Monday, August 1, 2011

Ned Schmidt: Trade Gold for Dunkin Donuts stock, sell silver right now.

Below is the most preposterous article I have read in a very long time. It will go down as the dumbest recommendation in world history. In 6 months, I will personally call this idiot out, on a phone call, reticule him, post it, and hopefully he:

A: Kills himself
B: resigns and goes to work at a dunkin donuts
C: Does B for a month, and then proceeds to A.

He is nothing more then a paid cheerleader/pumper for this stock, which has been around for 2 weeks, as opposed to 5000 year gold. If he wasnt, and if he actually followed his thesis about his Canadian statistics below, he would recommend TIM HORTONS stock, not this lame ass pump. This is pathetic.

Here it is:

"This week markets have taken two prices to new highs: donuts and Gold. One is eaten. Other is now worshiped. Which should be our choice for today? At today's prices, donuts may be better choice.
For those wondering why donuts came to mind, Dunkin' Brands stock(US: DNKN) came to the market this week. First day pop was almost 50%. At the same time, $Gold was pushed to a record high. At that same time as anticipating the U.S. government defaulting, investors are buying donuts?
On this topic we note that the world champion donut eater is Canada. No nation consumes more donuts per capita, or has more donut shops per person. With Summer only a three-day weekend, donut shops are certainly more practical than swimming pools. They also own a lot of Gold.
Question that investor must address today is whether or not to convert $Gold, at more than $1.600, to donuts, or to continue worshiping the grand metal. Note what is excluded from this set of choices. Buying Gold at this price is a bet that the U.S. government will default on its debt, and the U.S. dollar will plunge in value. Both of those expectations may simply be another example of the madness of crowds.
In the panic induced discussion of the U.S. debt situation what is being ignored is the very positive development that it represents. (Is this guy serious?) The Obama regime, and its minions in Congress, lost the last election, big time. When one loses an election, one does not dictate policy. Rather, one accepts the terms offered. U.S. House of Representatives is in the process of changing policy, altering the trajectory of U.S. government spending. This development is an incredibly positive event. One that should be applauded, unless one is eating at the public trough or receiving money in exchange for votes.
Pundits, many of whom previously recommended investing in internet stocks and mortgages, are telling us with near certainty that the U.S. government will default on its debt and the dollar will collapse...(right b/c last I saw the Gov't really really really wants its citizens to get long Gold...This is unreal). Suspect that a week from now those ideas will be gathering dust (right...b/c the last 10 years has been dust on this bull run). Alternative scenarios do exist. As a consequence of this madness of crowds (Stat: The WORLDS wealth is .75% invested in Bullion), those that ignored Gold a thousand dollars lower are scrambling to buy Gold, without regard for the price. Buying hurricane insurance when the flag is flying means dramatically over paying for that insurance.
This week $Gold touched about 6.4 times the last major low. That level of valuation is equivalent of a yellow card in each of the referee's hands. Any price action above that level should give investors reason to know where the exit doors might be. The time to use those doors has probably not arrived, given the dysfunctional government still in power in the U.S. But, every investor should know the location of their personal door (Ya maybe its a dunkin donuts door you swine).
We bring no charts to you this week. At current price levels, and with a near mob mentality on the U.S. debt situation, no charts are needed. No technical analysis, good, bad, or mythical, is likely necessary. After twenty years of success for Gold and failure for Keynesianism, the verdict has been delivered: Gold 1 Keynesianism 0
Investors should be considering several possible actions. $Silver is over priced, and has experienced a bear market rally (NOTE* the word Bear lol) of ~20%. It is clearly demonstrating that it is not a store of value in times of uncertainty. At today's price, Silver is again a strong sale. Alternatives for those proceeds to consider are Rhodium and Chinese Renminbi deposit accounts.
Be careful next week, running with the mob puts one at risk of being gored!"

Let the comments roll in. Please. Dont stop them.


  1. how do people like this have a job in the financial business when he is wrong probably every time it matters. That he gets paid to keep working is a major sign of financial armageddon. He recommends investing in something that produces net economic loss. Coffee increases heartrate combined with dunkin's crappy heart-clogging food. Healthcare costs go up. Sacrifice human health for short term profit. It's like the russian people stealing and scrapping every piece of government property after the ussr collapse. Gold, on the other hand, increases productivity by providing a stable store of value.

  2. I don't know how the guy sleeps at night.

  3. Because Dunkin's delicious coffee or because he's leading the herd off the clifftop?

  4. Trading Gold for donuts is just soooped. Re: Silver, I don't think Silver will test $33US again and with the 7% premium placed on silver bullion sales it is hardly worth selling at this point.

    BAd advice all around.

  5. SGS....THANK GOD you came in and JOINED the FUN. I have been calling NED a LUNATIC for almost a year. I had an email exchange with NED in the beginning.

    He replied by calling ERIC KING, JIM SINCLAIR, ERIC SPROTT, JAMES TURK and others....CHARLATANS...LOL

    You know where he SITS on the FENCE.

    YOU FOLKS have fun throwing 10 pound spit wads at him. article I wrote on the COMPLETE COST OF MINING SILVER was in part due to that LUNATIC

  6. So Ned's trade is gold and silver for donuts and rhodium. Excellent, when does he get his own show on CNBC?

    SRSrocco.......lunatic might not be strong enough. lol

  7. Guys get long ERTS. Electronic Arts is releasing a massively multi-player game similar to World of Warcraft but set in the Star Wars universe. The game is set to release this winter. The pre-orders for the game just started and it is blowing away expectations. I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with video games but Massively Multi-player online games have millions of players and make tons of money (look at the money Blizzard made with World of Warcraft, and this Star Wars game is set to utterly destroy it). I am sure that ERTS is going to test it's 2007 high above $60 within one year.

  8. Donuts? Rhodium?

    Ah, I get it. Some comedian is field-testing a new character for an upcoming SNL skit.

  9. Ok, done. Cashed in all my PMs and bought out three Costcos worth of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, ~10,000 pounds worth. What's that you say? He meant shares of Dunkin' Donuts.... Crap... well, at least I can drink it along with eating all those iPads I picked up as well.

    When the SHTF, guys like this will end up like the main banker character at the end of Rollover.

  10. capitald, could be good. Bioware also made Dragon Age II which was game of the year last year. It should be noted that there's been a Star Wars MMORPG, called Galaxies, that released about ten years ago. From what I know that world has been slowly dying for quite some time now -in part, incredibly, to lame ass games like WOW. Hopefully, those guys will migrate to this and crush it.

  11. capitald,

    The gaming world is littered with attempted WOW killers. All that matters is that the game kicks ass, which considering results of past efforts seems unlikely. Still, I have an open mind. Have you actually played the game? What makes you say it's set to "utterly destroy" WOW? Need more info.

  12. Trading gold or silver for stock isn't bad and I plan to do it when I feel we have hit an extreme but when...2016? Now selling gold to buy a shit overvalued non divi paying debt loaded to the puke stock that is BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  13. Gold coin sold out in Lisbon...

    Bloomberg article ( link below ) or go to to read the article.

  14. Flaunt,

    None of the other attempted WOW killers had a franchise as popular as Star Wars as the setting for their games. None of the other attempted WoW killers had a successful developer like Bioware making the game either, if you have played KotoR you know what I mean. The game is also fully voice acted (a first for any MMO and very rare for games in general) creating a new depth to the experience.

    Seeing how fast the special edition pre-orders are sold out for the ridiculous price of $150 I know people would be lining up for days to get it first like ipad 'tards otherwise. EA knows they can just mark up the price for the privilege to have the game first. The normal copy costs $60.00 but lots of people are paying $150 just to get it first - none of the attempted WoW killers had this type of hype before release.

  15. I m into videogames, I use to play wow, ffxi ffxiv guild wars, lineage, etc,etc. They all start off with high expectations. To keep that shit going for a long time you have to bring out constant content which isnt free. Star wars seems like very niche crowd, kinda like star trek, but this is just my opinion, I think blizzard is owned by activition which also make games like Star craft 2 diablo ,and they also have the lisences to Call of duty, which ppl buy no matter what, as it comes out every year plus then pile of map packs which are worth upwards of 20 bucks cdn or 15 american so it can really add up quickly. ERTS has a big sports library and games like dead space and battlefield 2, bad company, i dont know if it will hit 60 bucks, Wow is something that isnt niche, its something that anybody can play hence the amount of ppl who play it. Pre sales aren't the ultimate indicator of how long ppl are willing to pay subscription fees. I will have to see some more about this game that seperates its self from WOW, problem is getting the General people to like it. IF its too hardcore for regular ppl it makes it to unaccessible for newbs. Newbs and regular non gamers who are willing to play can make a game highly profitable. Its at 20 bucks right now what do you think this is momo stock like LULU yoga pants. Maybe it is, but when will it hit 60 bucks in your opinion so i can buy some otm options.

  16. Well as the_color said, Star Wars Galaxies was also an MMORPG that is going to be shutting down at the end of this year. Doesn't mean this won't be a good game, but seems far from a shoe in. There are probably lots of sales because Star Wars is a hugely popular franchise. They'll get a chance to prove themselves. Bioware has some good games like mass effect. Also they run Warhammer MMORPG which started off good with 800k subscribers but now is down to 300k.

    Seems to me lack of quests is one of the main complaints people have with MMORPGs. If they made that a focal point of this new star wars game maybe it has a chance.

  17. Silver is having a nice pop! So far no selloff in PM's. Think we'll get slammed tomorrow?

  18. Think about it like this, when it all collapses maybe our only escape will be to go buy a donut, to escape, just for a moment, . With that in mind, im putting my money where my mouth will be. Im converting to a donut heavy portfolio, Homer Simpson would be proud.

  19. woops.

  20. Dude,

    Check this out...

  21. Chris the Man just redeemed his deflation call with a friggin hilarious post that complements SGS's DD shill.

  22. lol @ $12 silver.

    i googled that lebbo's name and he's supposedly a prominent investment banker.

    never ceases to amaze me how this world spins.

  23. paidingold, I think this is how the world spins.


    I have something up my sleeve that I beieve you all will really enjoy. Here is a has something to do with Ned Schmidt.

    Out in a few days.

  25. DD probably will do like KKreme did. is this guy related to nadler? cousin, clones or clowns.

  26. lol

  27. If anyone can take down WOW I think it could be Star Wars, which I wouldn't really tag as a niche market. If so, it's one of the biggest niches ever. I put some feelers out to people I know who are into these things, a couple of which who are former/current Galaxies players. At worst, this could be an opportunity to take advantage of spike and then dump.