Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Open thread for Junior pumping

State your case, provide dont get these often


  1. ASM Avino Silver
    33 million shares (total)
    Sprott owns 33%
    mining since 1500AD or 500 years, reopened currently producing
    On NYSE as of yesterday
    250 tp mill operating
    capacity for 1250 tp
    Look for yourself why I like it so much!

  2. Oh sorry for two post but
    8 million in cash
    no debt

  3. First Time poster, Novice trader, physical buyer.

    LBSR Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.
    A spec play since they haven't done any drilling yet and their Alaskan Pebble claims are up in the air but this report today sounds promising.


    Highlights of the Itapoty Diamond Project include:

    37 diamonds have been recovered from the property by LAT
    Diamond distribution suggests local and multiple sources
    Diamonds found in coarse fraction (1-2 mm)
    Surface features of diamonds indicate proximal sources
    Sample results have yielded numerous Kimberlite Indicator Minerals
    Regional and local geology supports emplacement of diatremes and dykes

  5. Garry,

    explain the diamond play?

  6. Tarsis: TCC or TARSF

    featured in a resource newsletter spanning many issues

    its a prospect generator = lower risk
    kronos (bought underworld) financed them 1.6 mill
    they just got another property that has silver

    do more research im not gonna spoon feed this shit to you

  7. North Bay Resources Inc. (OTCBB: NBRI)

    -A fully-reporting junior mining company, transitioning from an exploration company to a gold producer in 2011.

    -Low O/S, low float, majority owned by insiders.

    -Acquired the historic Ruby Gold Mine in the Motherlode District of Northern California as of July 1

    -Total resource at Ruby is estimated to contain up to 500,000 ounces of gold.

    -Fully-permitted and ready to resume production this year. The Ruby Mine is famous for its jewelers-grade gold nuggets, the largest of which (so far) weighs 201 ounces. The company is now preparing the mine for production.

    -Annual revenue from on-going Joint-Ventures in Canada.

    -Owns over 150 mineral and placer claims encompassing approximately 60,000 acres throughout British Columbia, Canada.

    -Properties contain deposits of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as base metals, including copper, zinc, lead, molybdenum, vanadium, and rare earth elements (REE).

    -$3 million in work commitments from JV partners in Canada

    -Business plan based on the Generative Business Model, designed to leverage properties into near-term revenue streams even during the earliest stages of exploration and development.

    -$5 million equity credit line in place; $7.5 million in non-dilutive EB-5 funding approved in the last week.

    -Investment bank ACG retained today to help locate and do DD on possible acquisitions and securing additional financing for operations

  8. @Malcolm Good management and good initial surveys. Its a long shot junior. If whats underneath those surface finds if the real deal, then this stock would go banana bonkers. If not, it goes to 0.

    So invest what you can totally afford to loose and not care about, then place your bets.

    It is a luxury commodity, which considering the shit storm that's coming, is never great. But all the money printing should still make diamonds act like they always have through out history. A store of value that cannot be printed.

    Also, Pierre Lassonde owns a load of it and typically pumps it, but he at least also says it's incredibly risky etc...

    From a forum:

    Olivut Resources, OLV.V or OLVRF is a diamond exploration company with
    properties located in NWT of Canada, Uruguay and Paraguay. What sets
    this company apart from other exploration plays is that it has all
    three essential ingredients for success -- superior proven management,
    excellent properties which strongly hint of a "mother lode" diamond
    tube, and adequate, solid and sufficient capitalization to see their
    projects through. This is a company that is looking for the mother
    lode -- a kimberlite volcanic pipe which, if diamonds are found, will
    be valued at $10-20 billion. In terms of the 31,650,000 outstanding
    shares, that is a $30-60 stock. Therefore, even a modest investment of
    1000 shares at today's prices could prove to be very profitable.
    Why am I personally very high on this stock? Why have I taken a strong
    position? First, you have to look at the people who have bought into
    this stock, not at 20 cents but at 4 or 5 times that. The most famous
    is Pierre Lassonde, who started the original Franco-Nevada and was
    president of Newmont Mining from 2002-2006. Pierre owns a little more
    than 20% of the stock. This man has been a legend in the precious
    metals (mainly Gold) market because he is a superb businessman and
    always makes money for those who follow him. Also, management owns a
    large portion of the shares of Olivut. They believe in what they are
    doing. That is why they have a big stake in the company. Also, while
    Olivut has been around for 4 or 5 years, it has not been heavily
    promoted by marketing artists and sensational claims. The team quietly
    works hard at identifying and drilling potential mine sites. They are
    doers, not talkers. While they have not found the mother lode, I think
    that finding it is inevitable. Drill results have been very
    encouraging. The most exciting news in this regard has been the recent
    purchase of the property in Paraguay. In preliminary tests, they found
    37 diamonds (not micro-diamonds). The sharp angulation of these
    diamonds strongly suggests that these diamonds did not travel very far
    (by a glacier or volcanic action, for example) and therefore, their
    origin is most probably right on the property.
    At this point, news from Olivut is on the sparse side. They do have a
    website. But I follow it like a hawk. I got in at 80 cents. I have more than doubled my money. I would not even remotely consider selling it at this point. In my opinion, this is just the very beginning. Do your own due diligence.

  9. Garry,

    I caught the interview on King World!


  10. USSIF (US Silver)
    no debt, millions in cash, 2.3 mm oz produced, 21.9 mm proven and probable, lots of acreage for exploration, shooting for a listing on AMEX, 2nd quarter results Aug 15th. will be very very good!!

  11. Medinah Minerals, Inc., (ticker symbol MDMN) headquartered corporately in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a junior mining exploration company with mining properties located within the continent of South America, just north of Santiago, Chile. The company’s assets consist primarily in high-grade deposits of gold, silver, copper and molybdenum (moly). At the present time, Medinah Minerals, Inc. is in final Joint Venture Agreement discussions with several potential partners to establish an economically viable bulk mining production operation.

    Specifically, Medinah’s chief holdings consist of the Alto de Lipangue and Las dos Marias claims. Medinah Mining (Chile), reorganized under the Chilean “Mensura” mining laws, is the registered owner of 100% of the Alto de Lipangue and Las dos Marias claims and Medinah Minerals, Inc. (USA) retains a 50% equity interest in Medinah Mining (Chile). The recently expanded contiguous properties cover an area of approximately 10,000 hectares.

    The Alto de Lipangue Breccia Mineralized Zone is a very large hydrothermal diatreme breccia pipe intruded at contact between the granodiorites of the Central Batholith and the intermediate volcanics of the Cretaceous "Formación Lo Prado." The granodiorite batholith is deemed to have formed in the early to mid-Cretaceous age and may have been formed contemporaneous with the volcanics of the Formación Lo Prado. The hydrothermal breccia pipe was intruded at later stages and includes brecciated fragments of both rock types. The Las dos Marias mineralized deposit is different in that it is a manto-type deposit, which is a deposit wherein hydrothermal solutions emanating from a late stage intrusive event, such as the adjacent Alto de Lipangue Breccia pipe that percolated through porous or permeable volcanic tuffs or lavas and deposited the contained copper and other metal sulphides into the host rock. The hydrothermal solutions were able to replace permeable volcanic rocks without causing extreme alteration of the less permeable or impermeable rocks within the stratigraphic column, thus there are horizons between the "mantos" in the deposit.

    Medinah Minerals, Inc. also participates in ownership with a 5% interest in the Madre de Dios project located in South Central Chile that was the subject of a recently completed Joint Venture production agreement with Compania Minera Pumillahue. The equipment for the processing of metals is now on the Madre de Dios site and has been assembled for plant production.

    Medinah Minerals, Inc. also has a 15% interest in the recently acquired “POLO” claims located in the low Andes, South of Santiago, Chile.

    Joint Venture agreement has taken longer than expected to be announced, but I know of two funds which have been accumulating this year in anticipation. Check the charts.