.
    p.p.s i'm not a deflationist. this will end in hyperinflation, just not now, and not like schiff says.

  35. Malcolm...I appreciate the kind words and am glad there a few who are reading my posts and getting some benefit. As for Bix Weir's theroies...they sound better than most. I remember even Jim Sinclair saying back in 2008 that electronic shares would evaporate at some point. flares are possible. Hell anything is game going forward. That is why I am away from the big city. Don't want to be anywhere near when the GREAT CULLING begins.

  36. Tom H, You seem to be (without knowing perhaps) vocalising Gresham's Law - Bad money drives out the good...(Thomas Gresham - English merchant/finanier from the 1500's)

    i.e spend the bad money, and sock away the good!.

    Gold, Silver, and to a lesser degree: Copper, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Beryllium, Lithium, Neo-dymium, Boron, and a few other rare earths, will become money - as Fiat paper gives way to barter.

    But as someone earlier said... You can't eat Gold/Silver (except in colloidal form), and then only if you have the right chemicals/equipment to produce it.